All Members of the United States Military

By Anna Von Reitz

This is to inform you of your duty and your limitations. You are about to transition into being members of The United States of America Armed Forces.  

You are sworn to obey the actual Constitution and to protect this country and its people from all enemies foreign and domestic for a reason. 

The first reason is that protection of the people and their property including their “persons” as detailed in the Fourth Article of the Constitution is the only reason for a government to exist.  

Fail that mission and there is no reason for the existence of your organizations, either.

The second reason is that if you fail to honor and obey the Constitution something else happens, too.  You lose your political status, because your political status as a U.S. Citizen is created by and depends upon the Constitution.  

So it isn’t just the people who are depending on you to protect them and their property who stand to lose if you fail.  All your nuggies are in the wringer, too. 

Since 1963 the Roman Catholic Church has been taken over by a Cult that believes they are  Fallen Angels. They engage in heinous crimes in the name of their religion and don’t tell their parishioners that they worship Satan, but in fact, they do honor and worship the Father of All Lies.  

They use Adrenalin as a drug to give them (short lived) super human powers. 

Many of you have been unwittingly addicted to the same drug via repeated exposure to life-threatening circumstances.  These fiends seek to take advantage of this and to profit themselves both from using you as cheap mercenaries and by leaving you with untreated addictions to opiates and/or Adrenalin when you leave the service. 

It is their intention to enslave you and subject you to arbitrary legislation that shows no respect for you or your Natural and Unalienable Rights.  Or anyone else’s, either.  In fact, they pretend to have the authority to deny you the rights you were born with and to subject you to their Queen.  And the Queen then subjects you to the Pope. 

They do this by using you to rob others, including other Americans, and then kicking back a small portion of the “take”.  You are the laughingstocks of the world because you have allowed these deluded madmen to sing you Yankee Doodle Dandy and pay you a pittance to act as commercial mercenaries for them. 

And they still think they are going to get away with it.  

The British Pirbright Institute owns the patent for the novel Coronavirus.  It’s not a Chinese virus.  It’s a British virus. 

It was funded by DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

It was released within days of an announcement that the Galilea Research group in Israel had developed a vaccine for it. Go figure. 

Meanwhile, the chaos this criminal activity has caused (and the anticipated profit taking from charging dumbshit Americans $1000 per shot to ear tag us like cattle) is costing the entire world trillions of dollars in lost income, throwing millions of people out of work, and creating a crisis that the Queen and the Pope need to pay for. 


Their bankers need to be hung upside down in the Capitol Rotunda and invited to think of other tricks to play.  

Mr. Trump and his Administration keep talking about making arrests of these criminals, but there is no real evidence that anything worthwhile is being done to address the actual problems.  Instead, all we hear is more blaming of the victims, more lies, more hype, and see more take overs of private property by the Fascists our Fathers fought, more power grabs, more bull crap from men who just plain need to vanish from our sight. 

Dr. Fauci is a Nazi and on the take to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year funneled to him by these monsters in suits. 

Are you going to take his word for the price of beans in China? 

If you are going to hire out as guinea pigs and human sacrifices for these vermin, at least admit that you are nothing but cheap mercenaries taking orders just like the Nazi thugs who met their fate at Nuremberg. 

Admit that you are all frauds, all disgraces to your uniforms, all dishonorable useless maggots bilking your gullible employers. 

Either that, or start doing your actual job— protecting us from ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.  Forget about Iran.  Forget about  North Korea. Forget about trying to force quarantines and vaccinations and the Mark of the  B. E. A. S. T.  on us.  

Read your contract— the actual Constitution and especially the part that tells you that any other thing doesn’t apply in your relationship with us—- not Code, not Regulation, not Statute, not Legislation.   The Constitution is the Law so far as you are concerned with respect to us and you’d better believe it. 

We need you to clean this mess up and do a damned good job of it.  But that doesn’t include treating the American People like cattle and ear tagging us with RFID’s hidden in Israeli vaccines.  That doesn’t include exposing us the chem trails, “spent” nuclear pollution, or any of the other crap that has been going on here.  

We never agreed to give you or them — the Pope or the Queen or their Jocks in DC — any such authority.  

If you can read, you have cause to know that.  If you can think, you also know where your paychecks actually come from, and it isn’t from the idiots infesting Washington, DC.  

As long as we are paying the bills, we are giving the orders. 

Begin with the bankers at the Federal Reserve. 

This crappola needs to stop and all the horns need to be pulled in or the Fury of the Primal Creator is going to give  those Cray computers needed to compile the 5G network a bug that will put the Coronavirus to shame.  And you are all going to be sucking wind like an oil well in Nova Scotia.  


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