All states Call tonight! States Assembly Forum!

From Anna Von Reitz

Yes, good to go.
Have an interesting dilemma to share with everyone and would like to address the meeting if possible.

On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 10:54 AM Shirley <> wrote:
Hi Paul,

I have copied to Anna should you need to get her approval first!

Could you please put out the States Assembly Forum call information?  Information is below.

States Assembly Forum!  (all peoples across all states are invited)

Getting all on the same page … remember to walk in Kindness and Love.

The call will be on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, 6 PM PT, 9 PM ET
The call in number is 712-775-7465.  
The pin number is, 706517#
The playback number is,  712-775-7470. (corrected number)

Tonight’s call:  November 20th, the Passport.  Copper Moon Shine with a Twist process will be covered!
Hosted by Peter in Montana.  Peter will share his experience.

December 4th call will be hosted by Terry in Pennsylvania:  Recruiting, especially couples.  

December 18th call will be hosted by Rex in Montana:  First steps to do for your Land Patent.

* Surprise announcements on the January 1st call !    Happy New Year 2020!

January 15th, 2020 call will be hosted by Ralph in Florida:  Importance of being on an Assembly in your state and a few ways to recruit potential members.  Also how to get your state up and running should you not have a state coordinator, what it takes to be a state or county coordinator.

Each call is hosted by someone across the states.  You do not have to be a coordinator to host a call.
 * Q & A time on every call where anyone can ask a question and anyone can answer a question.  ** Remember we are focused on Anna von Reitz’s process.

Should you think you could host a call with good information to share with all the states just send an email with what you have to share:   Share your voice to help others get on the same page and grow their assemblies.