Psychological Warfare Revealed — REPORT: ‘Unite the Right’ Organizer Ousted as Provocateur Obama Supporter from Occupy Movement

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For those who might not comprehend the importance of this report, consider that the powers that be have employed divide and conquer tactics for many reasons. They want the people to fight each other, in as many ways as possible, so that they can establish their legitimacy as authorities—because we can't solve our own problems. This is one reason why they have spent so much time destroying critical thinking and free speech—because if people can't sit down and peacefully share ideas, then they stew in resentment and eventually become violent. That's where we are today. Political discourse has become taboo, you can't talk about your views without it turning into an argument and loosing friends and family in the process. Then daddy government swoops in and says, "since you can't live peacefully together, we're going to create more draconian laws that force peace through tyranny."

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