MSNBC’s “American Swamp” series (starts 7-28-19)… Some may have interest… (but)…

Just found out about this today, and grateful to the one who told me about it, as it gave me the “impulse” to briefly check into it. There is a video preview located on the show’s home page, plus I found this 7 minute MSNBC video where the two hosts are interviewed by an MSNBC person quite illuminating.

The link to the show page is below, but first I will highlight a few of the “hits” I got from looking at their page, and the MSNBC videos I noted above.

  1. Look at the show home page. Now look at the image (the show authors Tur and Soboroff sitting in front of the Capitol building). Hold your mouse over the image, and look what it changes into (photo of Trump shaking Justice Roberts hand at the 2016 inauguration). That should give one hint where this MSNBC series is headed. An up-front message with the Implication: “Trump is part of the deep state”.
  2. Potentially positive for waking some people up: Influence of money on elections, etc., Koch Brothers, et al. (view some of the short clips underneath the main image).
  3. This may be a way that the MSNBC msm is trying to “get ahead of the stories” that will be coming out about various politicals (et al.) who are going to be indicted, arrested, who knows what, for not only campaign spending problems, but Epstein related deals.
  4. This is likely another attempt to show that “extremely rich Donald J. Trump is and has been part of the problem and is part of the swamp” (and should therefore be impeached).
  5. This is a “we of the deep state are scared sh–less and need to start pumping out things like this.
  6. Since everything being put out by the deep state is being “boomeranged” back at them, it is very possible that this would indeed help wake some people up to certain things the deep state has been doing over decades.
  7. One quote from the article I mentioned: “The entire segment [MSNBC news segment promoting the show] resembled a Democratic stump speech on the importance of campaign finance reform… Even if it was unintentional, Soboroff and Tur did what journalists routinely do: lament money in politics and the lack of campaign finance reform, while indicating that some special interests are more noble than others.”

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow one’s own Higher Guidance whether to watch or not (as many know, I stopped watching MSNBC (and NBC and ABC and CBS and Fox and any and all msm news programs) several years ago, so I will not be watching this live, I’m quite sure).

Here is one article I found about this show. Some might find that unveiling.


American Swamp

“NBC News and MSNBC award-winning journalists Katy Tur and Jacob Soboroff are joining forces for a four-part docuseries event, premiering Sunday, July 28 at 9 p.m. ET on MSNBC. Each hour-long episode follows Tur and Soboroff on an immersive journey as they travel throughout the United States and look at areas of political dysfunction and what can be done to fix the ever-rising waters of the “swamp.””