An Answer and an Invitation to Greg Hallett:

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Greg,
I read with interest your long expository piece about Queen Victoria and the situation she faced in regard to the Rothschild coup — all points duly noted.
However, saving the “royal line” via an illicit, underage, out of wedlock tryst between Cousins reeks of exactly the same practices and standards practiced by the Illuminati — practices and religious beliefs steeped in the cult of bloodlines and intermarriage with close relatives and obvious disregard for standards of age of consent and marital vows and wedlock — things that are all foreign and emblematic of the Egyptian Cultists, Druids, etc., and not “Christian” at all.
That being so, and the Rothschilds being acknowledged as the owners of the “breeding rights” to the British Royal family, a scandalous proposition in and of itself, who is to say that the Rothschilds —operating from their standards, not from ours— didn’t order the rape and impregnation of a 14 year-old girl as the start of their breeding program?
As you are no doubt aware, these cultists have their own ideas about genetics and “purity” —- one of which is to backbreed into related lines to preserve initial genetic content, just as dog breeders do.
It looks to me like they established exactly such an insurance policy of “blooded stock” when they took over the British Royals Breeding Program—- and deliberately produced your ancestors and co-collaborators to create exactly such a “backline”.
According to their beliefs, only two virgins produce a pure line, because any other, later, intercourse is apt to be polluted via fragments of genetic material left by former lovers in the mother’s bloodstream.
So they wasted no time in taking charge of the royal bloodlines and getting the virgin princess impregnated by her own cousin when she was only 14 — a gross and despicable action for which these cultists deserve to be universally condemned– just on the face of it.
It also makes sense that they would do this as a preliminary action, as it was their intention to otherwise adulterate and thereby invalidate the British Royal Bloodline —- which is what they proceeded to do and which is the “trump card” you are now playing.
The diabolical genius of this is that they wind up with two bloodlines, one “pure” according to their ideas, one “adulterated” — also according to their ideas — both of which they own and control.
The impure serve as puppets and scapegoats. The “pure” serve as a fallback for them to continue claiming the throne no matter what.
If the adulterated line refuses to do their bidding, or people wake up and get out the pitchforks, they bring forward the “pure” bloodline and use that as an excuse to depose the “impure line” and then they present it (you) as an alternative to their same evil: Boaz and Joachim, Pillar and Post, Republican and Democrat.
You will all have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to put any such argument or facile substitution past me.
So what you appear to be saying is that you are rightful King of England and of the Sangrael (“Holy Blood”/”Holy Grail”/”Holy Vessel”) as a result of sins committed by Princess Victoria under duress….but the total picture is considerably different and more problematic, and the more sober judgment would seem to be that both from a spiritual and practical standpoint, your claims —and theirs— are tainted and derived from immoral criminal activities, including underage sex trafficking, enslavement, child abuse, child rape, falsification of records, identity theft, substitution frauds, semantic deceits—-all surmounted by no small amount of purposeful constructive fraud and conspiracy against the lawful British government and the actual Royal Family which was also defamed, deposed, bankrupted and murdered by the same Actors.
Notice the mistreatment suffered by the last Plantagenets at the hands of Princess Victoria: the Earls of Loudon, who are Belle Chers and rightful hereditary heirs and Christi. Notice the purposeful obfuscation of the origins of “America” as a series of “Armorican” —Norman French colonies— not British.
We can all see the fruits of such a religious cult in the two World
Wars and innumerable mercenary conflicts which have all but destroyed the world and the biosphere, both.
So, given that, why would anyone in their right mind continue to support any individual monarch or form of governance promoted by these Cultists at all? And I do mean — period — at all?
If you, as an individual, want to do the right thing — then do it.
Use whatever power you may have or assume, to bring peace and justice— and not through some monolithic military conglomerate merging all the nations on Earth into one Evil Empire ruled over by puppets owned, operated, and bred like dogs by criminal bank syndicates.
This whole story line of beneficent “merging” of nations all being brought together doesn’t smell right, and there is a reason that it doesn’t—- it’s the same garbage that the Deep State has been trying to accomplish for years, only “re-branded” as something new and good.
Call horse hunks by a different name, Greg, and strange thing, —-they smell and taste exactly the same.
As you may have cause to know, there are German and French and Italian and Indian and Ethiopian Sangraels, the Christi, so there is not one “Christ”, but many; as you certainly have cause to know, the only special status of your claimed Office is the overseeing of the Commonwealth, and finally, as you may know, my Office is not limited to my work as Fiduciary of The United States of America.
I would suggest that the Bank of England and the Society for the Economy and the government of Westminster simply give up, admit what they have done, cough up the records, do what they can to correct and make amends, and otherwise stop causing trouble.
If the Perps have given you all sorts of ranks and titles and passed the purloined scepter to you, its well-past time for you to tell the “US” Navy to stop its illicit attacks on America and stop its tampering with American water resources and stop its disrespect of its obligations under the ENMOD Treaties regarding domestic targets only—-and stop trying to corner the market on water supplies.
It’s never going to work. We have all the patents as evidence and proof in their own handwriting and need nothing more to condemn them all to death. No questions asked. And the people of over 200 countries would applaud the action.
My Office is not Terrestrial in origin, not subject to any Earthly King or Prince; I know exactly who I am and am in full command of my history. If you want to talk turkey, get on the horn and talk. Field has my number.


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