An Imperfect Perfect World

By Anna Von Reitz

Soon, an entire new world of mathematics will open up. Conventional algebra, calculus, and geometry will be largely discarded and seen as imprecise and unnecessarily complex and unwieldy. 
Mathematics will become much easier and more intuitive and useful as a result. People who now hate math or who don’t understand math, will love it and use it with a facility they never dreamed they could possess. This will in turn expand their capacity for logical reasoning and deduction and increase traffic between the hemispheres of their brains.

They will become more whole, more integrated, and more powerful as a result, and because our emotions are triggered by our thoughts, this “quantum leap” in development and use of our brains will also mean that we no longer make so many snap judgments based on faulty information, and no longer experience wrong-headed emotions, either. 
Our ability to evaluate information and to discern truth will increase in direct proportion to our ability to utilize both hemispheres of our brains.
Improved thinking results in improved emotional wisdom and powers of discernment, which results in far better and more appropriate emotional responses. 
Right now, most people have not developed their mathematical reasoning abilities beyond a very primitive level and that effectively cripples them and leaves them subject to inappropriate and mistaken emotional responses — much like the temper tantrums of a two year-old whose desire to touch a hot griddle is thwarted. 
So the advancement in mathematics and mathematical thinking that the world is set to experience is very, very good news. It is a major step forward in the advancement of mankind —- not only in our ability to think, but to feel. 
Most people are aware of how music can change their emotions, but they are not so broadly aware that music is mathematics in motion, nor do they make the connection that Satan was the Seraph in charge of music of all kinds. 
Music as mathematics conveyed by sound is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, and when music was thrown into dis-chord by Satan’s rebellion, it had disastrous consequences for Creation as a whole. 
Those who have worshiped Satan are well aware of this. Especially, the Rockefeller Family has been aware of this, and as part of their service to Evil, they have tampered with the musical scale and the frequency associated with each note to make each note subtly out of tune. 
Our ears can barely discern the difference, but our entire nervous system is adversely impacted by this.

This subtle disruption of the notes and scales in turn literally grates against our nervous system, exciting it in some respects, dulling it down in others, and in all ways serving to disrupt it. 
The more you listen to music under these conditions, the more unhealthy you become. 
So, stealthily, these Evil Cowards have sought to undermine the health of everyone else, while preserving the Whole Notes and Whole Tones for themselves—in order to bulwark their health and vitality while they undermine the health and vitality of everyone else on the planet.

They will come to the Creator’s Justice and be utterly destroyed for what they have done. 
This is just one of their offenses which have aroused the fury of the Primal Creator and mandated their destruction. 
And now, the musical scale disrupted by the Rockefeller Clan will be returned to its true mode and everything corrected, so that music brings health to the people of this planet again. 
As you can see, the thoughts of the True God about all of this are not the thoughts of men. The benefits being brought to you by the True God are not of a petty kind, but are sweeping, great, untold and often untellable benefits of health and empowerment and healing. 
As you may also notice, these changes are not coming with fanfare. They are simply happening, whether you notice them or not, whether you understand them or not, and they are all taking root and growing in an organic fashion.

The True God does not stand behind a podium and beat his chest, doesn’t seek to aggrandize himself, does not need or seek your thanks as goal.

What the True God seeks is your gradual perfection, so that in the end, you will stand perfected, as he envisioned you before the concept of time began. In fact, when your Father in Heaven looks at you, he already sees you as being perfected. 
So, for now, we have been degraded, attacked, crippled, left ignorant, helpless, in the dark. We have been subjected to cruelty and deceit, theft, and disgusting lusts. Minions of Satan who are not worthy to tie our shoes have ruled as kings upon the Earth. 
All of that is coming to an end. And while the changes of the True God are being made smoothly and gradually and with kindness toward all, the end accorded to the followers of Satan is likely to be violent and abrupt, and to come as a result of their own delusional selfishness. 
Today, please observe the miraculous perfection that is your true inheritance. Value yourselves not as you are, but as you are meant to be, in the fullness of perfection and power. Consider the vision of you that your Father in Heaven holds of you, and know that it is even greater than you can imagine.

The War in Heaven is at an end. What remains is a “mop up” here and great strides have been made. The Interstice has been cleared. The mindless reincarnation cycle has been stopped. The Fallen have been tracked down and only a very few remain, together with their minions which you know as demons and vampires. 
This progress toward eradication of Evil will continue in an inexorable fashion until all resistance ends. Anyone who thinks that they will mock the True God or gainsay His Ministers or block his Commissioned Officers or evade His Law needs to think again.


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