An Innocent Question

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked the innocent question — “Why can’t you be our Interim Government?”  


The problem with calling what we are and what we are doing an “Interim Government” is that our government has always been here and was the lawful actual government before, during, and after the Civil War and everything in between. The whole “Civil War” was conducted as an illegal commercial squabble on our shores. 

Afterward the Perpetrators just neglected to explain the situation to the populace and moved in– still paying our Army with our money, but directing it to consider us enemies. 

It took all this time for the American People to wake up, piece together the history, and recognize the Gross Breach of Trust and lawlessness involved here. 

So– we ARE the actual and lawful and rightful government of this country, never involved in any fight, not parties to any treaties changing or abrogating our original agreements with these foreign governments, just grossly abused by Allies and Trustees who owe us far, far better treatment, accountability, service, and consideration. 

The proper way to view this would be analogous to hiring a Security Company to guard your house, and instead of guarding your property and protecting you, they fall upon you as you are coming home, beat you senseless, sell you as a slave to pirates, continue to collect their wages from your assets, move into your house, sell your furniture, drink up your wine cellar and then look surprised when you show up years later with a Posse at your back. 

These are criminal acts which have been foisted off under conditions of Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract.   Not the result of politics or contract or any actual war— just sheer, blatant garden variety criminality. 

So what we are doing is called “re-populating” our original jurisdiction with all those people who are “returning home” after being shanghaied and abused. 

Those who have perpetuated these crimes against us happen to be the same Hypocrites who have preached the longest and hardest about the importance of Law and Order and the Principles of Democracy– all of which they have undermined and betrayed and failed to meet. 

This should not surprise us, as they have shown their true stripes long ago.  They are sanctimonious criminals. Con artists. Brigands. Inland pirates. And they have acted as Predators, pillaging and plundering our innocent and trusting people for foreign interests. 

Thus, while the “Federal” part of the Federal Government has been in “abeyance” and under “reconstruction” since the Civil War, the actual government of the States and People has always been here, but has been outrageously dis-served and abused and left uninformed. 

We have no need, therefore, for any interim government– merely need the People of this country to wake up, form their Jural Assemblies, realize what has been done to them, and take back and restore their lawful government. 

At that point, the Territorial and Municipal United States are forced back into their boxes and the actual government is fully restored.

So– we are standing in the gap and demanding back what is rightfully owed to all of us, and the more of us who do the same, the better.


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