Calling All Continental Marshals, Constitutional Sheriffs, and LEO’s

By Anna Von Reitz

There will be a special meeting lasting three days in Austin, Texas.  Speakers will be David Straight from Oregon sharing what he has discovered about the Congress and its actions and other topics, Ron Gibson sharing his information about patents, and me bringing up the rear on Sunday with a Q and A about Enforcement of the Constitutions, Identities, Different Kinds of Law, Sea and Land Jurisdictions, Commissions, Pitfalls, and everything else you guys need to know. 

I have been trying to reach Bella Haywood, who inherited the organizational effort from Bruce Doucette — without success.  If any of you have contact with her, please let her know that she is invited and we have limited funds available to cover her travel costs.  Bella has been unfairly demonized on a number of occasions and I would like to clear the air and fully explain the whole circumstance with all parties face to face. 

Please pass the word.  The details will be posted on my website, on the American States Assembly website, and in my Articles.  


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