What is this coin worth, and why?

Collectible Coins. 
Why are they worth more than the same coin that has not been graded?
What makes collectible coins valuable over and above other government minted coins, and why should you collect them in addition to bullion rounds?
The MS 70 graded coin on the left has great value. What makes it so valuable?  What is it’s current value?
What are bullion rounds? Why should you be saving them?
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Gold and Silver have the same buying power now that they had when the Federal Reserve was started in 1913, while paper money has lost 97% of it’s buying power since then.

Isn’t is time you started a real savings account?

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To get your collectible coins.   http://mtbus.com/mintbuilder/111111ad1.html

To get bullion at mint pricing.   https://quicksilver.me/?296110

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