Anna Quote for the Day

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the old adage, “If you lay down with dogs, you rise up with fleas”? 


If you lay down with Democrats, you rise up with Communists; but if you lay down with Republicans, you get an additional free lecture series about the evils of the John Birch Society. 

People are confused by the existence of these two lobbyist groups. They naturally assume that they must be different and opposed to each other, but no, both are lobbying organizations and both are bent on exactly the same thing: plundering America for special interests. 

The only difference is the constituent group in receipt of the plunder. 

The Republicans give the spoils to the already grossly Fat Cats and receive kickbacks in return, while the Democrats use the proceeds to more directly line their own pockets and to buy votes from the poor. 

So, in any Federal or Federal “State of State” election the only choice is in fact a non-choice.  

Do you want to be raped by Max or Steve? 

Will it be Raspberry Frozen Feces today or would you prefer Strawberry, Ma’am? 

Anyone who thinks about their own experience for more than five seconds knows that this is true. 

So why are we kidding ourselves or putting up with this?  

There is a Third Option. 

Come home. 

Leave Babylon to suffer Babylon’s woes and make like Abraham on the road out of Ur. 

Reclaim your Good Name and Estate. Declare and record your permanent domicile on the land and soil of the State where you were born.  Demand that your name be removed from the Alien Property List maintained by the District Attorneys and USAG. Cancel all “Voter Registrations” and stop “volunteering” to pay taxes you don’t owe to Babylon. 

Join with others on the road and form up your lawful Jural Assemblies.  Elect your Justices of the Peace and your Unincorporated County Sheriffs. 

Concentrate all your extra attention and energy on restoring your lawful government and on enforcing the Public Law, and you will both save yourselves and keep the peace. 

Like the Prodigal Son, turn your footsteps homeward and spread the word. 


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