Granna Bytes Back on Track

 By Anna Von Reitz

It turns out that there was a tiny little cookie company in Kentucky called “Granna Bites” and we were unknowingly infringing on their copyright, so we happily changes our name to something more appropriate anyway — you can find us on YouTube at “Granna Bytes” as in sound bytes, and resume your step-by-step mini-tutorials about American History, Law, and Government. 
The big advantage of Granna Bytes is that we break each topic down in small bits (bytes) so that it’s easier to build a gradual comprehensive knowledge on a time schedule (and brain schedule) you can afford.  
This is for all the people who feel like they get it, but aren’t quite sure. 
Or understand one part, but need to be able to connect to the rest.  
And it’s relatively painless.  No heavy books to tote.  Just bring your notebook and jot, jot, jot….. and rewatch as many times as you need to, on your schedule. 
Before you know it, all the things that you never knew or wondered about will accumulate naturally and be part of your knowledge base that you can share with other Americans who also need to learn what was left out of your education — on purpose. 
As John Adams believed, it’s impossible to have an enlightened and free population without having an educated population, because despotism forever leans on the twin crutches of poverty and ignorance. 
Keeping you poor and keeping you ignorant is the name of the game for world power brokers, and the only two things that keep them safe from being discerned and kicked to the curb.  
So, for your own sake, for your sons and daughters, for your grandsons and granddaughters, take aim at the source of tyrannical power — and learn all you can.  

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