Another Word About the Presidency

By Anna Von Reitz

Why doesn’t Trump just take control of the whole shooting match and occupy the actual Office of The President of The United States?

Now that the properly constituted New York Assembly is in Session, all he has to do is sign a one page Declaration of political status as an American born in New York, provide his BC record and two Witnesses who have credible knowledge of him and his family saying that they know him and he is the man called Donald John Trump who was born on the day and in the place he claims. 

Record that with the New York Assembly Recording Secretary and boom— he can finally go to work for the American States. 

The President is supposed to work for us, not our Subcontractors. 

Operating in the actual Office would give him the power to fundamentally reform DC— not just drain the swamp, restructure it so it can’t fill up again. 

He could explain the need to Assemble the States and the need for the States to reconstruct the American Confederation of States of States. 

He could launch a vast educational process for Americans to learn their history and the actual government structure.  He could show them that the elections they have been participating in are private corporation elections, not the Public Elections they are owed. 

He could clean sweep the whole cesspool and all he needs to do is declare that he’s an American born in New York. 

Why should we all mess around with another private corporation election and all that frou-frou-frou-rah?  What they are doing with these political parties is illegal on our shores.  

The Subcontractors are passing themselves off as our actual government, and choosing up two teams of lobbyists to go glut at our trough every year.  

Does it make sense to prolong such a sideshow? 

Or does it make sense to expose it for what it is, take control of the situation, explain it to the American People, and hold a real, honest Public Election? 

Talk about draining the swamp? How about obliterating the swamp and returning the government of, for, and by the people to its rightful place of honor? 


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