Corey Goode Update via Michael Salla: Illegal Military Research and Development in Antarctica

(Michael Salla, Ph.D. and Corey Goode) The U.S. military industrial complex has been conducting military research and development in Antarctica that grossly violates the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, according to secret space program insider Corey Goode. In previous updates he has described his two visits to Antarctica and the secret excavations occurring with an ancient civilization buried under the ice sheets.
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Massive Hole Nearly the Size of South Carolina Opens up in Antarctica (Video)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Daboo77 speculates on what is causing Antarctic ice anomalies. While I can't say for sure what is causing these holes, recall that dozens of volcanos have been active in the southernmost continent and this could provide a natural explanation. For more "fringe" theories, consider the testimony of several alleged secret space program insiders who report that massive excavations of ancient non-terrestrial spacecraft are also underway, apparently employing ice-melting methods. At this stage we don't know for sure what the cause is, but no doubt something of interest is taking place on the mysterious icy continent. 

– Justin

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Researchers Find Secret, Warm Oasis Beneath Antarctica’s Ice That Could Be Home to Undiscovered Species

This undated hand out picture released by the Australian National University on September 8, 2017 and taken by Joel Bensing shows inside view of an ice cave on the Erebus Glacier tongue, Ross Land, Antartica near McMurdo Station and Scott Base. A secret world of animals and plants may live in warm caves under Antarctica's glaciers, including new species, scientists said on September 8, 2017.JOEL BENSING/AFP/Getty Images

(Victor FerreiraA study of the subglacial caves could reveal new undiscovered animal or plant species living comfortably due to the heat of an active volcano.
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Nazis, Antarctica, and Bigfoot

(Brent SwancerNazis. Has there ever been a greater villain or evil force out there? Throughout history they have not only served to be the perpetrators of horrific acts, but also the target of numerous, countless conspiracy theories and strange tales. They really manage to fit whatever the creepy story calls for, and there are many such stories. Among the many are the rumors that the Nazis had a secretive, covert base in the cold depths of the continent of Antarctica, a tale which in itself has spread out to cover many facets of the weird. Yet there is one account in particular that I feel is particularly surreal and odd. It is a harrowing and horrific tale of soldiers out in the frigid elements, fighting not only the landscape itself, but unknown entities dwelling within it. In short, it is the perfect story of Nazi bizarreness.
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