Practicing Mindfulness – Ascension Connection Call Thursday

Article by hostess Melissa:

Please join us at the Ascension Connection call this Thursday, August 19th to discuss ideas on how we can have better control over our thoughts so we can more easily ascend to a higher vibration.


The call will start promptly at 12pm CDT or 6pm BST London Time (GMT + 1), but if you’d like to hop on 15-20 min earlier to have an informal chant to connect further with other like-minded people, please do!


The purpose of the Ascension Connection call is to connect with others and create a cosmic community of like-minded individuals. The calls provide a safe space to share opinions and experiences on higher dimensional topics and are meant to empower people to create a new harmonious society with love, well-being, unity and balance.


If you’d like to join us, please email with your request for the zoom information and it will be sent to you.  Hope to see you there!




In order to maintain a smooth, distraction-free Zoom call, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform. If this is your first time on Zoom, don’t worry. We were all new at one time!


  1. Upon entering the room, please mute your mic. This will help eliminate background noise, feedback, or other distortions that can disrupt the flow of communication. Please keep your mic muted until it is your turn to speak. If able, please have your video on.
  2. If you have a concern, please type it in the chat box and one of our volunteers will assist you. Sometimes emotions might be triggered during a call. If you are experiencing this, please mention it in the chat so we may create a separate room for you and one of our volunteers to have a safe, private place to talk.
  3. Questions/comments pertaining to the topic of discussion need to be verbalized and not placed in the chat. If you would like to contribute to the topic of discussion, please raise your hand physically and/or use the raise hand feature within the app. If you raise your hand using the app feature, please be sure to lower it after your question is answered. You can do this by clicking on the “hand” icon. If your hand has been raised and you still have not been acknowledged, please mention this in the chat so a volunteer may assist.
  4. Please keep your shares around 2 minutes so everybody may have the opportunity to contribute to our discussion.
  5. Please be respectful in your communications.
  6. In our efforts to preserve the privacy and security of all participants, we do not record and share our discussions. We are still living in a 3D matrix; publicizing our participants may adversely affect their livelihood.


The Future Is Fluid

From starlight432.blogspot:

Regarding past events, differing beliefs about what happened probably have no effect on what really happened. However, regarding future events, beliefs can help shape the outcome. The reason for this is the events haven’t happened yet, so are in a state of possibility. If something isn’t ‘etched in stone’ yet, what will end up being etched in stone can be influenced through beliefs, because beliefs are ‘energetic contributions.’

Certain groups that make predictions for the near future, such as NESARA, are probably not making predictions at all, but are instead saying something positive in the near future will happen, so that people will believe that it will happen, in order for it to be more likely to happen. The reason NESARA’s positive ‘predictions’ never happen is partly because not enough people believe in the predictions. It’s not even entirely certain that something will happen even if extremely large numbers of people believe it will happen. It is, however, more likely, or at least, more possible.

The only pitfall of believing in a positive future timeframe is the future timeframe going horribly wrong, thus contradicting people’s beliefs. This leads to disappointment, which leads to discouragement, which leads to a lesser likelihood of believing in positive timeframes ‘the next time around’ and so forth. I would imagine that there are many people who are not pleased with NESARA lol!

The solution is to be aware of both positive and negative future possible timeframes and outcomes and choose to place one’s energy in what is most desired (the most positive future timeframes and outcomes of course.) Then, if the future timeframes and outcomes don’t work the way people want, they will know that at least they tried, and won’t be so discouraged nearly as much because of being aware that the future is fluid. People can be prepared for ‘things just not working out,’ but also put their energy into what is desired.

The 2012portal blog has a considerable following, and the latest 2012portal update stated:

“Between August 15th and October 18th, Eris and Pluto will be in an almost exact square. This is the most powerful astrological aspect of the year and it signifies a battle between two timelines, the positive Ascension timeline and the negative Coronavirus reset timeline:

This period might appear to be very frightening, as the dark forces will do whatever is within their power to continue with their long term plan to impose vaccine passports and maybe even forced vaccinations.”

The solution to this negative mentioning of a timeline war and implication that matters will get even more negative than they already have as a result of the cabal doing “whatever is within their power,” is to NOT believe in this. Stop believing in this negative timeframe, in order to help cancel this negative timeframe. Support the belief that the surface population has already been through the worst of it, and that things can only get better from here on out as the cabal are continually removed from power. People need to be prepared for anything of course, but can place their energies into a much better future timeframe. People can also place their energies into drastic positive changes taking place in the current month of August.