Styxhexenhammer666 2-10-20… “Archive Activism! Archive Every “News” Link You Post, Cross Platform” (or, “Stop funding the MSM by NOT linking to them”)

A clever idea to STOP funding the msm by linking to a saved archive of the msm article rather than the article itself.

I really liked this video from Styx, as he explains how, when you’ve linked to an msm article on a blog or web article, when the link is clicked, it generates funds (ad money) for that msm site.

Rather, he suggests using an archiving site (e.g., and to first save the msm link to the archive, and then publish the archive link. That way, clicking the or link generates NO income for the msm site itself, and saves the site as it is at the moment it is archived… and gets around msm sites when they “selectively edit” their article after original posting. Great idea, in my view.

For example, when I archived the latest Kp blog post (re: ECETI and disclosure blocking), here’s what I got from and

#Archive #Activism