A horrifying video conference (video below) from inside China has been intercepted by intelligence sources and in it, bosses from the China Communist Party (CCP) discuss the future of the United States after distribution of the vaccine: “Everyone who took the vaccine is dead” they say.

The leaked segment of the intercepted video conference begins with the CCP Boss who organized the video conference telling the other CCP participants “What the CCP wants most is to have U.S. Troops get vaccinated.”

The speaker goes on to say “Once they get vaccinated, the U.S. Military will collapse, and the CCP will triumph.”

The conversation continues with the primary speaker saying “After the U.S. Troops are vaccinated, I tell you, the vaccination against the CCP virus will basically be near the end.”

It continues “When the U.S. elite society, because of fear, fear of death, lack of faith, and because these rogue, low-level politicians, opportunists, meant to evade responsibility; especially when the Wall Street, Hollywood celebrities, the White House, and the troops are vaccinated, I can assure you there will be no vaccination issue.”

It goes on “The people who are implementing the vaccination are soon to be finished. Those who are pushing the vaccination behind the scenes, will likely have achieved their goals.”

Then shockingly in the same video, below, they talk about . . . AN ANTIDOTE?!?!?!?

“Vaccination will no longer be pushed and the ANTIDOTE will be certainly offered.”

At this point, one of the video conference participants, shocked, interrupts and asks “The antidote will pop-up?” and another comes in asking “What is the Antidote for?”

The main video conference speaker replies “It’s not to heal the damage brought by the vaccines, it’s to prevent you from transmitting the virus, instead of a remedy for the vaccines.”

He then delivers the blunt facts: “Those who were vaccinated are sentenced to death. The antidote for the vaccines is still in the hands of the CCP. Since the CCP wants (you) to die, how would they offer the antidote to you, the Lao Baixing of China?”

The leaked segment abruptly ends there.

The leaked video intercept was made public by Jarome Bell.

Republican Jarome Bell, is running in Virginia’s second congressional district. He tweeted Friday, “Audit all 50 states. Arrest all involved. Try all involved. Convict all involved. Execute all involved. #MaricopaCountyFraud.”

Bell, who served in the Navy as a chief petty officer for 27 years, is running as a conservative “America First” candidate in the suburban swing district encompassing the Virginia Beach area, according to his campaign’s website. Democrat Elaine Luria currently represented the district.

Bell uploaded the video to Twitter. Literally within minutes of revealing the intercepted video conference from inside China, Bell’s Twitter account was permanently suspended.

An intelligence contact within Twitter was able to access the account from inside Twitter, and screen capture the tweet and video, sending that to us covertly.

Spiders: The Deepest Deep State

Spiders ( Code-named “Chimera” ) the fallen Archangels that are the deepest shadow/leaders of the Deep State. That’s what this post intends to confirm.

Starting w/ the most well known light force group in the Alt Media, Qanon & work our way through additional insiders.

While backing up the testimony with various forms of examples/evidence – “Disclosure”(Hidden/Truth in Plain Sight) inspired by quotes such as:




Then give you All Intel On Chimera (Click Here For Research Archive)

This Post is more of an Intro the above highlighted/bulleted link is the raw Chronological Data released by the only person speaking about them IN A DETAILED /CONSISTENT WAY, Cobra.


1.) November 17, 2017

“On the other hand, positive factions within NSA and US Military also influence Trump to a certain degree.

QAnon leaks originate from the positive faction within NSA and are about 70% correct.

Although we are not there yet, there is a massive investigation against the Cabal taking place and it will ultimately lead to the mass arrests when the Chimera faction within the Air Force will not be able to cover the Cabal’s back with their toplet bombs anymore.”


“Positive Military. This is the most powerful positive group on the surface of the planet. They have developed the Plan for planetary liberation with unseen assistance from the Resistance Movement. Around three quarters of the military agrees with this plan and this is sufficient critical mass for this plan to become reality…Most of this group((Positive Military )) is not aware of the “unseen friendly hand” of the Resistance. Some of those in high positions are well aware of their Resistance contact but will not admit it as it is still classified information.”

(THIS IS HOW QANON POSTS MENTION SPIDERS AT ALL . As they do not even know about Jesuits let alone chimera {they says rothschilds are the top, bu they are subordinate to jesuits & this is where trump gets manipulated is from that level since many dont know of jesuits they dont see it }, the resistance movement wants people to know about the top cabal so this post is a huge blow to the dark forces when enough people see something like this they cant exist much longer)


“On the surface of the planet, the Positive Military and the Red and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for the Event. However, they are not yet completely connected to reliable extraterrestrial intel sources, so therefore their understanding of the extent of Draco/Chimera control of the planet (especially on the non-physical planes) is limited, and their intel sometimes not completely reliable. One such example would be the plan for mass arrests in April 2020 by the Positive Military.”


“The first part of the Masterplan pertains to the breakthrough of Light on the non-physical planes. The Light forces use advanced vortex technology for clearing the non-physical planes. All those vortexes create a network of Light that gets stronger and stronger day by day. At a certain point a critical mass of Light will be reached and it will result in a massive arrival of the Light forces on the mental, astral and etheric non-physical planes inside the thin layer that surrounds the surface of planet Earth and now still contains a few Archons and their many reptilian minions with their negative technologies. That breakthrough will remove all remaining darkness from non-physical planes.

This is a crucial step and must happen before the Event. Otherwise the Archons and their reptilian minions would exert pressure on the psychological weak spots of humanity and this could easily lead to widespread wars and violence.the Event will NOT happen before the non-physical planes are taken care of.”

“Add Crumbs

Organized In Order

Critical For Understanding & Review

Spider Web”


“Find The Spiders

Build the Web

Openly Showcase Their Symbolism”


“Movies made to Glorify Truth
Spider Web

New Matrix Trailer screenshots


“Matrix(movie) grew people as crop for energy & controlled their mind/ Deeper we go the more unrealistic it all becomes/ The End wont be for everyone/ That choice to know will be yours


“You Have More Than You Know – Spider Web”




Tuesday, March 31, 2015
The Alliance Fleet
“all intel about the Chimera is in the deepest shadow of collective unconsciousness, much deeper than SRA , MK Ultra, MILABs or SSP.”

(Recent Spider Man Movie “Far From Home”)
“You Need to wake up”
“I control the truth”(cue spider)
“Deep down you know I am right”(cue classic eye/triangle symbolism)
Does not get more obvious than this

From The Same Movie :

“That projector is evidence
its going to tell people what we are doing & how we are doing it
I am trying to fool 7 billion people

“Boss The Illusion is coming apart”

Its interesting to note that the same actor (Jake Gyllenhaal) was in a Movie called Enemy, with a huge towering spider in a major city, soundtrack of the movie chose some interesting title names:

Interestingly that actor who is related to spiders often ( even in a movie called “The Devil All The Time),   looks like The MSM  UFO film maker releasing videos, Jeremy Corbell.

He has a spider web tattoo on his arm.

Here is a screenshot from Netflix Bob Lazar movie / Documentary he did:

Dont forget these key 17 posts:


Alien Spider?

“You have More Than You Know”

Additional Insiders/Whistleblower Testimony:

David Icke- Early 2021 ( @ 16:01 ):

Corey Goode/Edge of Wonder Interview (“Oh – Yeah”):

Some Cobra Quotes :

“people involved in the secret space program/breakaway civilization did not have access to the Chimera locations inside our solar system and under the surface of our planet and were mostly even not aware of their existence.” – Jan,2015

” As the power of Chimera decreases, there will be more exchange of intel between the top people of various positive factions without fear that this intel will be intercepted by the Chimera and without threat that Chimera will retaliate if top people of various positive factions talk too freely. Therefore the Resistance will soon release substantial intel to Eastern Agarthan network and to various Secret Space Program factions and some of that intel will then precipitate to the surface population. Most SSP factions were seriously mind-programmed against the Pleiadians and against other positive ET races and soon the Resistance will present them with solid proof of Pleiadian benevolence.

The Resistance will also give them technological know-how to remove nanites and other similar technologies that are falsely described as AI (artificial intelligence) . As someone has put it brilliantly in a comment on my blog: “Cobra was talking about robots and nanites (miniature robots) which were invented by the Chimera to control reptilians and humans. These robots and nanites can be so sophisticated and process information at such a high speed that they give the illusion or impression of being sentient, alive, and intelligent. But they are really just machines that are easily turned off.”

A key defense factor against those technologies is a balance between emotions and mind. Those technologies can only manipulate a mind that has suppressed emotions and can not handle strong emotional currents. ” – Jan,2016

Corey Goode 1st Interview :

Disclosure, Babylon 5 TV Series:

The Shadow :

These are the beings blocking The Event
(Arrests,Full Disclosure, Wave of Love) with their exotic Quantum weapons used as hostage leverage mechanisms , preventing contact / full intervention:


Planetary Ascension Process – July, 2018:
“After the Event, the planetary Ascension process proper will begin. The Veil will be lifted, using vortex technology:

And the energy space around the Earth will look something like this:

All the spider entities that now encapsulate Earth surface cities will be gone by then.

It is not a coincidence that surface cities look like spiders when seen from space:

(Here are a bunch of extra pictures outside of this Cobra Quote,  to help drive this point home, the quote continues below)

Paris, London

(This is the location of Spiderman Far From Home movie- the disclosure shared above/prior)

New Mexico City



di Piazza dei Re di Roma:

Bangkok Thailand

(Near Rajamangala National Stadium):

La Plata, Argentina

Delhi, India


Cairo, Egypt

Quezon Memorial Circle – Manila Philippines

Aclimacao Sao Paulo Brazil

Istanbul, Turkey


..”The physical metallic spiders which are physical anchors for the Chimera grid will be gone also:

END cobra Quote , Now quoting the link from that Cobra post
right above

“The Maman Spider sculpture in Ottawa, Canada, right in front of the largest Roman Catholic church

A Quick Disclosure Example

in the city, & also no coincidence the width is 33 feet, which is a free mason power number: symbolism in plain sight.”


Interesting to note that its a French translation.
The French branch of the Rothschilds is Married to Princess Aldobrandini
(A Main Roman Bloodline )
via David De Rene Rothschild…Follow The Wives .

Their son,

Alexandre de Rothschild

is Executive Chairmen for the family business & is an Aldobrandini:

“The Aldobrandini family contains members of the original group which chose to experience separation from the Source millions of years ago. They have in their possession secret documents about the existence of Atlantis and fragments of rituals of Atlantean mystery schools. This family is aware of the importance of the Goddess energy. There is a certain fact about this family that will be made public after the Event and will surprise many people.” –


Rockefeller Center Plaza, New York

Mori Art Museum, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Samsung Museum of Modern Art (Leeum), Seoul, S Korea

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

Tate Modern, London, UK

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Long Museum (West Bund), Shanghai

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C., USA

Palace of the Asturian Center, Havana, Cuba

City Hall, The Hague, The Netherlands

Bern, Switzerland

Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lake Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico

Mariakerke, Ostend, Belgium

Wanås Castle, Sweden

Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy

Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany

Qatar National Convention Center

Museum Voorlinden, Den Haag, The Netherlands


Again Here are the other 2 MAIN CRITICAL POSTS ON CHIMERA

All Intel on The Chimera here

More Disclosure /Truth Hiding In Plain Sight Examples here

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ” / ” Decides to use his power to help people”.

One person can make all the difference



Full Moon Reading 21 Sep 21

By Katharina Bless

The opposition from Moon in the Pisces and Sun in Virgo is still indicating confusion! This is very typical for such a time of awakening. Letting go of old habits and patterns is not easy. The programming has started a very long time ago and is imprinted in every human being. To break through this illusion takes an effort.

The consciousness is holding on to things that is known and many will suddenly remember things from their life in the past that were long unconscious. You may have a strong “aha” experience and remember something that makes much more sense than at the time it happened.

We still have 6 Planets retrograde, so this is a strong indication that things are not moving forward yet! It takes another few weeks until Jupiter turns direct in October. Now is the time to work with the retrograde Jupiter and expand the conscious mind, be more open and start to “see” what is hidden in the open.

For example the TV program:
Television program: Tell a Vision programming
This is how our reality is being fed to humans. Through education in many ways and since the age of TV it has become so easy! Every thing they needed us to know was told in a story. And if someone started to realize that events happened in life some time later exactly as shown in a certain movie, and started to ask questions, he was ridiculed and some times brutally shut up.

Just look at the commercials: they know exactly human desire and use it to make them want certain things that lead to an addictive lifestyle.

This trine from Jupiter to Mercury is like an open door into the first “levels of the unconscious” and find jewels in form of memories and intuition, that will help them in the harsh situation of awakening.

The process of awakening was always portrayed very “pink” in many New Age circles, but they are not easy and include a journey into the “underworld” with many sacrifices. Although when we see the truth and are willing to face it, it’s not a sacrifice but letting go of a burden.

Since 2012 we have options to resolve karma in a different way and don’t need to “pay back” anymore, as it was taught and experienced in the past. Now new energies have opened up new possibilities. Retrograde Jupiter can help you to understand this if you take some time out for meditation. I’m not talking about sitting still for half an hour, many don’t do that anyway. It can be a walk in the forest, hiking, biking, swimming etc. Any activity that takes your mind away from the daily life/stress does work. If you step out of the “hamster wheel” something can happen.

The trines from the Sun to the North Node and Pluto confirms this process and shows that something is happening worldwide. Its something bigger than the individual persona, how ever includes the individual persona in a transition process.

After this transition and cleansing off old programs, there will be a more conscious new beginning. Many people intuitively feel that something has changed, but are deceived by media etc. to believe, literally, an illusion and reinforce it with obedience, and feel paralyzed.

There are massive karmic aspects now being resolved, which will bring a total new understanding of what life is. One of the most difficult thing is to release the accumulated guilt of not being good enough! Most people are not able to love. All what they say they “love” are just words wit h not much meaning. Only if you are able to love yourself, you are able to love others.

So you might like them, even like them a lot (or not) but these are emotions. Love is beyond emotion a state of consciousness. This is what Venus in Libra is asking for. In these Aspects to Venus we can find the hurt and the scars that our hearts have.

We can’t heal them on the physical level, but if you start to connect with your Divine Self, it will be healed. This is indicated with the green quincunx aspect to ret Chiron.

If we realize that we don’t have only a blood lineage but also a soul lineage, things start to make sense and we can realize that there are so called past lives that are “ancestors” in our spiritual soul lineage!

To let go when you move into a higher consciousness is not more of a struggle than for a young child who leaves behind his baby toys….

Blessings, Katharina


For those new to my readings, please check ou the latest Introduction because it is quite different from the Western/Tropical Astrology:

A guide to Life’s Pilgrimage and the Soul’s Path of Evolution

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Some recommended Videos:

Do you really want to know the truth? with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Quaxine ingredience :

PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission -Editors Note: Front line doctors and medical experts have come forward recently and revealed that transmission between the Covid vaxxed and unvaxxed is causing Adverse Reactions…..

And you can find more info here

Please feel free to share this message in its entirety, without changes and leave the credit of the author unimpaired!


By Anonymous Patriots,


Difficult-to-find 1836 UK Parliamentary slave compensation ledger tells it all (available here). Proves that British offshore banking was founded on immoral-inhuman capitalization, human trafficking, theft, imprisonment, sodomy, rape and the whip. Payments were still being made in 2015—183 years later.

Chancellor of the Exchequer. (Aug. 03, 1835). Compensation-Abolition of Slavery, Rothschild loan, HC Deb 03 August 1835 vol. 30, cc13-24. Hansard, UK Parliament.

G. Grey. (Mar. 16, 1838). Slave Compensation Claims. Accounts, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1837-8 (215) vol. 48, 369 PDF pgs. British Parliament. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:  (48.6 MB)

Archives. (Jul. 07, 2021). British Empire Slave Compensation Claims compared to British Offshore tax havens today. Anonymous Patriots.



Remember where you first read about Hamilton Brown? Here are some links to refresh your memory:









Corporate Monster (A Short Film)

This is basically a short retelling of They Live, which John Carpenter had to say was not actually about the jews, even though it really appears to be. The lesson of this particular telling should be: do not take pills (even red ones), or else you will start seeing aliens when you should really be seeing jews.

Bitchute link

Benjamin Fulford 8/23/21 Report: Afghan Withdrawal Signals Start of New Anti-Cabal Offensive

The collapse of U.S. rule in Afghanistan is the start of a major new offensive against the Khazarian Mafia, Pentagon sources say.  The story being told to the public is that the U.S. military is withdrawing from Afghanistan and the Middle East in order to concentrate on China.

However, Pentagon sources say the troops are actually being redeployed to the U.S. and Europe in order to deal with fifth columnists who took over civilian governments in the G7.  In other words, the long-awaited 2021 autumn offensive has begun.

Take a look at the picture of the jet taking off from Kabul Airport below.  It has the opposite of 9.11 or 11.09 written on it to make it clear to the world the U.S. neocon policy of invading the Middle East using 911 as an excuse has been reversed.

If you look at videos of the plane taking off you can also notice that no jet exhaust is blowing people over as would happen with a real jet.  In other words, the entire airplane departure seems to have been staged to let the world know things have changed.

Another sign the events in Afghanistan were not orchestrated by the fake U.S. Joe Biden regime is the fact their so-called defense secretary was forced to order civilian planes to evacuate drug dealers from Kabul airport after the U.S. military refused.

This appearance of U.S. trained and equipped Taliban Special Forces patrolling Kabul is a sign…


that the U.S. military is in charge of the Afghan situation.

We will talk more about what will happen next but first, we need to confront the undeniable evidence that the political class in most Western countries has been compromised and no longer represents democracy or the will of the people.

The situation in Canada that I have encountered over the summer illustrates the criminal depravity of civilian governments in most G7 countries.  Customs at Vancouver Airport no longer says Canadians and Foreigners, it now says vaccinated and unvaccinated.

When I told the customs officer I was not vaccinated and would not get tested and that I would see them in court she told me I would be unable to board any domestic flights.  She suggested that I let them take a cheek swab and just pay for the government-approved quarantine hotel if I wanted a hassle-free vacation.

In the end, I forked out $1,500 Canadian for three nights in a “quarantine hotel.” The staff told me their hotel only got $129 out of the $500 per night I was paying.  The rest went to all sorts of government-connected “middlemen.”  In other words, Canadian customs is pushing price gouging by government-connected hotels to finance a newly emerging COVID parasite class.

In any case, the “quarantine” was a joke and I left after one night (which I needed to spend in Vancouver anyway) with nobody raising a finger to stop me.  Nobody fined me because they knew I would take them to court and ask them to prove COVID-19 exists, something they cannot do.

Closer to my BC destination in Vanderhoof there is what appears to be a quarantine camp.

The barbed wire is leaning inward.

Despite this, the Canadian government may even have surpassed the government of Israel in the percentage of people who have been jabbed.  However, it looks like not all Canadians have been given toxic injections.  In other words, we might have a situation like Israel where they injected many citizens with saline solution in order to get people of third world countries to accept dangerous experimental jabs as “safe.”

Nonetheless, we sent the following letter to the public affairs office of the Canadian military:

Dear Sirs and Madams,

This letter is being sent to ask if the Canadian Ministry of Defense has independently confirmed that SARS-Cov-2 exists.  We have called Health Canada, the WHO and the CDC and none of them can confirm they have a purified isolate of SARS-Cov-2.  The PCR test has been found to be scientifically invalid by multiple courts of law including in Alberta.

If the government cannot prove that SARS-Cov-2 exists then all the vaccinations and lockdowns are crimes according to the Nuremberg codes.

Therefore, if the Canadian military proceeds with enforcing martial law and experimental medical treatments based on fraud, their commanding officers will be charged with war crimes at the International Criminal Court, according to multiple organizations of lawyers.

So to repeat my question, has the Canadian military independently confirmed that SARS-Cov-2 exists in an isolated, purified sample?  If they have not, is their leadership ready to face a war crimes tribunal?

We got no answer from them as this report went live.  In any case, the fact Justin Castro refers, in effect, to Hillary Clinton as the leader of the U.S., shows what we already knew that he is a Khazarian Mafia planted Manchurian Candidate.  In other words, he knows Biden is fake and reports to Clinton (Rockefeller) as his real boss.

Castro has been forced to call an election for September 20th supposedly to “take advantage” of the popularity of his Covid-19 response.  However, our sources say this Rothschild/Rockefeller operative will be removed.

The other Rothschild operative soon to disappear is President Emanuelle Macron of France.  “Macron’s U.S. $1 billion stash that was parked in the Cayman Islands has been seized.  It seems he is about to be tossed under the bus,” is how a Mossad source described the situation.

The increasingly drastic crackdown in Australia is another sign of government desperation.  The fact that a ceremony invoking Satan was broadcast on prime time in Australia is a clear sign the regime there is losing the plot as well.

The increasingly hysterical calls for further Covid-19 crackdowns are actually a sign of weakness.  They are failing because they are based on lies.

These tweets by “former CIA agent” (There is no such thing) Bryan Dean Wright expresses how the rank and file at the CIA and Pentagon view the situation:

“There’s nearly a universal belief that America and the world are in for one of the most dangerous, unpredictable times in modern history…Afghanistan has shown the world…enemies & allies alike…that our military & intel assets are largely irrelevant because we can’t deploy them successfully.  The blame lays at the feet of multiple Presidents, the Generals, the Spies and the Congress.  The American people are angry, COVID weary, & divided.

If there was ever a time to push American hegemony aside, this is it…The existential problem is that America needs good leadership to right its ship but there is none…Our federal bench is weak.  Biden is corrupt and old.  Impeachment is a long shot; VP Harris is an unpopular paperweight.  The Legislature is a feckless cabal of empty suits…

There is fear and outrage streaming through former intel officers over the Afghanistan debacle.  America is rudderless.  And the world now knows it.”

What this CIA guy needs to understand is that the political system in Washington DC is broken beyond repair.  There is no way any president could “Make America Great Again,” when it is bankrupt to the tune of over $200 trillion.  What we have now is a Rockefeller/Rothschild regime that is funded by the Chinese.  The Chinese are giving them money because in return they are being promised control of supposed allies like Japan, Korea, and Australia.

From a military point of view what needs to be done now is straightforward.  First of all, civilian governments carrying out war crimes based on lies (i.e. most of the G7) have to be removed.

Also, the Rockefeller/Rothschild grip on medical associations and pharmaceutical companies needs to be ended ASAP.

From this point of view, the James Bond Movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” provides a plan of action.  These movies are mostly non-fiction according to MI6, so they provide a blueprint of past intelligence successes.  In that movie Bond kills a Swiss transnational criminal who was blackmailing the world with gene-altering bio-weapons.  To kill him, Bond had his Swiss mountain-top laboratory destroyed.  What needs to be done now is for the current generation Bond to destroy the complex under the mountains on the borders of Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein.

The corporate media needs to be occupied by the White Hat military and forced to report the truth.  This will mean occupying the hi-tech Google/Facebook/Apple complex in Palo Alto, California.  It will also mean taking over the CNN.AT&T information complex in Atlanta, Georgia.

The five eyes intelligence network, which includes the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, is also waiting for a meeting this autumn between the White Dragon Society and the Asian Dragon Family.

This will be necessary to set up a system to replace the now hopelessly corrupt Rockefeller/Rothschild system.

Until that meeting takes place, expect a further downward spiral in the West, This is necessary to wake up the remaining cool-aid drinkers and vaccine slaves.  The system really has failed them and needs to be replaced.

For now, though, the military and intelligence agencies of the West will continue with their court-based strategy of asking the powers that be to prove the pandemic is real.  They cannot, and that is why their medical martial law gambit is failing.

Remember, though, the Satanists have the power to replace a Pope with a vaccine-pushing masked man.  This means we need to attack them ruthlessly and at the highest levels until we have complete surrender followed by planetary liberation.

As we were about to go live MI6 had the following to say about the situation in Kabul:

“We have deployed flares on all entering and exiting military aircraft out of Kabul.  This comes on the end of land-to-air missiles using Russian MANPADS

We do not expect any standing forces or civilian governments to withhold.  We see the imminent collapse of the U.S. Deep State and CIA.”



Benjamin Fulford 5/10/21 Report: Without a Moral Compass the West Cannot Win

The West is losing the war for Planet Earth because it no longer represents good and currently has incompetent criminal leadership.  The West many of us grew up in represented democracy, human rights, wealth, and progress.  It now represents disease.  economic inequality, war, and fascism.

A poll sponsored by NATO of 53,000 people in 53 countries shows that 44% of people around the world consider the United States to be a threat to their democracy.  This compares to a figure of 38% and 28% respectively for China and Russia.

That means the U.S. is losing ground in the soft power struggle with Asia.

Also, with record trade and fiscal deficits as well as looming hyperinflation, the West is also losing the economic war.  In March, the U.S. posted its largest trade deficit in history at $74.4 billion, up from the previous record of $71.1 billion set a month earlier.  This is only possible for the U.S. by becoming ever more indebted to China.

China’s GDP in real world-based Purchasing Power Parity is $27 trillion compared to $20 trillion for the U.S.  With Chinese economic growth far surpassing that of the U.S. this gap will only continue to widen and will not change unless the West changes its system of economic management.

The only thing the U.S. has left is military power, and war game after war game shows it losing in an all-out war against China.

Unless the West restores real democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and competent economic management, the next generation will become Chinese slaves.

The reason for this decline is that the West has been taken over by a Satanic cult.

In Japan, they have murdered prime minister after prime minister and many others in the post-war era to try to bring this country under the control of the same cult.  The process is easier to understand here because it has begun relatively recently.  However, in the West, it started at least with the murder of Jesus Christ by this same cult.  In the U.S. they murdered Abraham Lincoln, President Franklin Roosevelt, General George Patten, President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and many others to cement their control.

This group is now pushing the pandemic and the related totalitarian rule.  Take a look at the satanic family history of chief U.S. vaccine and pandemic pusher Anthony Fauci and his family crest.

Their castle headquarters is only 15 miles from the Davos World Forum that is pushing for universal human vaccination, with God knows what synthetic programmed poison, using a manufactured pandemic as an excuse.

Now take a look at this video of pandemic pusher Davos frontman Klaus Schwab, chief promoter of the pandemic and the “great reset,” telling Swiss television in 2016 that all humans will have a microchip embedded in either their brain or under their skin to attach them to a centralized computer network.

According to Polish Intelligence, Klaus Schwab has a meeting set for July with power elites where they will discuss a mandatory ID for everyone.  Sources there say:

“This will not only control their access to money but also their access to a totally censored internet.  The elites are in a panic and are pushing their plans forward because too many people have become aware of their existence and have begun to rebel.”

Also last week a strong push by the White Dragon Society and their allies to set up a meritocracy-based planning organization, to help navigate humanity toward a better future, has flushed out a powerful and ancient secret society straight from a Dan Brown novel.  This society contacted us after we approached the BIS, the central bank of central banks in Switzerland. This is the legendary…


Priory of Sion, which claims to date back to 1099 and from there to ancient Babylon.  They even have a website.

This is the central control group of world Zionism, and they have now been flushed out into the open.

Here is some of what they say about themselves:

The Merovingians are a line of Kings descended from a sea monster resembling a dragon.  A myth was created to pass down very essential knowledge designed to unravel the ancient origins of the Merovingians, which go back to ancient Babylon.

The sea monster described in the legend is an ancient representation of Nimrod, who built the Tower of Babel and ruled Babylon.

They are ruled by a Grand Master, who is and always will be the highest spiritual authority and the sovereign of the Order.  There is NO position senior to this and never will be.

This group also claims that previous Grand Masters included Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Sandro Filipepi, Robert Boyle, and Michel de Nostredame.  The current “Grand Master” is Marco Rigamonti.

Below the grandmaster is, “The Sacred Council of the 13 Rose-Croix [of the] Sacred Merovingian Order of the Priory of Sion (Prieuré de Sion).”

We assume this council of 13 represents the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.  They also claim documentary evidence going back to the twelfth century that identifies the Holy Grail with the Real Blood of Jesus.

So basically we have a cult claiming it is reptilian in origin, which dates back to ancient Babylon and is led by descendants of Jesus Christ.

The problem is this cult has started two World Wars and killed countless millions of people in order to realize a delirious dream where “a descendant of Jesus Christ,” would rule all of humanity from Mt. Zion i.e. Jerusalem.  Don’t forget, the god of the temple they plan to build is known to us as Baal, Molech, Set, or Satan.

Here is the message we sent to them:

Fr. Aurelius,

It is good to hear at last directly from the Prieuré de Sion. Over a decade ago Japanese military intelligence told me it was the Order of Sion that was behind the ongoing attempts to start Armageddon and bring on End Times.  We apologize for having to resort to nuclear threats in order to get your attention.  However, the ongoing bio-warfare and gene-altering vaccine attack against humanity has been forensically traced to Switzerland and the elders of Zion.  If you are not responsible we would appreciate your help in finding those who are and getting them to cease and desist immediately.

What we are proposing is that only God does God’s work and that human attempts to artificially bring on End Times must stop.

Instead, we are proposing the creation of a meritocratically staffed planning organization to help navigate humanity and all life on Earth towards a better future.  Such an agency would operate in harmony with existing organizations and not supplant or replace them.

That is why I am planning to meet with a Dragon Family representative at the BIS in order to monetize some historical financial instruments and use the funds to set up this organization.  We need to know who our counter-party will be when we go there and have assurances that this will not be another wild goose chase.

I personally have no interest in running such an agency and merely wish to help set it up.

Your kind understanding in this regard is most appreciated.

Benjamin Fulford

So far we have received no reply, therefore, the war continues.  The ouster of Benjamin Netanyahu (or whoever controlled his avatar) from power in Israel has been a big victory for humanity.  Now Israeli newspapers are reporting his secret partner in the ongoing attempt to start Armageddon, aka World War III, Ayatollah Khameini of Iran is dying of prostate cancer.

We also note a recent attempt to cover up the secret alliance between Israel and Iran, Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner, who represented U.S. and Israeli interests in Iran, plunged to her death last week after she was summoned to Switzerland to testify about Secret U.S.-Israeli connections with Iran, according to U.S. naval intelligence and other sources.

We also took note of an attempt by Hillary Clinton, or whoever controls her avatar, to justify the fake Biden regime in the U.S.

“Hillary” talks about a “threat to democracy,” from “alternative realities.” (We assume she is referring to a reality where everybody is not vaccinated and issued mark of the beast vaccine passports).

She also says the Trump administration represented “wholesale jettisoning of…boundaries for our leaders to operate within.”  So we have a “democracy” where leaders have “boundaries” set by who?

“Hillary” also says:

“There’s no doubt that the Chinese are basically making the…case that democracy is messy, things take too long, people are in and out of office, and there’s no continuity.  You can’t have the kind of fixed goals that can be moved forward in a socially cohesive way, therefore choose us.  We are facing that struggle.”

The real struggle, of course, is that the satanic cult she represents gutted Western democracy and allowed unbridled greed to destroy Western economies.

Unless the West reforms its leadership system China is going to win, make no mistake about that.

Also, China is not the only threat.  Turkey is on the warpath as well.  Its leadership is trying to unite the Islamic world into an empire that runs from “deep into Africa” to the “borders of China,” and says Turkey is already “more effective” than the EU.  The Turks say global threats from the “West” transcend disputes between Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Turkish government-sanctioned media say:

“A new and very powerful initiative may emerge between the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf.  This will then spread all the way into the depths of Africa, from the Caucasus to the Chinese border and from the Mediterranean to Africa.”

They also note that from the “ongoing battle in northern Syria and Iraq, the fresh initiative that has reached the Chinese border from the Caucasus after the Karabakh war is Turkey’s victory.”

Remember this talk is coming from a NATO country with the largest army in Europe, excluding Russia.  Please note this same country is working with NATO against Russia in Ukraine.  Remember too that Resident Joe Biden and his handlers were refused entry into the Pentagon and so instead they plan to go to NATO headquarters.  What does this tell you about NATO leadership?

We also note that the Cabal appears to be targeting Yellowstone.  Dr. Jerzy ?aba is a geologist from the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.  He predicts that an eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera similar to one the hit 640,000 years ago “would destroy most of the United States territories.”

We assume that if the Yellowstone caldera is being targeted it is being done by Cabal members hiding in either Switzerland or Antarctica.  This is no time for the U.S. military to sit on its hands and we remind its members of their oath to the Constitutional Republic.

Finally, I’m looking forward to communicating with those of you who would like to participate in an exclusive live webinar each month where I will answer your questions and our private discussions can deep dive into the latest intel and issues of the day.  A separate post with sign-up information will follow and also offer weekly audio reports for your convenience.  Hope to see you there!