Where 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on UFOs, Declassification

(Tom Porter) As the 2020 presidential race heated up, the candidates came ever-closer scrutiny for their policies on the key issues facing the US. Related NASA Officials ‘Baffled’ After Space Cameras Catch UFO Following ISS for Over 20 Minutes Source – Business Insider by Tom Porter, March 8th, 2020 But some reporters have made it their […]

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The Dulce Papers – Chapter 5b – Report from a Japanese Television Crew

(Orbman) “…AREA 51 is located in the northeastern corner of a vast, desolate stretch of land known as the Nevada Test Site [a large portion of which includes the Nellis Air Force Test Range] but has practically nothing to do with underground nuclear testing. It is located approximately 125 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas and consists of Groom Lake and the Papoose Lake Complexes. The presently expanding eastern portion of the latter complexes is known as the S-4 site.

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Benjamin Fulford Interview: The Distraction Game. Surveillance State & Pedos Freaking Out

Benjamin Fulford Interview 18th July 2019

In this interview recorded the 18th July 2019 we discuss such topics as the French / British Rothschilds, Korea unification, Iran and Turkey with some history of the area. Finally, Benjamin suggests the Air Force should hide anything they don’t want shown and let the 1.5 million public enter and photograph Area 51. We also cover the distraction that is the happening in politics and how we need a new system with new people who are trustworthy and competent instead of puppets reading from scripts.

Our interview series will continue after Benjamin’s summer break, so expect to see new releases with Benjamin come September 2019. If matters happening in the background at the highest levels go smoothly, then we might be expecting big announcements and changes this coming fall.

The old system IS collapsing and we’re seeing the death throes of the old guard. Until we’re finally fully liberated, we must keep applying pressure to the old system.

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