Atlantean Crystals – A discussion on 2/10/2019

Previous blog posts I’ve mentioned that the surviving Atlantean crystals are in the safekeeping of the Crystal City base of the Argarthan realm below the sea off the east coast of the USA and and some are in the care of the Pleiadians.

In October 2013, I attended Lisa Harrison and Brian Kelly’s Opal Tour kick off at Tehachapi California where I met a woman name Lydia.  She had what she claimed was an “ET crystal” which she was granted temporary custody from a Texas Native American tribe. I later learned it was a shard of an Atlantean crystal from the crystal forest.  It was quite unusual.   A dark smoky color but completely transparent. I’ve never seen a quartz crystal like it. 

My father was a “rock hound” made turquoise and opal jewelry as a hobby and would take me and my brothers to the Gem and Mineral show at the Arizona State Fair Grounds each year.  My favorite was always the fluorescent minerals that would glow under black lights.  I’ve seen a lot of crystals, but really didn’t do anything consciousness related with crystals.  Such things just weren’t in my Christian upbringing at all.

I asked Lydia if I could hold the crystal.  She handed it to me and gave me some basic instructions. A few people had telepathic interactions with it, but I didn’t expect I would.  I was about as telepathic as a brick.  It immediately started downloading images into my head, very fast images kind of like MTV video cuts.  First symbols of all kinds, many of which I did not recognize, petroglyphs etc.  I asked it to show me where it came from, I was shown a crystal forest something like Joshua trees in the California desert but not organic, pure crystals but kind of cactus like. I have seen the crystal forest Skye refers to below.

Joshua Tree

I also got an image of a steep mountain valley with pine trees, snow and a bright fog.  I assumed at the time I was seeing an image of Norway or Sweden.  In November 2013 Caleb invited me to share the costs of a Villa in Morocco where I spent the next two years.

In February 2015 I left Morocco and lived with a group of people in the Italian Alps north of Turin.  During a warm spring day the snow was turning to water vapor instead of water and what I saw was a near duplicate of the images I got from the Atlantean crystal. 

I didn’t know why that image was sent to me and why it matched the area I was in.  In June 2015 when Thor reached out from the Sphere Alliance. He rekindled an age old friendship and introduced me to the Data Collectors of the Sphere Alliance.  Thor is an Andromedan Commander. I fought side by side with him the galactic wars.

What I learned from the Data Collectors, like Stan X (who read data from crystals) was I returned to Earth from the Pleiades after a devastating Draco attack, I landed in that area in the alps about 4000 years ago, or more accurately the mountains above Hône Italy, the landing spot was to the left of the fortress in the photo below (the fortress was not there 4000 years ago btw). Thor and his wife Sussanah were with me in the shuttle ship. I have been reincarnating here on earth ever since.

Ironically the Bard fortress was used in the movie Avengers Age of Ultron, which featured their version of Thor.  And while I was I was living in the area, there was tourists posters of Thor in the town advertising the fortress to tourists. Life can very very strange in its holographic properties sometimes! LOL.

Kabamur, a personality on Twitter, posted some comments on crystals, which led to the following discussion. Kabamur has some interesting data and I don’t  necessarily agree with all of it, especially his take on Thor (my reply got me banned from Kabamur’s account LOL). But I am not hostile to the guy I just don’t agree with everything he says.  Have discernment in all things!  Even the stuff I post, nobody has all of the data.  We do the best we can with what we have available.

Skye and KP are the creators of sentient crystals.  They are experts with crystals and have a natural affinity to them. If any of you read Kauilapele’s blog you’ve probably noticed all the work he does with crystals. Crystals can store enormous amounts of data and energy. Modern Earth technology has yet to recreate the technology and use to which crystals known during the Atlantis and Lemurian ages. The Pleiadians retained that knowledge.


Skye: Well I’ve just been catching up with stuff and saw this post a few days ago on Kabamur’s twitter feed which reminded me of something way back in 2013…. back in the old days…. lol…

Skye: (His post was a repost of an old post) about the Booms that keep being heard.

Skye: Interesting… because waaaaaay back in 2013 … you know in the old days lol…. I kept seeing crystals on ships, which had been ‘rescued’ from Atlantis and wrote a long Skype post to Heather about it, which I have managed to retrieve, so here it is:

From a 2013 Skype to Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf:

Skye: “The crystals are now on ships stationed at various locations around the planet. They are transmitting their data both to the crystals on this planet and to us …to our DNA… connecting us with the high crystalline frequency, which is also theirs (ie the galactics)…thereby making it easier for us to communicate… and at the same time reconnecting us with our ancient wisdom… upgrading our DNA back to crystalline source DNA. 

Skye: Once each of us reaches an optimum frequency – and that is different for each of us because we all started at a different frequency – then this frequency is magnetically locked on to by one of the crystals on a ship and the information/data stored in the crystal is then transmitted to us – to our DNA – absolute data. 

Skye: For some people this is causing chaos and confusion… manifesting in different way… For some physically and for others in what is happening around them… However it will eventually balance out… A lot of the crystal upgrades are taking place at night… which is why some people aren’t sleeping well.  

Skye: Some embodiments simply cannot take the new higher frequency, they were just never programmed to, so they are leaving. The cabal embodiments are struggling because although they thought they were already at the higher frequency, that was just artificial (energy harvesting) and there is nothing to support the artificial frequency now the old grid is no more.”

Skye: SOOooo… Booms… galactic ships… crystals… ????

Skye: ALSO… at the same time I saw myself walking in a crystal forest… of crystals

Skye:  and then on Friday I was at Yoga and we did Yoga Nidra… and the yoga teacher read out a guided meditation where we saw ourselves walking through a crystal forest 🙂

Martha: Wild!

Martha: Add to that that time doesn’t exist, so 2013 is happening now. You saw now.??

Skye: yes

Martha: Are there actually booms or is this internal and the download or change coming in. Or connecting.??Martha: I hear pings. Lol.

Martha: Kabamur said huge crystals will rise from the earth at the time of the event. Turning to communicate and guide ships in.

Martha: I think if this stuff, picturing it, and realize I only see it in the context of what I know. So my picture and understanding are likely limited.

Skye: Kabamur said huge crystals will rise from the earth at the time of the event. Turning to communicate and guide ships in.

Skye: Well… lol… I didn’t post the whole of what I saw in 2013 because it was quite long… but I will now ?

Skye: When I saw all this I was out walking by a lake…?? 

SKYE: “I was (physically) beside a lake and the next thing I saw was a huge crystal pyramid rising out of the waters… the words that came to me are the New Atlantis, but pure and clean and absolute. The whales and the dolphins are leaping around it and there is such a feeling of joy. Birds are flying around the pyramid and animals are coming out of the forest. The animals are rejoicing because they feel safe… they haven’t felt safe on this planet for a very long time – from us. And when the animals rejoice it really is time to rejoice… For they KNOW. The sky is all the colours of the rainbow. 

Skye: Within the pyramid is a symbol that looks like the flower of life…or the hecatonicosachoron… which is pink with rainbow hues within the pink. I couldn’t clearly see the symbol but I sensed it was a combination of all the sacred geometric shapes in one… 

Skye: Then I was was walking amongst what I can only describe as a forest of crystal pyramids. Each crystal pyramid contains a different sacred geometric shape. And there was one big one which exactly replicates the one I saw coming up out of the water, containing the same symbol (combining all the sacred geometric shapes). I feel as though that is where I was taught. Each crystal taught a different wisdom. It was our way of learning lessons. We would go and spend time with each of the crystals to get different pieces of knowledge. 

Skye: The forest is looked after by one person who is known as the crystal wisdom keeper… he had always stayed in tune with the crystals and their consciousness and did not intermingle with anyone… …it was at his bidding that the crystals have been put on the ships…  

Skye: The crystals had each ‘given birth’, so there are baby crystals in the forest, like baby trees. And each of the babies contains the wisdom of the mother… And it is these small ones that are being loaded onto the ships… to be used as two transmitters… transmitting their crystal consciousness data and wisdom to us… while also being used to put us in touch with them… 

Skye: Then I saw myself, wearing a rainbow coloured garment, sitting cross-legged in front of the big pyramid, the Mother crystal, containing the combination of all the sacred symbols, and reciting my final lesson over and over which seemd to be “I Be eternal essence absent limits… I BE eternal essence absent limits”. As though this is the one lesson that I should never forget. The most important one. Then with what felt like a blessing from the Mother pyramid…I was sent off on my mission. 

Skye: And that was it… “

Skye: quoting Martha “Are there actually booms or is this internal and the download or change coming in. Or connecting. “

?Skye: No people are actually hearing booms… Denice hears them… [the so called NC “Seneca guns”]

?Martha: Wow! Your vision/memory. Wow.??

Skye: I know

Skye: good job I’ve kept all that stuff lol??

Martha: Yes, good you kept it all. I’m impressed with your filing system.

Skye: me too ?

Martha: I’m remembering that Margaret is identified as a crystal keeper.?

Skye: i think i must have kept the bits i knew were important.??Martha: Yes, I agree. You knew intuitively what was important.

Jeffrey: The Crystal Pyramid was initially Energetic Vibrational form, then with the Geometric Symbol gradually become Solid Crystal form. To Imprint/Grow new Crystals with the same Data, is similar to Imprint the DNA: You will need to have the Original Frequency, then form a Seed Crystal, with Electric/Magnetic current In the Pure Water, through a continuous Loop of Piezoelectricity Process (like DNA/RNA keep reproduce more and more Crystal Molecule), hence growing the Crystal.?

?Jeffrey: To form an Original Crystal without any Data: You need to have a Pure Thought ( which is Light ), concentrate into a drop of Pure Water ( which you can never really separate out a drop a Water, hence contain Unlimited Potential, ever heard about Liquid Light? Lol ), form a Light Seed, then with the Electric/Magnetic ( which exist Every Where in the Universe ) continuously Stimulate the Growth.??

Martha: Jeffrey! You know stuff! This is cool!??

Martha: I’m remembering an Internet thing where you take a burning piece of charcoal, dunk it into peanut butter. Then drop it into a bucket of ice. In 24 hours, wash it off and it’s crystal. I’ve not tried yet, but you know I will!…

Jeffrey: The are a lot of modern artificial way to grow Crystal of course. The One I describe is the Higher Dimensional/Original way to grow Quartz Crystal.??

Martha: Are you calling the peanut butter method artificial??? Lol! Joking. I just want to see if it works. But yes, a higher dimensional frequency is what we want. Peanut butter may not be very high. Lol!??

Terran: If you put both chocolate and peanut butter on it do you get a Reese’s Crystal?

Terran: ?

Yes! Really crunchy.??

Terran: ?

?Martha: ?

Adventure in Argartha Crystal City

Terran note: Images here are just the closest thing I could find to match what I saw, they are not exact representations are just meant communicate the general idea of what I saw.  Images come from all over the planet.

This data appears to be in my heart, and seems to be memories of being there, or possibly pulling from the ALL in the now.  I can’t right now specify which it is, and maybe there’s no really precise defintion of where/what this comes from.

Argartha Journey

By Terran

Terran to Denice: Loie?

Loie: Hi Bill! I am here. Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie! I saw a crystal in my heart in my sleep can we look at what that means?

Loie: Ready for a frequency?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love, another adventure! Loie.

Terran: ?

Loie: This is another adventure, Love! Loie.

Denice: (feel her excitement)

Terran: Ok maybe I should lie down so I get it all

Terran: Hang on

Loie: Perfect, dear!

Terran: Ready

Loie: Here we go, love!

Terran: Ready when you are

Loie: Sending. Loie.

Terran to Denice: (H was talking to Y in the living room, quieter in my room)

Loie: Boosting love. Loie.

Terran: Seeing a train enter a large cavern looks like SE Asia. [Actual location not known] It’s a limestone cave… walls seem to light up as we go through (and go off after we pass).

Loie: Boosting. Loie.

Terran: Only enough room for a train along inner cliffs… one portion of the cliff has cascading water ….track appear invisible there and no bridge… but it’s as if there is both tracks and bridge…. security precaution?

Terran: Beginning of cave was very tropical

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: Train emerges out into snowy crevasse looks mountainous and cold…

Terran: Train looks ancient but doesn’t seem to burn wood or coal

Terran: Seeing another section cavernous again rocks the color of Monument Valley sun comes down a shaft in brilliant yellow.

Loie: Boosting, love.

Terran: There’s a massive entrance to the side (like a train terminal) of the track pillars carved out of the rock.  Rectangular pillars form a rectangular arch 30-40 feet high.

Terran: Behind that is a set of many doors like you might see at a public venue above that are openings rectangular with round corners seems to be for cavern air flow. They extend to the top of the ceiling 30-40 feet.

Terran: Argarthans?

Terran: Boosting, love.

Terran: Massively excavated area some features walls and ceiling are rough others like pillars and openings finished and smooth. Gives a nice contrast between rough and smooth.

Terran: Also some areas in like subway tile in deep Maroon or purple…

Terran: Seeing people now going here and there feels like I’m walking… There’s an area ahead that feels very green and bright and full of plant life

Terran: Oh wow

Terran: Not exactly the Amazon not exactly Tennessee forests something in between subtropical.
There’s rivers in here quite large…

Terran: We get into an oblong wooden boat maybe 30 feet with a canvas sun shade

Terran: I don’t know where all the light comes from…

Terran: Massively huge trees!

Terran: Reminds me of the river cruise at Disneyland minus the robot river animals

Terran: Going thru a still patch of water lotus plants and some other water plant sticking out like a ficus tree…

Terran: Thundering waterfalls come into view

Terran: There’s something overhead looks like a drone but higher dimensional kind of half mechanical half insect like  had a sensor or camera for some reason it sensed me and got very busy. It feels like someone told it to stand down

Terran: It’s gone away.

Terran: We’re rounding a bend. Lots of water, on the greenish side

Terran: Huge broad leaf flax like plants in the water

Terran: I’m sensing a crystal city ahead but it’s not in view yet. I can feel it’s energy

Terran: It’s very bright

Terran: Looking backwards I can see the cave complex brown rock see paths along the walls and torch like lights but I don’t think they are flames it’s a soft orange yellow like like a flame

Loie: Boosting dear.

Terran: We pass under a ruin of an arch. Must be historically significant as it has not been repaired.
Grey stone.

Terran: See massive towers of crystal.  Buildings?

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: There’s a massive river and water fall in three step like falls to the left

Terran: This thing stretches as far as the eye can see! Amazing! And beautiful!

Terran: Set of buildings shaped like those semi inflated NASA weather balloons but transparent, crystal?  Three of those buildings to the right.

Terran: This image is not very clear… maybe for privacy? There’s a man and a woman skinny dipping in the water but it’s like I got green welders goggles on… Curious filter…

Terran: Seeing a massive rock cliff kind of like Yosemite but Greener

Terran: Seeing a spring now, water gushing from the ground it’s illuminated a soft pale blue from below, I think it’s lit by crystals

Terran: It’s kind of a grotto

Terran: Feels like it’s a popular spot but don’t see anyone

Loie: Boosting

Terran: I wonder who is with me?

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: There’s a big elephant with me!

Denice: (that is fun!!!)

Terran: Back seems armored a bit like a dinosaur, has squarish two inch plates on its back, seems part of the hide…. not a species I’ve ever seen.  [Note: later reflection on this Elephant made me think perhaps it was a protective adaptation from living in caves where rocks could fall on it, or perhaps just a protection from large animals trying to bite it on its back, or maybe just a protective covering?]

It’s head has like ceremonial paint on it lines. I get the sense the elephant is my tour guide

Terran: How does it have a sky underground?

Terran: Ooh! Seeing a hangar for space craft on the right, some unusual shaped craft, one of which is multi-hulled.

Loie: Feel the answer, dear.

Terran: Ok what I get is “Sky is perception” has something to do with water vapor temperature and the illumination source (crystals?) above it

Terran: Lot of thought went into this place

Terran: Okay I’m seeing like a sea entrance

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: But it’s not down but straight a head. I don’t know how the water does not fall out but must be some kind of field holding it in place….

Terran: Seems permeable like you could walk into it or drive into it. Portal? Feels like water though
It’s maybe 50 feet diameter or more

Loie: Boosting dear

Terran: Going into some inner chambers

Terran: Stone is reddish brown? Like red jasper.  Kind of the color of those carved red stone dragons.

Terran: In the center is a small architectural stream fitted stone path on either side can easily step over it.

Terran: There’s a peach colored light from the stream. Very soft light.

Terran: Everything has the peach light

Terran: Feels very intimate place.  Feels like where lovers go to be alone.

Terran: It’s warm but not hot.

Terran: I don’t see anyone

Terran: Farther up the stone changes to a grey granite

Terran: There’s turquoise lights

Terran: There’s a gray doubl emetal bar that is in the rock and the lamp itself is like half a stylized natural beehive in shape pointing down the back of the lamp is flush with the wall

Terran: There are elevated and lower paths

Terran: There’s a double channel kind of like a pier but I don’t see any craft

Terran: Kind of like another river boat ride but it’s darker

Loie: Boosting.

Terran: Getting a “day view” appears this channel is sometimes dry. Maybe dry in the day?
Just see kind of like empty lava tubes with shallow water

Terran: Scene change

Terran: Seeing a city

Terran: There’s a gentle soft arched building kind of like mirrored emerald glass but the center has clear emerald glass feels like a restaurant over a river

Terran: The glass is unusual in that it’s not flat it’s curved and 3D

Terran: The clear part as if it’s embossed inwards

Terran: Beautiful

Terran: Seeing architectural dining layouts. This is furniture Italian designers would love

Terran: Where am I?

Loie: Feel it, dear.

Terran: Getting “Argarthan Crystal Congress” but not in the legislative sense of congress more in the older sense of the word as in human interaction

Terran: Boosting

Terran: Not sure that is 100% but the other word I got was convention so maybe it’s the closest two words in English? Similar meaning. That feels about right.

Terran: Seeing a bluish arena but feels like for mass meditations

Terran: Light is soft like in an IMAX theater before a movie.

Terran: Im blown away by the intent i feel in this room

Terran: These beings devote a great deal of effort sending positive intent, inspiration and love to “topsiders” (their term) I really feel it it and I am humbled by it

Terran: I’m nearly in tears of gratitude to them.  They have dedicated themselves for eons to this task.

Terran: I had no idea!

Terran: t’s very moving!

Terran: Thank you Argarthans!

Terran: Wow!

Denice: (?)

Terran: No words

Denice: (amazing!)

Terran: I feel them!

Terran: Is that the end Loie?

Loie: It is just the beginning, dear. But enough for now! Loie.

Terran: Was that all in the crystal?

Loie: It is all in your heart, love. Loie.

Terran: Memories?

Loie: The crystal merely amplifies it.

Terran: Where did the crystal come from?

Loie: ALL. Loie.

Terran: Thanks ALL!

Terran: That was amazing!

Loie: Love, it has been there all along. Loie.

Terran to Denice: (Did you ever play Riven? Some scenes were similar)

Terran: I had no idea Loie!

Denice: (Never heard of it)

Terran: Sent you a shot of turqoise lamps are similar

Terran: Love you Loie!

Dence: Thanks!!!

Terran: Night denice ??

Loie: I Am with you, Bill! Loie.