CNN finds out the hard way, don’t mess with [candidate for AZ governor] Kari Lake (10-19-21)

Very refreshing to hear her speak directly to, and call out, the CNN reporter on their attempts to “push the msm narrative” onto her. I would definitely support her in her bid for governor. We’ll see what happens.

Below this video, I’ve also added a video interview she had with David Harris Jr., back in August, 2021.

“The Fake News showed up to a Kari Lake event — BIG mistake. CNN tries to push their Conspiracy Theories & makes absolute fools of themselves.”



And We Know News VIDEO 6-3-21… “The Dominoes are continuing to Fall”

The beginning of this was all that I needed to view before knowing I was to put this out there. See for yourself. Great info in the first 2 minutes.

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Scherzo in Sib Maj for the Lonely Housewife
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Apparently, the NIH/NIAID were aware that 99% of covid deaths in Italy had other illness.

Freight Train of audits coming

Maddow Freaking out

Laura Ingraham with HCQ

Fauci advised no masks

Fetal aborted hair on rats by Fauci

Tucker discusses Fauci emails

LBC talks about shot and freedom

Scene from THE CHOSEN

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