Robert Steele: Has Wall Street Stolen $100 Trillion from the American Public? Will Donald Trump Get It Back?

Has Wall Street Stolen $100 Trillion from the American Public? Will Donald Trump Get It Back?

Tehran Times, 26 May 2020 – International

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), contributes regularly to Tehran Times.

Q. The above cartoon was published a few days ago by Ben Garrison, America’s most famous conservative cartoonist who has also been ruthlessly defamed and impoverished by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). His cartoons are known to be favored by President Donald Trump. How did you achieve this rather unusual honor and can you explain the cartoon?

A. The cartoon was commissioned by one of my fans, a lady of means who has earned a PhD and MD and believes that my motto “the truth at any cost lowers all other costs” should be the President’s motto as well.  This was her way of both respecting my commitment to reform, and seeking to remind the President that I am armed, dangerous, and still waiting to serve him.

She provided the artist with some ideas, he kindly asked me what I thought was important, and out of this came his original creation. I was stunned by his ability to capture in one image everything I despise and seek to reform. He envisioned me as a “Don Quixote” but unlike Don Quixote, he sees me surfing the Trump/GOP wave, backed up by the National Security Agency (NSA) database holding all the evidence we need to eradicate traitors, elite pedophiles, and both white and black collar criminals.

Q. On Friday May 15, 2020 you published “Release: President Trump Urged to Create DoD-DoJ Task Force on Financial Crime.” at your new website, Licensed to Steal. That release proposes a strategy that would allow the President to take back – without wasting time in court – over $50 trillion in wealth stolen by Wall Street from US pension funds and individual investors.

William Binney (NSA) and Robert Steele (CIA) are two of America’s foremost intelligence reformers, along with General Michael Flynn, co-author of Fixing Intel.

On Monday, May 18, 2020 you published “President Trump Briefed on NSA Capabilities Against Financial Crime” with a quote from your colleague, William Binney, former Chief Technical Officer for NSA:

With 10 people, within 30 days, it would be a simple matter to identify, by name, every person using email, text, cellular or even game chat communications, associated with naked short selling or money laundering. 99% of NSA’s data is not processed, this is by design.  We have it all.

In the same release you say:

With the exoneration of General Michael Flynn, the time has come to purge our secret intelligence agencies of Obama left-overs, and put those agencies to work for the American people. There is no better starting place to Make America Great again than by stopping Wall Street financial crime against pension funds and individual investors as well an entrepreneurs.

You appear to be declaring war against the two most powerful, ruthless, and wealthy elements of the Deep State – Wall Street and the US secret intelligence community that serves Wall Street. Have you lost your mind? Or is something really exciting happening here?

A. Let me say first that I was well ahead of the pack on 9/11 as a Zionist (not Jewish) and U.S. neo-conservative covert operation backed by Dick Cheney; my 9/11 Truth memorandum for the President, delivered to the White House on 8 August 2018, is the single most read publication on the topic. The book by West Pointer Joachim Hagopian that I have nurtured on Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State is also the single most read publication on that terrible topic that includes child torture, child murder, and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). I have been less successful at addressing #GoogleGestapo – the Zionist-led censorship of our social media (the ADL is the chief censor in America) – and election reform (today 70% of all US voters are excluded from participation in our fake democracy – this is by agreement between the two parties that share power).

Wall Street financial crime has been well-known since the 1980’s. What has been lacking to date is a President willing to defend the 99% against the 1%.  “The system is rigged.” Indeed.

I have always known that Wall Street lacked integrity – my reviews of Michael Lewis’s Liar’s Poker, Wayne Jett’s The Fruits of Graft, and then Matt Taibbi’s Griftophia about the merger of political and financial crime in the USA and his book The Divide about one law for the rich and one for the poor, were capped by two profoundly troubling books by William Greider on The Soul of Capitalism and John Bogle on The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism. More recently I have read but not reviewed a book just published by Dr. Susanne Trimbath, Naked, Short, and Greedy, and many documents by Dr. Robert Shapiro, all available at my new website, I have conducted several video interviews, and consulted the top attorney in America on this illegal domain, Wes Christian, who has encouraged me in my reflections.

Here is what shocked me once I finished looking at over 900 articles and documents including court filings and administrative actions including fines:

01 According to the SEC, 914,261,864 shares valued at over $17 billion failed to deliver in the first two weeks of July ($1.9 billion every market day).  At that rate, Wall Street has stolen tens of trillions of dollars over the last 20 years.  This was stolen from pension funds and/or investors through market manipulation and particularly a practice known as naked short selling – the selling of counterfeit or “phantom” shares that are never delivered.

02 The US Government – and particularly the Senate Banking Committee, the Department of Justice, and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) have not done enough to deter this massive theft. Token fines amounting to a half-billion dollars have been levied, and the Holder Memorandum, by Eric Holder under President Barack Obama, de-criminalized financial crime by Wall Street – no one goes to jail, fines are the cost of doing business.

03 The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is a private self-regulating organization managed by the leaders of the Wall Street firms themselves, and allowed – by design – to thumb their nose at oversight from the SEC.

04 In addition to stealing money by selling shares that do not exist, Wall Street aids and abets laundering trillions in illicit cash by pretending that the cash was earned through brilliant stock investments that never actually took place.

It is my opinion after just two weeks of reading that our President has the power to take back at least $50 trillion from Wall Street without having to go through lengthy legal battles; and that the President may not realize that the $15 trillion he appears to have already recovered is chump change – a fraction of what he can get if he creates a Joint Department of Defense – Department of Justice Task Force on Financial Crime and goes for the jugular using NSA and DTCC data.

Q. We all understand that NSA and its partners such as GCHQ in the UK, CSEC in Canada, and European elements that are funded in part by NSA, collect every manner of electronic communication including encrypted communications. But supposedly Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) cannot be used in legal proceedings. What is your strategy here for the President?

A. I have personally seen emails in which the compliance officer for a major Wall Street investment firm informs the leadership that their naked short selling is illegal and advises them to do it anyway.  I have also seen the responding email from the leadership saying in essence: “we will suck every ounce of blood out of our unsuspecting clients and you will shut up and like it.”

NSA is very badly managed – Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Jim Clapper supported NSA Director Mike Hayden in turning NSA over to contractors and instead of focusing on producing decision-support and processing what it collected, they focused on collection for the sake of budget building, and never invested in processing.  NSA processes less than 1% of what it collects – but it does seem to process whatever it needs to blackmail members of Congress.

It is my view that NSA could be a force for great good if the President were to reinstate my friend and colleague William Binney at NSA with a mandate to immediately process all data having to do with identifying traitors, elite pedophiles, and both white and black collar criminals.  Bill and I have discussed this, you have his quote above – we can nail every naked short seller on Wall Street within 30 days, by name.

This information would not be used for a legal process.  It would be used to confront the leaders within this well-established and well-protected criminal network. Among these are the top naked short sellers and money launderers: Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and UBS. The proposition is quite simple: immediately return to the US Treasury no less than $50 trillion, or be destroyed.

Q.  What do you mean, be destroyed?

Let me first point out that we have not discussed the second line of Presidential attack – a mandatory audit of the DTCC and every single “failure to settle.” I am reliably informed that we can audit all Goldman Sachs failures to settle with a few people in a few days at a cost of under $1 million.  Once we do all six of the major criminal enterprises that are “Licensed to Steal” by the US Government (and the State of New York including its current Governor Andrew Cuomo), every other organization will know that we have them dead to rights, it is just a matter of time.

My vision for the use of NSA data is quite simple. To document for the President and the leadership of the Department of Justice – and the Members of Congress who have been complicit in this persistent massive crime against US pension funds and individual investors and entrepreneurs – a complete and compelling map, “by name,” of the 1,000 or so top criminals.

If the six major firms do not immediately transfer the $50 trillion back to the US Treasury, I envision some combination of Presidentially-declassified intercepts being released to the public each day (a particularly damning email from the CEO of Goldman Sachs, for example), with the end result that if the firms do not capitulate within the week, they will follow Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers into hell.

Warren Buffett just sold his entire stake in Goldman Sachs.  He knows what is coming.

Then of course, you always have Army Rangers with fixed bayonets. Given that the USA is in a declared state of war today and President Donald Trump has all of the War Powers granted to a prior President by Congress, then it follows that given a sufficiency of evidence from both NSA and an audit of DTCC, there is absolutely no realistic obstacle to our putting 1,000 people into Guantanamo and throwing away the key.  They are traitors. They have no place to run.

Q. It does not seem fair for millions of people to have been created by Wall Street only to have the President recover the money for his use at the federal level. Your thoughts on this?

A. I have considered this. The audit will over time identify every stock that has been naked short sold, with particular attention to two kinds of investors: those who lost everything against counterfeit shares; and – this would require mandatory audits of the internal books of the primary brokers as well as a massive public survey – those who were told they owned shares in managed portfolios, but the shares were never actually purchased, which is a simpler fraud.

I envision President Trump creating a national reparations fund with a formal management structure, categories of victims including inventors whose firms were destroyed to either keep their innovations from the marketplace or to buy them up cheap, and a process that explicitly respects those who died impoverished and provides for their heirs.

If President Trump is as wise as I believe him to be, multiple trillions will be set aside for victims, and he will not accept from the six firms I have mentioned, and another hundred or so easily identified, anything less than $50 trillion to be spent on rebuilding our economy and our society – the civil war is over, those with morality who hold family dear have won. There is also the matter of returning to local communities all of the land and other physical assets purchased with stolen money, this could be a separate $25 trillion bonanza for Main Street.

Q. Perhaps I should have asked this at first but what is naked short selling in simple terms?

A. The best analogy I have heard is from Wes Christian. Imagine that you own one car with one title or certificate of ownership. Now imagine making one million – or ten million – copies of that title and selling them to millions of investors, who never receive a car or their money back. That is naked short selling.  This is done by most major players in every stock exchange in the world but the US and UK are the worst.

Or put another way: imagine that you sold a stock at $5 (without owning any shares), and then lie, cheat and steal – manipulate the information with false legal claims, false government investigations, false media reporting – even using moles inside the target company to plant evidence of wrong-doing, and then when the stock drops to $2, you buy it, meet your obligations, and keep $3 in profit.  This is a high finance “murder” of a company for profit.

Naked short selling is one of several means by which Wall Street bankers and the hedge funds manipulate the marketplace.  Market manipulations are illegal, common, and enabled by US Government elements not doing enough and often complicit in the financial fraud.  Stock buy-backs (after manipulating the price), hoarding cash in off-shore accounts to avoid taxes; manipulating supply chain prices to claim false higher prices for incoming products and services and false lower prices for outgoing products and services – this is called import-export fraud – and outright lies to the public with the collaboration of journalists, some of whom are paid, is all part of what has been called the Wall Street “casino.”

Q. How does naked short selling, which is illegal, differ from short selling, which is legal?

A. This is a very important question.  Short selling is legal because it incentivizes those who believe they have truthful information about a stock price being over-valued for any number of reasons, and they are allowed to bet what they know on the condition that they actually own or borrow with an obligation to buy, the stock in question.

Naked short telling is pure counterfeiting or more accurately, the use of “phantom shares” that do not exist.  This is like betting in a casino with fake chips that have no value, if you lose you do not pay up, if you win you take everyone’s money.  Naked short selling is a crime equivalent in scope and impact to profiting from drug sales or trade-in women and children.

Q. I still don’t understand naked short selling.  Walk us through a typical case.

A. Fair enough. Let me say first that regulations implemented in the aftermath of 2008 had a moderating effect at the highest end of the market, and naked short selling tends not to occur at the higher end because people like Warren Buffett can see a naked short campaign easily, and they can snap up shares whose prices have been manipulated downwards, leaving the naked short sellers in pain, mindful that the DTCC eases that pain with blatant cover-ups and “off sets.”  As they say in the gambling business, “the house never loses.”

Naked short selling today largely occurs at lower levels, with small and emerging companies desperate for funding.  What they do not know is that the placement firms – HCWainwright comes to mind – are often in league with the naked short sellers.  So here is the sequence.

– Promising new company seeks additional funding, hires a firm to place its offering

– Placement firm provides insider information to naked short sellers – this is illegal

– Millions of counterfeit shares are offered, often many more shares than have been issued

Complicit law firms issue notices of class action lawsuits, completely unfounded

– Complicit journalists write about the firm “cooking its books” or being “under investigation”

– Complicit SEC officials file public demands for information.

– Price is driven down.

– Placement is made, shares are bought up at the lower price, naked short sellers cover their illegal bets, and the company is left with very expensive money and it devalued – they had to issue many more shares to cover the placement target amount, than they planned.

+ Now the price can be driven up, the criminal shareholders sell high, and repeat.

An alternative scenario is that the naked short sellers simply pick a company at random and start spreading false stories and instigating investigations from Singapore to Berlin – Wirecard is a recent example – while offering ten times the number of shares normally traded, meaning that non-existent shares are being sold.  In the Wirecard case a journalist with the Financial Times (UK) is being investigated for maliciously defaming the company. You also have “market research firms” that are complete frauds, they spew lies and post to social media, these people are called “bashers.” Government have not caught up with the need to police cyber-space in real time, it is too easy to commit the crimes of defamation and tortious interference across social media, with impunity, at the same time that social media, controlled by the ADL on behalf of its clients on Wall Street, censors truthful reporting about Wall Street crimes.

Q. In an earlier conversation you said that naked short selling is the perfect crime.  What did you mean by this?

A. In US law – I imagine most other countries follow in some fashion – when a company is completely destroyed and goes out of business, every one of its shareholders loses standing with the courts – they have no right to bring a lawsuit against the people who destroyed the  company. This is one reason why naked short sellers – criminals – strive to completely destroy a company rather than just manipulate a stock for a time: because with full destruction they are achieving perfect immunity.

Q. Is there anything companies can do to defend themselves?

A. Let me answer that by first saying that the leaders of most companies are failing in their responsibility to their stake-holders (managers, employees, inventors and share-holders) by not being attentive to the obvious signs of attack (when a company has only issued 10 million shares of stock and suddenly 50 million shares are being traded, this is a clear indicator of naked short selling).  Alan Pollack, a Partner at Warshaw Burstein in New York City, speaks to fiduciary responsibilities in his video interview with me.

Now, for those companies whose leaders do wish to protect themselves against naked short sellers, I have both advice and a caution.

The advice: immediately hire Tom Ronk at and David Wenger at ShareIntel. Both services are complimentary and provide meaningful and actionable intelligence (decision-support) to help combat illegal naked short selling. Consider filing lawsuits against those who are defaming the company and carrying out tortious interference with its operations by lying about it – this includes the law firms announcing class action shareholder lawsuits, the journalists spreading false rumors, and the “market research” firms that are nothing more than libel machines for hire.

The caution: the SEC is the enemy. The senior officers at the SEC are in absolute collusion with the naked short sellers and will do whatever it takes to squash complaints.  In my readings I have seen too many instances documented where the SEC, instead of taking a whistleblower seriously, immediately accuses the victim CEO of financial improprieties, and effectively adds momentum to the naked short selling campaign to destroy the company.  I am totally disgusted by both the SEC and the Senate Banking Committee – former Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and current Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) have in my view disgraced the Senate and betrayed the public trust in enabling naked short selling, money laundering, and all manner of other financial crimes, over decades.  In my view both should be subject to a complete NSA lay-down of all of their communications with Wall Street leaders.  Indeed, instead of using NSA to blackmail Senators to allow dishonesty, we should be using NSA to monitor the criminal misbehavior of Members of Congress as well as senior executives in the Administration, and deal with these individual extra-judicially. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) merits special scrutiny now, in my opinion. By extra-judicial I mean we offer them a chance to resign rather than go to public trial.

Q. Are solutions emerging?

A. A great deal of the problem could be eliminated by placing the DTCC under federal control and eliminating the concealment of Failure to Settle transactions.  There are good laws on the books, they are simply not enforced, in part because every Member of Congress, and every state and federal executive, has been bribed or blackmailed –some with pedophilia entrapment videos created by Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Mossad with CIA and FBI complicity – or they are turning a blind eye with the expectation of a lucrative job offer from Wall Street at salaries five times greater than their government salary.

Blockchain solutions are also emerging, tZero by Patrick Byrne whose firm Overstock was nearly destroyed by naked short selling, is one. Some companies are choosing to delist.  Others are joining exchanges that forbid high frequency trading where the house always had an insider trading advantage and the government can never catch up. Others are refusing to go public.

For me the primary solution is this: we must re-criminalize financial crime, overturn the Holder Memorandum, and start putting at least one hundred major figures into jail for their crimes against the American public and the American economy.

I have just completed a video interview with Professor G. Robert Blakey, an utterly brilliant man with experience across Congress, the Executive, at the state level, and as a professor of law, and I am persuaded that half the problem is the failure to hold Wall Street accountable under a federal RICO process that both criminalizes financial crime and also demands total forfeiture of ill-gotten gain as well as triple damages; and the other half of the problem is lazy judges and prosecutors who don’t have the commitment needed to protect the public from very wealthy predators. Wall Street has in my opinion bribed the US Senate Banking Committee to make it impossible to sue Wall Street financial criminals (to have “standing” and to demand “discovery” while also blocking the use of federal RICO against financial crimes by Wall Street (it still applies to black collar criminals on the street).

I was also interviewed by Stephen E. Arnold, that six-minute video summarizes the three conclusions, the bottom line is that we can use NSA to put Wall Street criminals in jail, and should do so.

Q. Do you have anything positive to say about Wall Street?

A. Yes. We need honest capital markets to fund innovation and the re-invention of the American economy in the aftermath of a global economy melt-down rooted in lies. As I wrote here in Tehran Times, in “Interview: A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?,” this entire COVID-19 has been a false flag operation led by the Zionists with the collaboration of rogue elements of the US and UK and perhaps German governments, and it was not about an infectious disease, it was about insider trading in complicity with a global media fear-mongering campaign.

It is not possible for President Trump to buy the rebuilding of America, even if he has $50 trillion to spend, even if the Chinese forgive US debt as part of a grand bargain. Without the money that can be raised from the population at large, innovation and rapid reinstatement of economic prosperity are not possible.

We need Wall Street.  We also need integrity – honesty – in every aspect of our economy.


Cartoons by Ben Garrison reprinted with permission.

Graphic by Robert Steele reprinted with permission.

Photograph by Robert Steele, reprinted with permission

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Robert Steele with Javad Heiran-Nia in Tehran Times: Holistic Evaluation of Assassination of General Sardar Suleimani – What Next for USA, for Iran, for the Region?

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), contributes regularly to Tehran Times

ROBERT STEELE: The average person is not going to understand this article. which is hugely pro-Trump. This carefully calibrated article invited by the Iranians:

01 Calls 110 casualties the end of retaliation, Pompeo is safe
02 Holds President and Secretary of Defense blameless
03 Places onus on Israel manipulating Pompeo, rather than USA
04 Places onus on CIA for failing to properly brief the President
05 Reinstates / restates mutual interest  toward rapprochement
06 Ends with a note on intelligence with integrity, shared ground truth
07 Continues to make me a personna grata in Iran to help our President

Holistic Evaluation of Assassination of General Sardar Suleimani – What Next for USA, for Iran, for the Region?

Interview by Javad Heiran-Nia, Tehran Times, 6 March 2020

Q. From a legal perspective in the context of international law including the law of war, how do you evaluate the assassination of an Iranian official, General Sardar Suleimani, who was on a public diplomatic mission, traveling by commercial air, to a third country, Iraq, which was his host?

As a patriotic American; as an intelligence professional; and as a retired Marine Corps infantry officer, I consider the assassination of General Sardar Suleimani to be an atrocity demanding atonement, and one of the single worst decisions ever made by a US President since Harry Truman was bribed into agreeing to the theft of Palestine from the Palestinians, or Barack Obama agreed to the sale of Libya to France and the sale of Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia so that he and Joe Biden and the Clintons could make billions in payoffs. At a very personal level, this act violated all applicable international laws to include directed by name assassination; assassination of an individual on an open diplomatic mission; and assassination of an individual in a third country where he was an invited guest.

I hope that Iran’s leadership is aware – as I have tried to outline in multiple articles for the Tehran Times and in an earlier book, – of the ongoing soft coup in the USA against our President that is led on the outside by John Brennan particularly, and on the inside by Mike Pompeo, a Christian Zionist who I believe should be held personally culpable for deceiving President Trump into ordering this heinous act.

A proportional response from Iran would be the assassination of Secretary of State Pompeo the next time he is traveling overseas. I am not at all certain that anyone in the US Government understands that Iran now has both the right and the capability to assassinate our Secretary of State.

I understand Iran’s earlier need to launch a counter-attack on a US base in Iraq in order to quell public anger over this atrocity but I believe that going forward from today Iran is best served by demonstrating the level of restraint that President Vladimir Putin has demonstrated, to include forgoing any targeted assassination of any US senior official including the fat blustering fool that we have in place as Secretary of State.

Q. The Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, disagreed publicly with President Donald Trump’s declaration that General Suleimani was organizing threatening actions against US Embassies in the region. How do you interpret this public divergence of view?

Although our Secretary of Defense is from the same West Point Class of 1986 as Mike Pompeo, he appears to be much more balanced and I hold him – and the President – blameless for this assassination. From where I sit, three things went very wrong: Secretary Pompeo, arguably an agent of a foreign power (Israel), was able to persuade the President to approve this action; our intelligence community (particularly Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA) failed to provide the President with compelling holistic intelligence (decision-support) against the assassination; and the Secretary of Defense chose not to put his job on the line against the decision. In publicly diverging from the President on this matter after the fact Secretary Esper was making the honest and obvious point: there was no threat to our Embassies and in fact it is known that part of the reason for General Suleimani’s visit to Iraq was to disperse the crowds outside the US Embassy, which was done.

Q. When Iran counter-attacked, in a proportional response, against a US military encampment at Ayn al Asad, President Trump initially claimed no casualties, then a few casualties, then he mocked many of those evacuated to Germany, and now there are one hundred and ten stated casualties.  How do you account for this “casualty creep” and could the President have been aware from the beginning of the facts on the ground?

I grew up in Viet-Nam as the son of an oil engineer, and in my subsequent professional reading as a Marine Corps officer have always marveled as the degree to which we lie to ourselves.  From enemy body counts that are inflated to friendly casualties that are under-stated, we are simply not capable of telling the truth. I like to say that “the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” Our President has three big problems, all centered on the amount of false information and the lack of truthful information available to him. The Department of State is controlled by Zionists. The CIA is led by professional liars, most of them overweight bureaucrats far removed from the rigors of either clandestine tradecraft on the street or all-source holistic analytics. The Department of Defense has too many officers who believe that telling their chain of command a lie is justified when the chain of command makes it clear that it wants to be lied to. The single greatest work on this point is from the US Army Strategic Studies Institute, Lying to Ourselves: Dishonesty in the Army Profession.

I am quite certain our President was not aware of the casualties from the beginning, and the creeping numbers are more a sign of a very flawed and generally dishonest reporting system within the US military.

Whatever the number of our casualties, they pale in comparison to the 75,000 amputees we have suffered, or the 250,000 mentally injured individuals on disability, unable to find employment, and of course nothing can compare to the pain of the mothers of the Fallujah mutant babies resulting from the use of depleted uranium there, or the hundreds of thousands of dead across the Middle East, and the millions of displaced, a large number now in or about to enter Europe.

I have myself been personally and directly threatened with assassination by the leaders of a country where I was responsible for penetrating the extreme left, and I oppose both directed assassination, and elective wars fought for the profit of the banks without regard to the human and social cost for all engaged countries.

In my view, the 110 casualties are helpful as a stopping point. Restraint should be the order of the day.

Q. Dr. Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser and some other US politicians, believe that the cost of assassinating of Sardar Suleimani has outweighed the US benefits. What do you think about this?

I despise Susan Rice at multiple levels – this is a woman who should be in jail for her complicity in the unmasking of US citizens (which is against the law pertaining to signals intelligence privacy) associated with the totally illegal investigation and framing of our President for collusion with the Russians – the witch-hunt, all lies with the active complicity of MI-6 and the Prime Minister of Great Britain. On this point I have to agree with her. I am particularly upset with the assassination because the US and Iran were on the verge of making some significant advances aided by President Vladimir Putin’s encouragement, and I have to say that I believe that the Zionists fed Secretary of State Pompeo a number of lies – and perhaps some financial incentives if not outright blackmail with Jeffrey Epstein videos – to get him to push our President into approving this utterly terrible and unjustifiable assassination.

Let me emphasize this: I believe the assassination was intended to destroy the growing rapprochement between Iran and the USA, which President Trump was actively seeking and to the best of my knowledge continues to seek today. It is my hope that Iran will join me and others in focusing on justice against those who manipulated our President, and not make the mistake of being manipulated, as our President was manipulated, into further escalation.

Q. Since the assassination of General Suleimani, one of Iran’s most beloved leaders, Israel and Turkey have become more aggressive against Syria, Russia has become more engaged, and China was briefly sidelined by the coronavirus panic.  How do you evaluate the current and near future of the West Asian region and do you anticipate the complete US withdrawal from Iraq and the region?

I am not an expert on this region so my impressions are based on general reading. As best I can tell, history and the passage of time favor Iran, Syria, and Palestine. Turkey is over-extended and I have the impression that President Erdogan is nearing the end of his life. Russia and China will continue to grow in influence while the US does eventually withdraw militarily from the region. I anticipate some major changes in US national security policy after President Trump’s inevitable re-election. Put simply, the return on investment for military occupation forces that cannot win wars or repress belligerent native tribes is not as great as the return on investment in homeland infrastructure and job creation, or in emerging markets development. China’s One Belt One Road initiative – and its cyber overlay – have finally forced the Americans to confront the fact that they have been willfully stupid for the past fifty years, allowing the Deep State to use our military as enforcers (General Smedley Butler was the first to say this in his book War is a Racket), and our military bases as lily pads for smuggling guns, drugs, cash, gold, and small children.

Our President is going to be inaugurating a new national monument soon, to General and President Ike Eisenhower, whose great-grand-daughter I know. I expect the President to use that occasion to reflect on President Eisenhower’s earlier warning against the military-industrial complex, and perhaps to announce his own vision for a future in which America is no longer engaged in endless war.

At some point the Middle East is going to have to deal with the reality that the current crop of Arab dictators is unsustainable; the current oil-based economies are unsustainable; and the current practice of sending millions of refugees to Europe is unsustainable. We must create peace and prosperity across the Middle East for the good of all including the hapless Europeans whose leaders sold them out with the 1995 Barcelona Declaration, which loosened migration controls in return for bribes.

The single greatest lesson I have learned in my life about transformation and reform is that it must be job and revenue neutral at the sub-state level.  George Will’s new book, The Conservative Sensibility, is strongly against what he calls “rent seekers” – companies that use the bribing of Members of Congress, and federal contracts, as a substitute for hard work and innovation. I am more practical – I now know how to make this corrupt system migrate from wars that profit the banks to peace profiting the poor.

I have outlined my personal vision for the future of America and the world in three recently published books on Reinventing National Security, Reinventing Intelligence, and Reinventing Engineering.

My vision calls for the closure of all US military bases overseas, to bring all those jobs – both military jobs and the support jobs that now go to local citizens – back to America. We need to redirect at least 40% of what we spend on a heavy-metal military that cannot win wars toward diplomacy, development, and commerce. My vision also applies to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and is outlined for them in NATO 2040: Intelligence (Decision-Support) as Root for Transformation.

Let me end by saying that I believe the way is open for Iran and Russia to facilitate a new form of information sharing and intelligence (decision-support) for the Middle East that integrates open sources of information in all languages, holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) including free energy and unlimited water desolation.

General Suleimani was assassinated by order of President Trump in the context of a dysfunctional US government process incapable of telling our President the truth. It is my personal goal to wage peace and enable prosperity with both open and secret intelligence that is shared among nation-states and I am deeply and personally committed to ensuring President Trump is never again blind-sided by lies.

I pray that day might come when the Supreme Leader of Iran, and the President of the United States of America, can share the same intelligence (decision-support) about every aspect of the Middle East, toward making evidence-based decisions that create peace and prosperity for all.

Robert Steele: NATO 2040: Intelligence (Decision-Support) as Root for Transformation [Final Draft Seeking Comments]

NATO 2040:

Intelligence (Decision-Support) as Root for Transformation

Robert David Steele

Table of Contents, Foreword, & PDF Below the Fold

Table of Contents

Foreword. 3
Intelligence (Decision-Support) – Intelligence Done Right 4
Executive Summary. 4
Root Definitions. 5
– Data, Languages, Tribes. 5
– Information. 5
– Intelligence. 5
The Failed Western Intelligence System.. 6
– Strategic Level 7
– Operational Level 7
– Tactical Level 7
– Technical Level 7
Context for Transforming Intelligence: Holistic Awareness. 9
– Whole Earth Collection & Analysis Model 10
– Military- Geographic-Civil Collection & Analysis Model 11
– Level of Analysis Threat Distinctions – A Vital Refinement 12
Transforming Intelligence to Transform NATO.. 13
– All Threats, All Sources, All Tribes. 13
– Embracing Open Sources as the All-Source Foundation. 14
– Return on Investment (ROI) & True Cost Economics (TCE) 15
– ACT as a Pilot Project for Multinational Intelligence (Decision-Support) 16
– Four Levels of Multinational Intelligence (Decision-Support) 17
Transformation Stepping Stones. 18
– Legislative Transformation. 18
– Financial Transformation. 18
– National Security Transformation. 19
Black Swans, Gray Swans, & White Swans. 20
Appendix A: 4 Threat Classes, 4 Type Commands, 4X the Impact 22
Appendix B: Notional View of a NATO Peace Command. 29
Appendix C: NATO Intelligence in Public Health Emergencies. 34
Glossary. 42
Endnotes. 43


It may be counterintuitive, but the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is potentially the best thing that could have happened if the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is to “rebalance” and transform, reaching 2040 with four major force configurations, having four times more impact.

NATO benefits from President Trump’s demand for rebalancing in two substantial ways:

First, each of the other Member States is now being held to their obligations with respect to percentages of their national budget that should be allocated to military needs, inclusive of NATO.

Second, but not yet understood by most, and certainly not codified into any kind of formula that could lead to the transformation – and the expansion of NATO – is the matter of adapting to a complex world in which most of the threats are not military, and all of the threats require Whole of Government (WoG) planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) both within and among each of its Member States.

This white paper outlines how Intelligence (Decision-Support) can help the NATO transform itself from a reactive conventional military instrument of the Member States; and instead become a central unifying strategic force for waging peace, achieving prosperity, and ending war in all its forms. NATO can be greater than the sum of its parts.

While focusing on intelligence – the assigned topic – the paper’s greatest value to NATO is in making the case for the need to diversify the NATO force structure. By recognizing that there are four threat classes, each of which needs a different NATO type command (Big War, Special Operations / Low Intensity Conflict, Peace including Diplomacy & Development, Homeland including Cyber), this paper shows how NATO can achieve four times more impact by 2040.

Transformation is achievable – both politically and financially – if all stakeholders hold fast to one fundamental precept: that it should be job and revenue neutral across all sub-state political boundaries. Each legislator in each Parliament or Congress will retain their current share of jobs and revenue. Each major corporation across the NATO military-industrial complex can – if they adapt – retain their current share of jobs and revenue.

Transformation can be job and revenue neutral across all stakeholder elements.

NATO must first come to grips with its lack of organic intelligence capabilities, particularly access to Open Source Information (OSIF) and its inability to produce Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sufficiently compelling to impact on strategy, operations, tactics, and technical acquisition.

$2 billion a year is on the table with the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) for an Open Source Agency (OSA) that both creates the modern OSINT discipline, and provides a context for radical improvement in classified collection, processing, and all-source analysis. It is within NATO’s power to qualify for up to $400M per year Final Operating Capability (FOC) in Dam Neck, with access to another $1.6B per year in OSINT and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities – including private sector investigative and analytic capabilities – world-wide.

Three appendices are provided to illustrate the implications for NATO of doing intelligence right.

PDF (47 Pages): NATO FOE 2040 Steele INTEL 2.5

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Robert Steele: DRAFT Paper Seek Comments to Improve

I am finishing up Appendix B on this paper, below is the Executive Summary with Table of Contents, seeking comments to improve TODAY if possible, by 26 February at latest — but I live in the real-time world so today would be ideal, rewards to those who improve my work.  Downloadable DOC (34 Pages) at bottom of this post.

NATO 2040:

Intelligence (Decision-Support) as Root for Transformation

Robert David Steele

Executive Summary (Full Text & Downloadable DOC Below the Fold)

This white paper outlines how Intelligence (Decision-Support) can help the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) transform itself from a reactive conventional military instrument of the Member States; and instead become a central unifying strategic force for waging peace, achieving prosperity, and ending war in all its forms. NATO can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Transformation can be job and revenue neutral within each Member State – hence politically doable.

NATO must first come to grips with its lack of organic intelligence capabilities, particularly access to Open Source Information (OSIF) and its inability to produce Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sufficiently compelling to impact on strategic, operational, tactical, and technical (acquisition) planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) among each of its Member States.

$2 billion a year is on the table with the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) for an Open Source Agency OSA) that both creates the modern OSINT discipline, and provides a context for radical improvement in classified collection, processing, and all-source analysis. It is within NATO’s power to propose to USDI an executive agency role for the Atlantic Transformation Command (ACT) of NATO, that would immediately yield $25M per year Initial Operating Capability (IOC) under Joint Forces Command / 2nd Fleet with a facility in Dam Neck, Virginia, toward $200M per year Final Operating Capability (FOC) in Dam Neck, with access to another $800M per year in OSINT and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) capabilities – including private sector investigative and analytic capabilities – world-wide.

Two appendices are provided to illuminate the value of this long-recommended but also long-contested approach to “intelligence done right” – Application A on Four Forces, and Application B on Waging Peace. Presidential and USDI briefing materials on an OSA are available separately.

Table of Contents

Intelligence (Decision-Support) – Intelligence Done Right 2

Appendix A: 4 Threat Classes, 4 Type Commands, 4X the Impact 17

Appendix B: Waging Peace – Faster, Better, Cheaper?. 24

Glossary. 30

Endnotes. 31

DOC (34 Pages):  NATO FOE 2040 Steele INTEL 2.1

COMMENTS: email to  robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com

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Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), contributes regularly to Tehran Times.

Interview: A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Tehran Times, 12 February 2020

Q. You have been following the Wuhan virus since 26 January 2020. Originally you declared it a natural outbreak less virulent than SARS but then you revised your view as new information became available. On 1 February an element of the Chinese military formally accused the USA of launching this virus against them as an act of war, and Russian web sites are repeating this accusation.  What is your over-all appraisal of the Wuhan virus and its implications for both China-US relations and the over-all global economy?

A. Of course we need better source and more reflection and analysis.  I consider much of the hysterical reporting allegedly from China to be deliberate misinformation.  Let me start my appraisal by saying that the newest information available suggests that this was a Zionist attack on China in two parts: in part one a Jewish American professor at Harvard appears to have been dangled to the Chinese, committed treason against the USA, and assisted the Chinese in establishing a level 4 bio-war center in Wuhan. In part two – and the professor could be unwitting of this part – the Zionists released the virus in both the marketplace and in the hospitals – 41% of the infections occurred in the hospitals not in the streets. It should not be assumed that the virus escaped from a Chinese facility, or by accident.

It is not yet clear to me if this Zionist provocation was intended to start a war between China and USA, as Benjamin Fulford suggests in his reporting from Japan on Monday, 10 February 2020, or if it had other purposes including massive economic gain by Zionist-Anglo-American elites with advance knowledge used to do insider trading and achieve great profits based on foreknowledge of both the Wuhan virus and the degree to which the Western media would exaggerate the crisis.

It is also not clear to me the degree to which 5G – for which China is the lead country – intersects with the biological virus. 5G is a huge part of this – what we do not know yet is whether this was a false flag attack as I suspect; a test of the intersection of bio-warfare and electro-magnetic warfare; or a full out assault intended to destroy the Chinese economy and begin depopulating China – or all three!

I believe that the personal trust between General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump is strong, and the idea that the US would undertake such an attack as a matter of policy has been discounted in China. Of course there are rogue elements in our Department of Defense (DoD) and in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) known to collaborate with the Mossad in pedophilia entrapment operations, drug running, the sponsorship of terrorism including ISIS, and 9/11, but on balance I am confident this was not done by the USA and the Chinese leadership knows that.

As my views on this attack developed, what struck me most powerfully was the manner in which the Western media, which is controlled by MI-6 in the UK and the CIA in the US – and their European counterparts – grossly exaggerated the spread of the virus in what can only be described as irresponsible fear-mongering – “yellow journalism” or “fake news” at its worst. I now believe this was calculated to disrupt the global economy and I now believe that the Zionists and their allies including the MEGA group of Zionist billionaires in the USA that funded 9/11 and the Epstein pedophilia blackmail network, and of course the City of London and Wall Street, made a great deal of money with insider trading based on advance knowledge of the Wuhan virus and its exaggerated coverage in the West that frightened both the stock market and manufacturers as well as tourists.

Q. Does China bear any responsibility for the degree to which the virus appears to have spiraled out of control?

A. I have to say yes. The earliest reports from citizens are now known to have occurred from 8 December 2019. Citizens and journalists were intimidated and then arrested by the police for fear-mongering. It was not until General Secretary Xi Jinping returned from Burma on 18 January that this contagion was properly briefed to him, at which point he took extraordinarily comprehensive and decisive actions. In those thirty plus days local officials in Wuhan ignored or covered up the situation, and allowed major festivals to go forward that could have been cancelled. Local leaders failed their citizens; national leaders, once fully appraised of the seriousness of the matter, appear to have acted with great authority and responsibility.

If there is one lesson to be learned here, and General Secretary Xi Jinping appears to have learned the lesson thirty days late but better late  than never, it is that weak signals from the front ranks should never be ignored, and that transparency is a priceless strategic counterintelligence attribute.  The local leaders – and the intermediate leaders – need to learn my motto: “the truth at any cost lowers all other costs.” To which one might add, the truth in time is worth many times more than the truth too late.

The Chinese at local levels made the mistake of trying to cover up the early stages of the virus, which not only allowed it to spread, but also because their hospitals were not aware of the specifics of the contagion, it was the hospitals themselves that took the virus to the next level, infecting many other patients for lack of proper isolation of those known to be infected.

I share the positive impressions of both President Donald Trump and the World Health Organization (WHO) with respect to China’s response once General Secretary Xi Jinping understood the seriousness of the situation.  No other country in the world could have built two complete hospitals in ten days; locked down entire cities; and created a hand-held application helpful in isolating the disease.

Other lessons for me include assume aerosol or airborne transmission from day one; take into account radiation or electromagnetic aspects from day one; consult the Russians from day one; and execute localized solutions that isolate individuals, not mass solutions that spread the infection.

Q. The development of this story has been interesting.  What are the major elements as you recollect them?

A. First and most important, and I believe General Secretary Xi Jinping is now more conscious of this, Chinese marketplaces are filthy, and the Chinese fondness for multiple kinds of exotic animals killed on the spot with the consequent mixing of blood and dirt – including bats, snakes, and dogs – has created a bio-war cesspool in every Chinese village. The General Secretary needs to make market sanitation, species separation, and humane sanitary animal slaughter, a national priority.

Secondly, the Americans and the Canadians have had some successes in stopping the exfiltration of research viruses from both countries by Chinese post-doctoral researchers, but we are still weak in counterintelligence, and the fact that a Jewish faculty member at Harvard could collect $1.5 million from China and build a Level 4 bio-warfare facility in Wuhan without our noticing in time to stop it is of concern. On balance I would like to see all countries focus on bio-defense, not bio-offense.

Third, no one anywhere is focusing on the intersection between bio-warfare and electromagnetic warfare.  Wuhan is ground zero for 5G, which is a genocidal and ecocidal technology that is forbidden in Israel and around President Donald Trump (both in Washington and at Mar-A-Lago). 5G radiation not only lowers the immunity of all humans and animals that it radiates, it is also capable of creating original bio-effects and making natural bio-lapses worse.

Fourth, I cannot over-state my contempt for the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Bill Gates Foundation. Both are in my view criminal fronts for the Deep State and the pharmaceutical industry, and fully complicit in the drugging up and dumbing down of the American public. Robert F. Kennedy Junior is the first person to demonstrate in a court of law that no US vaccine has ever been tested, and therefore it is illegal for the US to mandate vaccines. The Wuhan virus is being used to advance the next wave of criminal vaccinations in the USA, this time with DNA and genetic engineering elements. It must be challenged by all citizens using all religious and legal means.

Fifth, information warfare – the malicious use of the mainstream and social media, both controlled by the Zionists in collaboration with MI-6 and the CIA – is a completely integrated part of bio-warfare and electromagnetic warfare now.   They are a triad. As best I can tell this was all pre-planned, and in combination, the virus, the 5G exacerbation, and the global hyperbole, exaggeration, and outright lies intended to harm the Chinese economy and benefit insider trading, were all part of one integrated campaign.

Sixth, the Wuhan virus is merely the latest in a series of attacks against China. I am reminded of the ravaging of China’s pig farms with swine flu, the economic warfare against Huawei, the agitation of the Uyghurs and incitement of upheaval in Hong Kong. There is a Zionist-Anglo-American war going on that President Donald Trump has not been able to stop, but that I believe will be stopped after his re-election.

Seventh and last, we have heard nothing from Russia. I suspect similar attacks have been waged against Russia, but Russia’s superior defensive capabilities have rendered those attacks ineffective. The key to understanding Russia’s strength lies in their complete integration of their biological and electromagnetic defenses – from energetics to gravitobiology, the Russians appear to be the world leaders.

Q. Most media sources – including individuals that you yourself trust – say that this was not an act of war, it was rooted in filthy Chinese markets and filthy Chinese habits in relation to mixing and eating strange animals. What basis do you have for concluding it was an act of war?

A. You ask an important question. Let me first say that I think that this virus was deliberately weak and not intended to be catastrophic.  It was a combination of a probe, to see how China would handle a maliciously introduced virus – remember that we have micro-drones that can deliver viruses anywhere without any chance of their being intercepted – and a massive psychological economic warfare operation in which the media destroyed the Chinese economy using the virus as a hook – the media, not the virus – is what caused economic havoc. Belatedly, Chinese over-reaction and the herding of citizens into pens has made the situation somewhat worse.

Secondly, the code for the virus has been published and the introduced mutations documented. Some of the documentation – for example the Indian paper suggesting that HIV was introduced – has been discounted subsequently but there is no question but that the Wuhan virus was lab-engineered.

Although the Chinese themselves affirmed that the virus first jumped from animals to humans inside the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in the heart of city I now consider this questionable and believe  the Chinese themselves were afraid of public outrage if it became known that the virus was bio-engineered, with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Level 4 bio-warfare facility, as the obvious suspect.

Q. There is one theory that says this virus was designed to target Asians, and Asian men specifically.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

A. I have read the summary article by Alexandra Bruce, whom I know and respect. I have no direct or scientific knowledge. My non-fiction reading suggests that that there are over 5,000 genetic points in any human body that can be targeted by biological or electromagnetic means, and that DNA signature targeting is very advanced. I imagine that white males could be just as easily targeted.  We do know of course that DNA can be used to convict specific individuals, and to identity the sex and ethnicity of any person from whom a DNA sample is available. It is known that the new “Holy Grail” for the elite is a vaccine that is capable of geo-engineering or DNA-specific mass effect.

I would observe that a new epidemic has just broken out in Nigeria, and all governments, all publics, should be very alert to all weak signals, attend to the lessons from China, absolutely consider “enemy action” as a root cause, and treat public health as an existential national priority. Vaccines are part of the problem, not the solution. There is no substitute for truth and transparency in real-time.

Q. Although there is a global movement against 5G, many people will be skeptical about the 5G aspect. What can you say about this?

My knowledge is indirect, drawing on non-fiction literature and such experts as Mark Steele (if we are related it would be back in the 17th Century), who won the first lawsuit against 5G in the UK, Sacha Stone whose movie 5G Apocalypse sets a new standard for truth in movie form, and others. The key point I would make is that 5G appears to be part of a mass mind-control grid that could if unopposed ultimately enable specific individuals or groups of individuals to be incapacitated (made ill or stupid) or even eliminated with “natural” diseases such as heart attacks or rapidly spreading cancer. 5G is also filling outer space with tens of thousands of satellites that are taking global electromagnetic pollution to new levels that are both genocidal against humanity and ecocidal against plant life and the oceans. Two terms that should be explored in relation to 5G are “directed energy weapons” or DEW, and mind-control, which the CIA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – both populated by Nazi scientists after World War II – appear to have taken to Satanic levels of capability.

There is no separation between biology, energy, and information. That is the new reality, only the Russians and perhaps a tiny handful of others in China, Iran, the UK and the USA, appear to understand this transformative aspect of the modern struggle for existence.

The good news – and I do want my answers to you to be positive in the aggregate – is that new means are emerging for neutralizing 5G and remediating all forms of radiation poisoning and targeted electromagnetic and directed energy emissions.

Q. Is there any downside to the manner in which the Chinese government has managed this challenge?

A. Yes. In the USA the Boston Bombing was a false flag operation planned and executed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to test its ability to lock down an entire city and go door to door, without search warrants, demanding entry into homes with the alleged purpose of looking for two individuals. I must raise the very serious specter of the Wuhan outbreak in China being a catalyst for engineering public acceptance of medical fascism or medical terrorism as an acceptable normal response. Permitting government institutions to raid homes, drag citizens into the street and vaccinate them – or execute them and incinerate their bodies without due process “for the public good,” is quite frightening to me.

Medical “martial law” is nothing more or less than legalized euthanasia and mass murder. This situation is being used to begin the discussion of mandatory international vaccination using untested – untested – formulas. This is the “end state” that the Zionist-Angle-American Deep State wants to achieve.

The global picture of China treating people like supermarket commodities to be “scanned” at their forehead will be burden on China for decades to come. In some ways the Wuhan triad (bio, electromagnetic, and information warfare against China by external forces) is a prototype for the merger of the police state and the Zionist-Anglo-American technocratic form of war.

Let me also say – with the greatest regard for General Secretary Xi Jinping’s good intentions — that two mistakes were made early on in addition to the mistake of ignoring the early warnings:

First, China does not appear to have considered that radiation sickness presents as the flu – the symptoms are identical to the point that entire airliners have been quarantined ostensibly for the flu when all the passengers have actually been suffering from the new satellite-based Wi-Fi radiation that has not been properly calibrated. Shutting down 5G in Wuhan, and consulting the Russians on radiation aspects of this multi-dimensional pandemic, would have – and still could be – helpful.

Second, China made the mistake of herding tens of thousands of people into shared open air facilities, and almost certainly made things worse. Just as 41% are now believed to have been infected in hospitals, so I believe that we will find that 60% or more were infected in the large stadiums and other quarantine facilities where citizens were herded together by dictat. An alternative approach would have been to order a national day of cleansing of all surfaces with soap and water – at work and at home – and then a travel ban combined with sharply localized fully-trained medical teams. Individual isolation rather than massing people together, would appear to be a better strategy.

In combination with a 5G shut-down and a deep look at statistics on an hourly basis (epidemiology) I believe China would have sharply reduced the totality of the costs including the cost of losing public confidence in government integrity and efficacy.

Q. Let us assume that the Zionists did not do this. Who else should an investigation focus on?

A. The Deep State (non-state actors), the British, the Americans, and the Russians, in about that order. SARS was a precursor and may have been engineered by the Russians. The British have Porton Down and the British, Americans, and Zionists all have bio-warfare labs across Eastern Europe and in Africa and the Middle East. The Ukraine remains a mystery to me, but Ukraine is in my view one of the most dangerous countries on the planet because of the mix of Russian criminals and Zionist fascists now controlling the country. They have access to all manner of nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare stockpiles. I consider the Ukraine, like Saudi Arabia, to be an extension of the Zionist warmongers.

I do want to emphasize that I believe the nation-state as the defining structure for war and peace is now challenged by a mix of non-state actors including particularly Russian-Zionist-American criminals (known as the Red Mafiya), and the new UK-US paramilitary or private military contractor ecology, as well as the traditional US military-industrial complex that appears to have its own extraterrestrial and deep underground bases doing genetic experiments at taxpayer expense but without government oversight.

There are some that suggest that the Chinese themselves are responsible for this; that a Chinese military officer is on record as bragging about this capability being in hand; and that China may be deliberately experimenting with a combination of population reduction and new levels of mass surveillance and crowd control. I find that hard to believe but not impossible to contemplate. I am certainly willing to believe this was an accident, but all signs point to foreign malicious intent – for me the truth-teller is the degree to which the Western media, controlled by MI-6 and the CIA, was totally prepared to wage information warfare – as prepared as they were for the Zionist planned and executed 9/11 atrocity. This was in many ways China’s 9/11, and that is one reason I favor a close look at the Zionists as the perpetrators.

Q. How sure are you that the USA is not responsible?

A. This is a very fair question. Allow me to distinguish between the USA as a country, as a public, as a government, and as a complex of agencies, many of which have rogue elements controlled by the Zionists. So when I suggest “the Zionists did it,” in no way does this preclude the complicity of rogue elements of the US Government such as we have seen with the Mossad pedophilia entrapment and blackmail networks across the USA, where rogue elements of the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are fully complicit, cover up for the Mossad, and share in the “take” so to control governors, legislators, chiefs of police, sheriffs, judges, and prosecutors, among others. As we found in the Russian witchhunt, elements of DoD funded traitors who conspired with John Brennan and James Comey and others to maliciously defame our President. Elements of both CIA and DoD have been found to be engaged in trafficking children.

I do not believe that our President, our Secretary of Defense, or even our Director of the CIA, explicitly authorized this act of war. I continue to believe that the Zionist connection through Harvard is a critical starting point for any investigation.

Q. Is there an Iran connection in all this?

A. Yes. I have received an email from a high-ranking military officer, now retired, who said this:

It is my suspicion that this virus outbreak is intended to remove China from the world stage for a period of time, render her impotent to intervene in a scenario that is being planned, perhaps involving Iran, who China has made many noises about supporting. No Chinese military expedition could be sanctioned during an outbreak like this, no large scale funds will be available either, all is being spent on containing the virus.

I have no direct knowledge but I will say that I believe that the Zionists in power in the USA, including our Christian Zionist Secretary of State who thinks it is a wonderful thing for the CIA to lie, cheat, and steal, want a war with Iran and understand that Russia and China have the power to stop such a war.

What they do not understand is that the US military is unsustainable in any major war against a peer opponent and completely vulnerable to both biological and electromagnetic attack from the rear area headquarters to the front lines. And frankly, even if they understood our deficiencies, I don’t think they care. Their lust for war, their ideological blindness, is such that they should all be found unfit for public service and isolated. The FBI has been totally worthless as a national counterintelligence agency.

So yes, there is an Iran connection. This virus and the Western media hysteria have temporarily consumed China and its leadership and its military. The Russians, however, do not have this problem, in part because they are far advanced in energetics, scalar (time-energy), and gravitobiology, all of which can neutralize any biological attack such as has occurred in China.

It would be useful for Iran to sponsor a conference on the Wuhan virus, and invite the Russians to brief, even if only to a select few and secretly, on their view of the intersection between biology and energy.

Q. Those terms are not familiar to most of our readers.  What can you tell us about them?

A. Let me simply suggest that the works of Thomas Bearden from the 1980’s and 1990’s that report on Russian capabilities remain very important, including his books Fer de Lance, The Excalibur Briefing, Gravitobiology, and Energy from the Vacuum. There is also a professor in Serbia, Ilija Lakicevic, he is a former Max Plank Institute particle physicist Research Professor who has released what appears to be the first full spectrum 5G protection technology, 5GBioShield – I have interviewed him twice and been impressed by the results of the clinical trials in Switzerland. There is so much I do not understand but on balance what I am finding in the non-fiction literature is that virulent viruses can be both created and defeated by sophisticated electromagnetic means. The Russians seem to be the best in the world on this, but I suspect that deep within Iran there are pockets of expertise as well. The Americans appear to have made the mistake of focusing on offense instead of defense.

Q. If you were President Donald Trump, what would you do to stabilize the situation?

A. What a nice question.  I will tell you exactly what I told the White House in an electronic communication. First, he should direct the Secretary of Defense to recall to active duty America’s finest counterintelligence officer, Col Stuart Herrington, author of Traitors Among Us, who happens to be married to a woman of Chinese heritage. A joint US-Chinese task force should be formed with trusted military counterintelligence officers as its core – the FBI is totally compromised and cannot be trusted. I would promote Col Herrington to Brigadier General, and give him immediate custody of the Harvard professor who betrayed America, and make that individual immediately available to the Chinese for direct questioning. I would work closely with the Chinese to do four things: first, completely inspect the lab to determine if a design flaw was built in that would allow viruses to escape when a remote control was used; second, look carefully at the possibility that this crisis was manufactured in two parts: the bio-lab part intended to be seen; and the malicious spread of the virus by Zionist, British, or American agents, completely separate from the laboratory operation; third bring the Russians into the team and do a total survey of the 5G aspect; and fourth, have the multinational task force’s financial branch do a complete stock market study across all exchanges using Thin Thread as offered by my colleague Bill Binney, to isolate the specific investors, both individual and organizational, who appear to have had advance knowledge of the contrived Wuhan pandemic.

Q. What is your bottom line on all of this?

A. President Donald Trump will be re-elected in a landslide, and the United States of America is going to close all of its bases overseas and focus on prosperity at home. 9/11 and pedophilia disclosure will wipe out the Zionist parasite in the USA (not to be confused with loyal Jewish Americans) and many of the 1% who favor war and disease and poverty as profit centers. Palestine will be restored in our lifetime; free energy will make possible unlimited desalinated water and turn the desert into an oasis of prosperity for all. Perhaps most importantly, and I do not understand this completely, there is a convergence occurring in which positive energy including soul or spiritual energy, is displacing negative energy including the energy how being focused on atrocities, genocide, and war. The world is healing.

Having said that, I want to stress my concern over the prevalent belief among the elite – the 1% — that they can do without the 99% and that the world will be better off if we simply incinerate 90% of the poor – the 99% (with 5G and other directed energy weapons there is no body disposal issue, the bodies burn up and vaporize from the inside out). Humanity is in my view a cosmic experiment in free will and diversity is a vital source of imagination and innovation. The 1% are in-bred, particularly in the UK and the US and Europe.  They are literally in-bred to the point of suffering in many cases from dementia and other genetic diseases associated with in-breeding. The world may be healing but the next twenty years demand an extraordinary degree of moral committed leadership that is devoted to nurturing the public at large. The larger public – the 99% — is our “seed corn” for the future. I am sorry to say that most American leaders do not get that, but President Donald Trump does appear to get that, and that is one reason I support him for re-election.

Public education – in the context of family and community, faith and nationalism – is “root” for the advance of humanity. I never tire of quoting Will and Ariel Durant who conclude their epic book, The Lessons of History, by saying that “the only lasting revolution is in the mind of man.”

Wuhan is for all of us a test of the human mind and spirit against the Deep State and technocracy.

Robert Steele: The End of American Exceptionalism? The End of US Bases Overseas? The End of Israel? Trump 2020?

As soon as I started seeing headlines in Israel asking if Trump could be trusted, I started to wonder if we are headed toward some kind of radical shift in the Middle East (such as the end of Israel), that would be accompanied by a radical shift in US foreign policy (such as the closure of all our military bases) and a radical change in the US domestic political scene (such as the end of the Democratic Party and the full exposure of the Zionist occupation forces that planned and executed both 9/11 and the many pedophilia entrapment operations across the USA, of which Jeffrey Epstein is merely the best known). I engaged a person who wishes to remain anonymous in conversation, and below are the questions they asked, with my answers.

Q. President Trump visited Afghanistan on 28 November, and claims peace talks with the Taliban have re-started. Henry Kissinger, the same man who predicted the end of Israel by 2022, has declared US “exceptionalism” to be over, and China to be the full equal of the USA. Your thoughts?

A. It was my privilege to serve in Afghanistan in 2013, as a contractor analyst for a Special Forces unit responsible for “big picture” evaluations. It was immediately clear to me that the government would not sign the Base Security Agreement; that Abdullah Abdullah, a Tajik pretending to be a Pashtun, was a world-class thief (as was Karzai), and that the Pashtuns own the country and there is no material difference between the Taliban and the Pashtun. They defeated the British, they defeated the Russians, and they have defeated the Americans. President Trump gets that – he also knows that the Chinese are years ahead of us in exploiting the rare earth minerals in northeastern Afghanistan; while the Pakistani military are creating new billionaires by processing Afghan opium into #4 heroin – opium not grown under the Taliban, but restored as a cash crop by the USA (our banks are desperate for drug money as a form of liquidity, and illicit cash funds illicit activities by rogue elements of the US military and CIA). We will leave Afghanistan soon militarily.  I am not sure the President has been briefed on how the Afghans hate the Chinese and would rather have someone else working the rare earths. It is possible Iran will again extend north, too few know that Herat in Afghanistan was once the capital of the Persian Empire.

Henry Kissinger, the man who killed 20,000 additional US troops by sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks for political gain, only to accept the same terms four years later, has always been, apart from nakedly amoral, one of America’s best analysts.  When he chooses to tell the truth, he is one of the best minds we have. The comment you refer to was made in November and featured in the Russian propaganda outlet Strategic Culture with the headline, “Henry Kissinger Gets It… US ‘Exceptionalism’ Is Over.” American exceptionalism ended when we fled Viet-Nam on 29 March 1973.  I lived in Saigon from 1963-1967 as the son of an oil executive engineer; today I realize that CIA bombed monasteries and churches to inspire hatred; that Ngo Dinh Diem was a despot with a murderous sister, and that we really went into Viet-Nam to “use up” our military so we would have to buy it again. Iraq was a similar misadventure, indeed all of our misadventures in the Middle East are summed up by our President, who has said “we spent seven trillion dollars there, and have nothing to show for it.” He is right. We will leave the Middle East, and Israel will cease to exist, if not by 2022, then by 2026.

Q. Iran is surrounded by 44 US military bases, and all indications are that President Trump is continuing to support Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist Israel – while his son-in-law continues to be an almost satanic presence – as well as a laughingstock – in the White House. What is the basis for your confidence in relation to the closing of US bases overseas – including those surrounding Iran, and the end of Israel?

A. Allow me to answer that question at three levels – political, political, and political. At the first political level our President appears to be acutely aware that 22 million US veterans are angry – many of them are impoverished, unemployed, and mentally distressed, with over 75,000 amputees and 250,000 diagnosed as mentally disabled. Tulsi Gabbard, while a fraud in some ways, has captured the anti-war sentiment across America. America First means not Israel First and it means a growing public demand for an end to war as a racket, a phrase popularized by Marine Corps General Smedley Butler. President Trump knows that Michael Bloomberg can buy victory in 2020 – moderate Republicans are prepared to vote for Bloomberg despite his many elitist positions harmful to the average American, and Bloomberg could outspend Trump three to one. Bloomberg, with financial backing from another billionaire, Tom Steyer, is not the man that Trump is, but he has bigger pockets and a better campaign staff. The President, does, however, have fourteen initiatives he can take in 2020, so I continue to believe he will win in the Mother of All Landslides.

At the second political level, represented by Trump’s demand that South Korea pay for the US presence in Korea (a similar demand appears to have been made toward Japan), US bases overseas are not affordable any more. As the US economy “resets” we need to bring those troops and their wallets and all associated jobs – several million jobs counting local support jobs – back to America.

At the third political level, I believe that President Trump has already “made the deal” with General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin, and everything we see that simulates friction over trade, Hong Kong protests, Syria, is just that: simulation. The over-all deal has been made.  The one big regional deal that remains to be made is with the Supreme Leader of Iran. I was deeply moved and impressed by the Supreme Leader’s recent comments as featured in Tehran Times on 15 November 2018, “Leader: Elimination of Israel doesn’t mean elimination of Jewish people.” Our President knows that Israel is an invented state; that Truman and Churchill were bribed to approve it over the objections of all American experts who knew this would lead to 200 years of regional instability. He knows – as the Supreme Leader has made clear – that restoring Palestine to the Palestinians in no way reduces the prosperity and peace available to Jews who remain in Palestine.

There is now increasing recognition in the USA that Israel and the Deep State are using multiculturalism, open borders, poisoning, and cultural warfare to destroy the USA from within.  This story is best told by Professor Kevin MacDonald in his book The Culture of Critique.

When Israel starts to ask the question, “Is Trump the Biggest Threat to Jews?,” we are making progress.

Let me end by pointing your readers to two books, one by David Vine and one by myself, that establish the practical political, economic, and cultural reasons for closing all US bases overseas.

David Vine, in BASE NATION: How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World (Metropolitan Books, 2015) is one of the most patriotic and practical books I have read out of over 2,000 non-fiction books that I recently discussed in a lecture now on video. Here are seven specifics from that superb book:

01 Drawing on RAND and former senior Department of Defense leaders, the author shows how any given base overseas costs at least twice what it would cost, per year, if it were located in the USA

02 The effectiveness costs of destroying the military’s ability to do its own logistics including combat and support engineering, in favor of private military corporations (PMC).

03 The internal social costs of a constantly deployed military include truly horrific internal rapes — not just men of women but men of men — and an aggregation of pathologies that I find worthy of an immediate shut-down.

04 The external social costs of this same deployed military are huge — from entire cities devoted to prostitution around the largest of US base networks (Korea and Germany stand out) to criminal relationships carried over from one command to the next. External costs also include inflated land prices, distortions in local and national government spending (e.g. granting land and waivers to US forces in lieu of pursuing the public interest).

05 The opportunity costs to American society of misdirected spending on the military are very well covered by the author, and merit careful study. These opportunity costs span both the alternatives in the way of poverty remediation, expenditures on domestic infrastructure, education, and family services, health care, are more; spending by troops and the military within the US domestic economy instead of foreign economies; and tax avoidance by the PMCs.

06 The outright waste cost of a system that is out of control — the military simply does not do cost-benefit analysis and — my own comment here, has no strategy because it lacks intelligence with integrity.

07 The total cost of Empire — the vast costs, including the four trillion dollar war that destabilized Iraq and began the unraveling of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. The author offers less in this area than I would have liked as context, but his focus is on bases and their direct costs.

The balance of my review of this superb book is free online.

My own book, delivered to the White House in four copies on 29 November 2019, and to the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army, eleven Army generals, one Marine Corps general, and one Admiral on 2 December 2019, is REINVENTING NATIONAL SECURITY: Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and the U.S. Army — Everything Our President Is Not Being Told (Trump Revolution 45). This book is available as a full-color printed book, as an electronic book, and also free online in its original three-monograph form as published by myself after the sponsor of the work, the US Army’s Strategic Studies Institute, paid me and then censored the work —  they refused to publish it for all the wrong reasons. My letter of transmittal to the President is a matter of public record, make of it what you will.

Q. Would you mind sharing the text of your letter and the distribution list here, with our readers?

A. I would be glad to share this. A complete copy of the letter including the single graphic worthy of a President or Supreme Leader, and the distribution list is online at Robert Steele: Open Letter to the President: Reinventing National Security – New Book.

Here are two quotes from the letter:

There are two keys to taking down the Deep State: the first is to reduce the secret IC by 70% while also moving the NIC to the EOP and creating the Open Source Agency (OSA) that CIA has fought me on since 1988.  You can apply the savings toward retraining all those let go (a “soft landing” as you cut the size of government) while also creating real jobs in the heartland.

The second key is the closing of all our bases overseas – stop being everyone else’s Army and bring those dollars (and jobs) home. There is a role for DoD here at home – a return to the Home Guard concept.  Congress will go along if you show that transformation can be job and revenue neutral state by state and district by district. We need to stop letting the Deep State treat DoD as its piggy bank and enforcer – war is a racket, and only you can stop that racket.  I seek to help you. You cannot Make America Great Again without first dealing with the endless-war/regime-change complex that also uses our bases as lily pads for human and drug trafficking.

I have done all I can to serve my country. I am not sure President Trump can survive the traitors and mediocrities that surround him, but I pray for his re-election and his triumph. If he does not finish the job others – including myself – can and will, from 2024 onwards.  The die is cast.

Let me also encourage your readers to consider the possibility that President Trump is managing our exit from the Middle East in a most brilliant manner that the Supreme Leader would find encouraging. Here is the one article I have been able to discover that articulates the genius behind the complex moves being made by our President:

Sylvain LaForest, “About Trump,” Oriental Review, 15 November 2019

Q. I see now that I have not asked about the 2020 election and how you see things developing. Can you share your appreciation for the current impeachment process and projected 2020 electoral process?

A. Gladly. While I remain very concerned by our President’s failure to connect with blacks, Latinos, women, the young, and the old, on balance he appears headed for a landslide victory, in part because the Democratic Party is now in complete disgrace over the impeachment witch-hunt that followed the Russian witch-hunt, and in part because of the mediocrity of all of the Democratic candidates including Michael Bloomberg, whom I like personally but who lacks the charisma and populist instincts of Donald Trump.

Let’s start with the contrast that is about to be drawn between Adam Schiff, a Zionist tool who is probably being bribed if not blackmailed over all of the pedophilia and murderous pedophilia going on in his Los Angeles District, and John Durham, who is about to bring criminal indictments in the Russian witch-hunt case.  I am expecting at least six criminal indictments that will wreak havoc with the Shadow Government and particularly those traitors in the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI, who organized a deliberate coup against our President, beginning with illegal surveillance and a collaboration with the British intelligence services, approved by the Prime Minister, that can only be described as wicked.  The special relationship with the British may be OVER.

The Democrats are now panicking, and starting to speak of censure instead of impeachment at the same time that our President is demanding that they impeach him so he can mount a defense including witnesses under oath, a defense that will surely increase the number of citizens who favor our President over his detractors while also leading to more criminal indictments.

The evidence against Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden continues to mount, there is an equal amount of evidence with respect to criminal enrichment by Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, 2020 may be the year in which the Democratic Party not only loses the House, but loses a third of its House seats to Tea Party Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents.  If the President were to embrace #UNRIG and level the playing field in time for Libertarians and Independents to be elected in 2020, not only will he win in the Mother of All Landslides himself, but the Democratic Party will be destroyed once and for all.

He may not be impeached – over ten Democrats in the House whose Districts love Trump now realize they could lose re-election in 2020 if they vote for impeachment. Even if he is impeached, the Senate proceedings will further undermine the Democratic Party and never lead to conviction.

More troubling is a recent attempt to poison President Trump and put Mike Pence in power. Thankfully this failed – Pence is a lazy hypocrite and Zionist tool known to have stabbed our President in the back with major donors.  He should be dismissed in favor of Dr. Cynthia McKinney as a unity vice president. It is even possible the British were parties to the recent poisoning, which appeared to be rooted in the use of polonium, the same poison used in the British false flag assassination of long-forgiven Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko.

There are for me three uncertainties going forward into 2020.

The first is the President himself.  He does not have a great team of campaign strategists and communicators, he is carrying the entire campaign on his own shoulders.  He has no surrogates of note for reaching out to blacks, Latinos, students in debt, elderly in debt, and suburban as well as rural women who do not in any way identify with #UnwantedIvanka. I believe in our President and I believe he can do fourteen different things in the months leading up to Election Day.  I do not think he will take on the Zionists – including 9/11 disclosure and Epstein disclosure – until after re-election but I want to make a critical observation: Zionist money is now out of favor, and Jewish voters are now liberated from Zionist command – Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of Israeli settlements is the truth-teller on this point. She is saying she does not want nor need Zionist money, and is confident of receiving Jewish votes regardless of how Zionist Israel might wish to oppose her advancement.

The second is Michael Bloomberg.  If Bloomberg were to follow my playback at the same time that the President refuses to entertain a black female vice president, #UNRIG, and a unity Cabinet of real people instead of fellow billionaires, Bloomberg can buy the election with ease.  A Bloomberg-Gabbard ticket would be competitive, but President Trump should destroy both of them if he is at his best.  A Bloomberg-McKinney ticket would be harder to beat – but McKinney favors President Trump, so it is a real frustration to me that those who “guard” the President are keeping him from talking to her by lying to our President about her – they will do anything to keep him from having an authentic female colored vice president respected by blacks, women, and progressives across the USA.

Third and last is the Libertarian Party. I consider their leadership myopic and self-destructive and have had this discussion with John McAfee, their most prominent candidate for the presidential nomination. Because the Libertarian Party is the only party that is capable of getting their candidate on every one of the fifty state ballots, it is the only party remotely capable of winning against the two-party tyranny that rigs the system to shut out 70% of the voters. Sadly, my efforts to get the Libertarians to embrace #UNRIG, create a unity ticket with the Greens, and announce a coalition cabinet and balanced budget have failed. They could still surprise me – a Jesse Ventura – Cynthia McKinney Libertarian ticket would change the dynamics of the election and force Trump to make concessions or guarantee a victory for Bloomberg.

On balance, I believe that President Trump will triumph, not only in re-election, but in what he does in his second term. I have listed fourteen things that I think he is already doing or that I would like to see him doing, and that list has proven quite popular, both as a video and as an online post.

VIDEO: Former CIA Spy Talks Debt Jubilee, Arrests, Free Energy, Global Currency Reset | Robert David Steele

POST: Robert Steele: Q Anon What Next? Marshall Masters on The Drip, The Filth, & The Noose — Salute to Sidney Powell, Comment on Epstein Case, List of 14 Presidential Initiatives UPDATE: Video & Related Links

Robert Steele: Peace in the Middle East by 2024?

It has been a pleasure as well as an honor for me to be published by Tehran Times and the American Herald Tribune as well as the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC).

Peace in the Middle East by 2023? Tehran Times, 30 October 2019

I was discussing my views on Middle East peace with Dr. Andrey Kortunov (Director General of RIAC), and three observations emerged from that conversation: his view that the Russians have tried everything they could to facilitate peace in the Middle East, and are at a loss for what else they might do without hurting President Donald Trump in passing; and my view that on the one hand, President Trump has such a mediocre intelligence community, such a mediocre communications staff, and such a hostile media environment totally controlled by the Deep State, that he has lost the narrative battle in the USA; and on the other, my long-standing concern that the Iranian, Turkish, and Egyptian leaders are being too cautious – too slow to see that peace in the Middle East is possible by 2024, starting with the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians.

What Is the Challenge?

I created the above collage to illuminate several points that I do not believe are appreciated in either the USA or the Middle East.

01 Free energy and unlimited desalinated water are the cultural, economic, and political game changer. In the context of free energy not only does the Saudi regime lose all of its illicit financial advantage, at the same time that nuclear energy becomes too costly – too dangerous – to warrant further consideration by the Iranian regime; but this sets the stage for shared prosperity that will facilitate co-existence among the Sunni and Shi’ite populations.

02 Wahhabism is a scourge that must be purged.  This is not negotiable. At the same time, Qatar should understand that it can be invaded and its “leaders” hung to die on any given day. If Qatar does not cease to sponsor terrorism and agitation, it should join the Saudi leadership in Hades.

03 Palestine must be restored to the Palestinians.  This also is not negotiable. Israel is an invented state and Zionism is a criminal, genocidal, apartheid cancer on humanity (not to be confused with Jews, most of whom do not want Israel to exist and most of whom reject Zionism and its evils).

04 It is clear to me that there has not been sufficient appreciation around the world – and in the USA – for the fact that there is a direct relationship between President Trump’s utterly brilliant award of the Medal of Freedom to Miriam Adelson; his master stroke of temporarily moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem; and Miriam Adelson destroying the Benjamin Netanyahu regime by publicly denouncing Netanyahu’s wife as crazy and Netanyahu himself as her servant. All of this led to Netanyahu’s not being able to form a government today.

05 Jerusalem and Mecca continue to demand some form of an international solution that disconnects as quickly as possible the Zionist regime and its armed personnel from Jerusalem, and the Saudi regime and its armed personnel from Mecca. In my view, the Vatican should lose its diplomatic status worldwide as part of the same international agreement. Countries may choose to be governed by religion, but religions may not assume the rights and privileges of countries.

06 Once the Zionists are dealt with, the Kurds become easier to deal with. The Kurds have been co-opted by the Zionists.  The Kurds have been armed, financed, trained, and directed by the Zionists to destabilize every country where they have a presence.  Turkey is absolutely correct to consider the Kurds a national security issue.  At the same time, the Kurds are absolutely correct to wish for their own country. Just as Palestine has a right to exist, so also do the Kurds have a right to exist, but only in peace.

07 The USA can best help achieve Middle East peace by reducing the size of its secret intelligence community by up to 70%; by closing all US military bases in the region; and by terminating all financial support for the invented illegitimate state of Israel.

Obstacles to Progress on Peace in the Middle East

The US public remains the center of gravity for terminating the Zionist cancer and restoring Palestine, while Turkey remains the center of gravity for accepting the inevitability of a Kurdish country, perhaps one that begins as a unified Kurdish Autonomous Zone that is – if not disarmed, at least on probation such that any armed incidents and particularly any armed incursions outside the Zone during the ten year probation period will nullify and terminate the international acceptance of a potential Kurdish state.

Russia has three major problems centered on Israel, and most usefully, these problems are shared with the USA and potentially of concern to China.

01 A quarter of the population of Israel has roots in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which is to say, not just from Russia but from the “stans,” and many of them are militant and thus opposed to a Palestinian right of return that I personally consider not only essential, but something that should be funded by Europe.

02 Zionist leaders appear to be deeply connected to Russian criminal gangs and oligarchs as well as US criminal gangs and oligarchs (e.g. Lex Wexner, the man who funded the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia political and financial blackmail network).

03 Zionist operatives have captured the government of India and have penetrated virtually every other government worldwide. The only force more powerful and embedded than the Zionists is the Freemasons, with the Knights of Malta and Opus Day in the third position.

Russia has the same problem with its media that the US does, albeit from a different perspective.

The US media is treasonous – totally controlled by the Deep State via the CIA Covert Action Staff and the domestic arm of the National Clandestine Service (a domestic arm that is illegal and not supposed to exist) and incapable of telling the truth about anything including President Trump’s strategically brilliant and historically rooted decision to honor his campaign promise and get US troops out of Syria.

The Russian media, particularly Russian media in English (Russia Today, Sputnik, Strategic Culture) is simply incompetent. They may mean well, but between Washington bureau chiefs that do not even show up for work, and poorly-educated apparatchiks that have no idea what it means to educate the public holistically, Russian communications to the USA are just as bad as the mediocre communications of the staffs that continue to fail President Trump: the WH staff, the GOP staff, the campaign staff.

China appears to be displaying great caution with respect to Israel, a caution I attribute to three factors:

01 China is busy taking over Israeli ports and have their own considerable agenda for the future there; despite its investment in a Jewish Autonomous Zone adjacent to the Russian Jewish Autonomous Oblast, China may not be ready to discuss with the Zionist leadership their need to evacuate elsewhere.

02 China may not yet appreciate that Zionism is over in the USA and soon will be over in the Middle East – China should note that when Elizabeth Warren attacks Israel over the settlements, she is saying two things: first, that she does not need Zionist money, and second, that all the Jewish votes are hers for the taking because they are anti-Zionist and anti-war.

03 Because of the above, China may not realize that the best possible course it might take on the Middle East is to agree to a state visit to Iran within the next year, by all three of the global leaders (Xi, Putin, Trump), because this gives our President “cover for action” in visiting privately with the Supreme Leader as well as publicly with the others. Just as China made possible the unification and denuclearization of the Koreas, so also can China have a salutary effect in advancing what I consider to be inevitable: peace in the Middle East rooted in the restoration of Palestine, the end of Wahhabism, and reconciliation between Sunnis and Shi’ites as well as the creation of a peace-loving Kurdistan.

We have a public education problem. This is a problem common to the leaders of China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Russia, Syria, Turkey, and the USA!

Questionable Assumptions?

There are those in the West who question the assumption that Israel can be uninvented, and those in the East who forcefully challenge the possibility of a Kurdish state being put together from bits and pieces of four other long-standing states (Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq).

Let’s take the easy one first, the invented state of Israel. Here I will just point to Shlomo Sand’s book, The Invention of the Land of Israel, a book that totally destroys the nationalist mythology and documents how Israel’s theft of Palestine was in fact based on bribery and blackmail and lies; and Henry Kissinger, who for all his flaws understood history: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” That was in 2002. Add to that the historical forces that overturned apartheid in South Africa and the fact of vastly more concentrated and neo-Nazi apartheid and genocide including ghetto walls that would make a Nazi proud – combined with the resistance of the Palestinians and the ethical and practical inclinations of all the surrounding countries that see Zionist Israel as the source of most evil in the region (the Saudis and Qatar running a poor second and third) and I have to conclude, Yalla Yalla bye-bye Zionist Israel?

The Kurds are a bit harder but none the less probable.  There are 5,000 secessionist movements around the world, 27 in the USA alone, with Catalan being the most current and most violent. It is in my view inevitable that Catalan will at a minimum achieve a fully autonomous status, and it is also my view that some form of Kurdistan is inevitable, particularly if Iran and Iraq take the lead in offering to cede land to a provisional state of Kurdistan with a ten year “peace probation.” Turkey must decide if ceding a portion of land is a good deal against the certainty of decades of violence and cultural confrontation going into the future. Among the many books that support my view on this point are Vaclav Havel’s Power of the Powerless, and Jonathan Schell’s Unconquerable World.

Let’s go two steps further and add two more questionable assumptions. First, that extraterrestrials have neutralized nuclear weapons, as I said here in Tehran Times in my interview with Javad Heirannia, “Full Disclosure: Extraterrestrials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State?;” and second, that free energy will become a global good, which in turn enables unlimited desalinated water at the same time that it negates the risk and cost of nuclear energy – this creates infinite wealth that makes possible infinite peace.

I believe – and several others vastly more intelligent than I also believe – that in 2012 we began a 1,000 year period of peace and prosperity and that in the next ten years we will see more positive change than others have seen in the past two hundred years.  If airplanes went from a hundred meter flight in 1903 to a supersonic Concord in 1976, and if we are about to experience, as I believe a period of “full disclosure” of previously secret technologies including anti-aging as well as free energy, then I am predicting that we will see, in the next twenty-five years, both a mass awakening and elevation of consciousness and intelligence within humanity; and the public revelation of a previously secret inter-galactic trading network reserved for the 1%, now available for the benefit of all.

It is not for me to say, “and so this will be,” but rather for the leaders of the Middle East, in consultation with Xi, Putin, and Trump, to say, “this is how we wish it to be.”

Do We Need a Middle East Peace Command Based in Istanbul?

From where I sit, the creation of a Middle East Peace Command, based in Istanbul, jointly funded by China, Russia, and the USA, and jointly staffed with leadership elements from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey, is the logical next step. Kurdish and Palestinian leadership elements should be welcomed, along with religious leaders including the former Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

Such a Command, with the traditional administrative, intelligence, operations, and logistics structure, could bring together in one place both the existing and new negotiations teams, and for the first time ever, a shared grip on the facts, the true costs, and the possibilities.

No one has ever done this. A Command capable of integrating and leveraging holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). A Command capable of calling out US media outlets, in particular, that are controlled by the Zionists and lying to the American public. A Command capable of providing each of the leaders – both regional (who have primacy) and global (who are in a supporting role) with total access to all relevant facts, costs, and possibilities, information that can be easily shared with the public, the media, and leaders everywhere, because it will be open source information, not secret information.

Intelligence-driven peace?  Intelligence with integrity and imagination for peace?  Yes, please.

* Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions form the Tehran Times.