Utsava 1-19-21… “Tomorrow’s ‘Inauguration’ – New video Preview – What now? What do we know?”

Just received an email update from Utsava. The full article is available to those who subscribe to her Buymeacoffee page, however, I felt it would be helpful for many to share a few excerpts from this. She’ll likely have a video out about this soon.

Her information resonates with me. That’s all I will add. See how it resonates with you.

Tomorrow’s ‘Inauguration’-New video Preview-What now? What do we know?

“I have received the information that Biden will NOT be inaugurated and that he will not be president. What if the (fake) news media shows a so-called (virtual) inauguration?… There could be people there. Well, the military is occupying the Capital.

“Joe M has confirmed what I said; that Biden will not be inaugurated and he will not be president.

“The stock market will temporarily crash in part due to the reset but the stock market will go up after that… Bitcoin/cryptos will be crashed to Zero. NOTHING… the cryptos… are not gold backed.

“Our system is ending, a new system is coming. This is why we will have a new election in spring. The Fake news is going down. The election was a charade in order to expose voter fraud and arrest/finish off the rest of the criminal public officials.

“EBS: Have enough food at home for ten days. Talk is about an eight-hour video that will be played three times a day for up to ten days. You might not be able to leave your home. The videos will show the confessions of the government criminals and tribunals.”


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Rumble video channel (officialutsava).

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Articles/Posts/Links of possible interest, 1-19-21

There’s so much info being placed out there. I’m not going to go into all (any?) of it. But these articles, posts, links, may be interesting and give “Guidance” to a few. Lots of surprises here!








FINAL CORRECTED VERSION!… David Wilcock 1-17-21… “David Wilcock LIVE, 1/17: ‘Prophecy, Peril and Peace’”

Here is the new version of the presentation from 1-17-21 (related Kp blog post), a video now with greatly improved audio, synced properly with the visuals, and all of the content (about 50 minutes was missing). Also, additional graphics are added. I have not viewed it yet, but I’m sure it is much higher quality than the livestream (although some may miss the continual livestream buffering, I’m sure!).

[Kp note: in case this gets “removed” from YouTube, I’ve downloaded these for safe keeping. Here are links to: Audio mp3 (103 MB); Visual MP4 (590 MB; 360p)]

David’s notes are below the video.

Also, I’d suggest reading the Tweet and accompanying thread he posted on January 14.


“Are we on the verge of civilization-defining events? David integrates vast bodies of data to arrive at very compelling suggestions of a positive future.
Stay connected to David if this channel goes down, sign in here: http://dwilcock.com/
Everything we have been reporting on for the last thirteen years is coming to a head right now. If you can’t see this, you are definitely not paying attention!
In the midst of profound uncertainty, David uncovered prophetic readings from August-September 2019 that provide astonishing “time-looped” clues to our present, as well as hints of a much brighter future.
Never one to shy from controversy, David brings you a very hopeful message from an unexpected source. Don’t miss it!

The original livestream was critically damaged despite using a very low bandwidth that had worked fine in all previous tests. We lost about 50, five-zero, minutes of actual content from this.
This is the final, corrected version, with fixes to audio sync and certain additional graphics added.

Discernment – Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee’s latest Blog Post

Time Shift Blog


To improve clarity and inner peace in a largely dysfunctional world, we will be required to develop our personal Discernment in order to assess conditions more accurately. This may require attitudinal behavior guidelines, such as clearing negative ego behaviors and practicing holding observer awareness. Observer awareness helps us to overcome the insanity of the Archontic Deception Behaviors and their anti-life forces which abuse its mechanism throughout the death culture. In a time of intensified psychological warfare, propaganda and disinformation being circulated in the outer world, it becomes a critical survival tool to comprehend the importance of personal discernment and truth seeking. Strong discernment comes while finding inner connection to our core self through a regular spiritual practice, and utilizing our higher intuitive senses by paying attention to the energetic subtleties in a situation.

Most people may not realize that powerful skills of discernment are actually not based in the intellectual areas of the mind, but are anchored in a solid spiritual core that calls upon the intuitive ability of higher sensory perception. Cellular Knowing is connected to strong discernment skills and is the result of soul integration and spiritual body functioning. When we are disconnected from our heart, soul and spirit, if we suffer from a lack of inner coherence or emotional fracturing, we will have very poor discernment. From this state of perceiving the reality with the ego mind, our attempts to find discernment will easily falter into ego judgements.  Discernment and making judgments are not the same thing, yet the subtleties that exist between the two states are easily confused by most people. Discernment for the dedicated spiritual seeker is one that devotes themselves to the pursuit of truth above personal comfort, which is actually the nature of true and accurate discernment. It is impossible to gain strong discernment from the limitations of the three levels of ego, strong discernment is actually sourced directly from spiritual embodiment and higher consciousness levels.

The ego mind tends to confuse discernment with wishful thinking or confirmation bias, these are ego defense mechanisms from the subconscious that are designed to make yourself feel better about what you already have developed as a personal belief system. We all have formed some kind of belief system to make sense of the outer reality we live in and experience. Discernment includes a long process of developing insight from life’s experiences and observations made in truth seeking, while integrating and verifying that knowledge within your heart’s core resonances. Every individual must be willing to seek and know the truth, even if it’s emotionally painful. Discernment requires that we must let go of an obsolete or inaccurate belief system that we have, when we first awaken to the realization that it was not accurate. This means as we seek truth and discernment in situations, we have to be willing to be wrong and learn what needs to be done to change our beliefs, so that we can be more aligned in truth.

Finding strong discernment may also take you on a quest of investigate inquiry, while you go back in time to understand how you developed inaccurate assessments of the world that led to self-deception. What beliefs or perceptions did you inherit from family, friends and colleagues who influenced you along the way? As you seek truth and answers you learn what is more accurate in this moment of self, finding an overall understanding of the entire process of consciousness growth and learning.

The closer we are in accessing true knowledge that is accurate in the moment, the more truth one can accumulate into conscious awareness. This helps us to better understand the past, master energies in the present, and this aligns us to our higher potentials to actualize our spiritual purpose in the future. Belief in outer deceptions superimpose self-deceptions upon our ego mind, we cannot know ourselves accurately through our inner truth and core self, until we remove or correct the outer deceptions that cloud our belief systems because they are inaccurate. Deceptions are untruths, it does not matter if another believes it to be true, that does not make it true.

When connected to our inner spirit, our spirit will always guide us towards understanding more truth. Over time, we gather this truth through our life experiences and verify it through our heart resonance in order to accumulate more knowledge and wisdom. Strong and accurate discernment occurs when bringing the outer experience or situation close to our heart resonance, and when we are spiritually connected, our heart resonance will give us impressions that are resonating with clear vibrations of coherence, or discordant with vibrations of disconnection. Truth holds coherent vibrations which align to the natural ease of flow, while deceptions are incoherent vibrations which can feel like a struggle or chaotic. These forces can be more easily discerned by those dedicated to truth or devoted spiritual seekers.  In our community, discernment exercises are built with the use of the 12D shield in a process called boundary testing. We test the resonance of exposures to a range of frequencies given off by people, places or things, in comparison to the Christos truth spirits. We feel this exposure to the Christos frequencies with our heart-brain and we gain intuitive impressions, energy signatures, and this brings a lot of information for us to discern in its quality of energy.

The challenge is knowing that many perpetual liars tell the truth sometimes, and then our process of gaining discernment in the situation gets even more complex, there is no black and white, the deception has multidimensional depth in conveying messages. Sometimes we ask questions in those complexities to gain clarity for our personal decision-making process. What is the motivation to deceive others? What is the perception which led to the belief system to deceive others? What actions have been taken based upon that motivation and belief system, that caused them to be liars in the first place? Some people actually lie and deceive and have no idea they are lying, because they just repeat what they learned from others without inquiring if that information is actually true. This defines a person without developed self-awareness, that is relegated to the subconscious impulses and controlled by base desires. This profile of a person has no inner discernment.

Deception as an energy when discerning something never feels good or positive to a developed truther or spiritual seeker, the deception itself will register inside our body and feel negative and oppressive, manipulative, incoherent and not aligned to the natural flow. This is the inner gut telling you that something that does not feel right here, maybe there is something going on that is not good for me – pay attention! The caveat is those with addictive personality problems who gain pleasure from deceptions because they reinforce their egoic belief systems, and they have been conditioned to accept lies as feel-good energies. This happens with many addicts, they are addicted to the stimulus which can be actually very harmful to them, but they perceive it as very positive and pleasurable. Many people have been mind controlled to accept deceptions as the truth, and would rather listen to pleasant lies than know the ugly truth.

The key for discernment is learning how to shift out of ego belief systems and just hold observer awareness, deeply focusing upon something just as it is, without any judgement of good or bad. There is no emotional attachment to what you are focusing upon, as you take in subtle impressions and allow it to be just as it is, while feeling energy signatures in your body, without using intellectual reason. Through developed observer, one can more clearly see things as they are, not as the controlled narrative reports it to be.

Remember that fear will cloud our discernment. When we’re feeling fear in our body, it confuses our brain and neurological messaging which scrambles our inner spiritual compass. When we feel lost and confused and spun out in fear, we’ve lost center, and we’ve lost our inner directional compass. All of us have an inner compass that is our spiritual guidance system. It will lead us to safety and it will make the best choice for us at all times – if we can indeed listen to it.

We’ll close with the relationship mastery guideline briefly describing the nature of Discernment.

Without using ego judgment, test the personal resonance of people, events and circumstances that you choose to engage with or exchange with, determining which is either aligned to your personal resonance or not aligned to your personal resonance, in that moment. There is no right or wrong answer, only personal resonance and choice. That answer may change continually in different timelines moving forward, depending on when you ask the question and what powers of discernment are being cultivated. Learning personal discernment builds our necessary boundaries to discover what is productive and supportive for fulfilling our spiritual path or not. Strong discernment allows for continual productive growth and for the effective use of our personal energies and focused attention. By upholding our personal boundaries and applying discernment towards all things that we focus our energy and our attention upon, we are more effectively managing our consciousness and life force.

Blessings to All,


David Wilcock Tweets from 1-14-21… “Something is coming… The changes are coming… It will be beautiful”

I’m posting the Tweets, separately, below the texts from each. These are related to this prior post about the LIVE broadcast tonight (7PM CST, 3PM HST, 0100 UTC).

“Something is coming: a sequence of events that will be utterly mind-blowing to you, fueling conspiracy theories at large, awakening great anger in the populace, but also redefining the nature of what it means to be human and where we are going as a civilization.” – 10/3/19

“So fear not. The changes are coming, and they will come. It will be beautiful – quite exceptional, in fact, and worthy of a detailed study on your website when the time comes.” – Wilcock Reading 10/3/19

“Excerpt from 25 pages of readings I pulled through during my last Canada vacation. ALL will be shared this weekend!”





David Wilcock 1-17-21… “David Wilcock LIVE, 1/17: ‘Prophecy, Peril and Peace’” (7PM CST, 0100 UTC)

Just saw this, and wanted to get it out now. David’s video notes are below.

[Kp note: I’ve changed the thumbnail image, as I felt the Divine Feminine wanted to also be represented.]

“Everything we have been reporting on for the last thirteen years is coming to a head right now. If you can’t see this, you are definitely not paying attention!

“In the midst of profound uncertainty, David uncovered prophetic readings from August-September 2019 that provide astonishing “time-looped” clues to our present, as well as hints of a much brighter future.

“Never one to shy from controversy, David brings you a very hopeful message from an unexpected source. Don’t miss it!

Also, I’d suggest reading the Tweet and accompanying thread he posted on January 14.


(via) Jen McCarty VIDEO 1-16-21… “‘New America’, with Jen McCarty Magenta Pixie and Nina Starsong”

I viewed / listened to this (on both sides of a wonderful “snow walk”), and found much information, as well as possible timelines “playing out”, as well as how each of us may have a role in manifesting a Higher Vibrational “New America”, “New Earth”, via our collective thought. If one wishes to listen to a shorter section, I’d suggest the last 20 minutes.

This was (eventually) found on Rumble, via Jen McCarty’s Rumble page, via Magenta Pixie’s YouTube video.

We cover so many topics in this video from the new social media platforms to America being the capital of the new Earth to DJ T being king of the new Earth and what it means to be a global patriot one of the best videos I’ve ever taken part in.

As I’ve mentioned before, if watching on computer, iPhone or Android devices, I usually speed up the video and listen at 1.5-2.0 speed… as a “time saving” convenience (click the gear at bottom right, and click “Playback Speed”).


Blessed to Teach 1-11-21 VIDEO… “Gene Decode – Insurrection Act Update!”

This Gene decode, from 1-11-21, has information that may also have been covered in this 1-12-21 decode. A couple of “stand out” points from this one:

– During a lockdown, military will be here to take care of those with needs (heat, water, etc.).
– US is insulated.
– The Alliance is serving God.


Link to download saved video (MP4, 140 MB)

Utsava, Flatten the Curve VIDEO 1-15-21… “The truth about ‘B—-‘s Inauguration’ – NEW ELECTION – NESARA – Military Arrests – DISINFO CHANNELS-BTC”

This just came out. Much information here. Suggest to always use discernment with any data coming out right now.

One can support her by joining her membership group via Buymeacoffee.com/utsava. And can receive email updates via that platform as well.

She also started a Rumble video channel (officialutsava).

(Rumble video link)

Utsava’s new YouTube channel: Flatten the Curve

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Rumble video channel (officialutsava).

Notes about this video (sent via Utsava, earlier today, from her Buymeacoffee subscription email):

Good Morning,

below are the highlights of my new video. I have received some more prophetic

There is disinfo going around of people who falsely claim that Joe Biden would
be inaugurated and become president-This won’t happen!

There will be a new election-confirmed.

After the military arrests there will be the reset and gold standards.

We will have a new system. This new system, also called Nesara or Trumpsara, is
all about justice, equality of rich-poor, no more poverty, no more hunger,
peace, tranquillity, living with nature, natural remedies, living in harmony
with animals, a native indian way, Celebration of life, treating others well etc.

We have had blackouts in Pakistan, Ecuador, the Vatican, Iran, Texas, the West
coast, and Germany. The White hats have been responsible for this since they
have been arresting high-level officials.

Trump has been laying low since the military took over. He intentionally keeps
things casual and does not say so much so that the enemy cannot frame him with
something like ‘election interference’ or anything like that.

Nancy Pelosi is no longer speaker of the house. She also was supposed to go to a
certain event and was not able to go since she has been arrested. Please don’t
listen to disinfo channels saying that she got away. She did not get away and
out there might be a double.

It is also disinfo that the Pope was arrested. The Pope has been executed around
may 2020. Out there has been a hologram. His allies have been arrested, the
other day, at the Vatican.