Full Moon In Gemini: Expanding The Way We Think

We are having a Full Moon in Gemini on November 22nd or 23rd, depending on where you are located in the world. This marks the peak of the Lunar Cycle that began on November 7th with a New Moon in Scorpio. The energies of a Full Moon gradually build up earlier in the Moon cycle and become more noticeable on the day of and days surrounding it. It is also a part of the backdrop of the other astrological energies over the following 2 weeks.

At every Full Moon we feel a push-pull between the two opposite signs where the Sun and Moon are located, this case being Gemini and Sagittarius. The Sun has just entered Sagittarius, just under a day prior to peak of the Full Moon and will be there for the coming month.  The rulers of Gemini and Sagittarius, which are Mercury and Jupiter, are also in Sagittarius with Mercury in its retrograde phase.

All of these factors really amplify the Sagittarian themes playing out at this time as well changes and shifts connected to the energy of this sign. Sagittarius is the sign of expanding horizons which can be done through travel, education, exploration, and experience. It is about perspectives, beliefs, religion, philosophy, idealism, and optimism.

Sagittarius is the teacher, visionary and is ‘big picture’ oriented. It also rules things like marketing, sales, publishing, and media. As a fire sign, it is passionate and instinctual. Expressed negatively, it can be judgemental, excessive, blunt, egotistical, argumentative, preachy, unrealistic, and have a ‘know-it-all’ complex.

The Full Moon brings in the energies of the opposite sign Gemini into the equation. It rules over communication, articulation, and writing. Gemini is a clever sign with a trickster energy. It has multiple personalities and different sides. As an Air sign, it is more mentally and socially oriented. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is curious and loves consuming different types of information.

It is strongly oriented around communication as well as moving around and not staying in one spot.  It gets bored easily if it isn’t doing any of this and if variety is lacking. Gemini also rules the local and immediate environment, as well as commuting. The negative qualities of Gemini include superficiality, gossip, and being two faced. Like Sagittarius, it can also be scattered and lack focus.

This Full Moon brings up both challenges or potential integration of the energies of both these signs. Some examples of this energy could manifest as challenges/integrations between facts and ideas, student and teacher, or between local and international matters. However, any of the other themes and qualities mentioned can also play a factor as well.

Full Moon In Aspect With Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury

This Full Moon is in a square with Mars in Pisces, forming a T-square when we factor in the Sun and Mercury. This can make this Full Moon more lively and action-packed, however, this can also reflect potential conflict, competitiveness, or clashing. It may be between different ideas and viewpoints or perhaps connected to other themes relative to Gemini and Sagittarius.

Mars is in Pisces is a sign that shares similar themes to Sagittarius in which they are both idealistic and driven by faith. However, it is a less driven sign for Mars to express itself in. Some of this energy is strong from November 25th-26th.

The Sun is moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter with the Full Moon triggering an opposition to it. This emphasizes many of the themes mentioned, but combined with the square to Mars, we can easily overextend ourselves, however, it can also indicate applying ourselves towards something that is expansive in some way.

Mars is also in a sextile with Saturn in Capricorn which is strongest from November 27th to 28th, a period in which I cover more in detail below. This energy is not as strong as some of the other things mentioned, however, it can bring some stability or focus in how we apply ourselves, as well developments around responsibilities, commitments, or even career.

Mercury Approaching Inferior Conjunction With Jupiter in The Mix

At the halfway point of every Mercury Retrograde, Mercury is aligned with the Sun in what is known as the ‘inferior conjunction’. This is a period that can be a very insightful time, it occurs on November 26th-27th, but the days surrounding it can also have similar energy. However, common Mercury Retrograde problems and complications can also be very strong, depending on what you are doing and how this retrograde connects to your personal astrology chart.

It’s good to pay extra attention to what comes up in your life, conversations you have, as well any intuitions, information, or any other signs/messages from the universe that feel important for you at this time. New ideas and thoughts can be seeded which could play a role as to how certain things develop over the coming months, and in some cases, they can have long-term significance. Keep in mind that Mercury will still be retrograde until December 6th/7th, and in the period after that, developments connected to this retrograde will get clearer.

The Sun and Mercury will both be in a conjunction with Jupiter as well,  in a period lasting from November 25th-28th when the above mentioned ‘inferior conjunction’ is occuring. This can manifest as developments that can be expansive, fortunate, lucky, or perhaps connected to some of the Sagittarius themes mentioned. We may learn something significant at this time, expand our minds, or perhaps have stimulating conversations with others.

Venus In Post Retrograde Opposing Uranus and Square Lunar Nodes

Venus ended its retrograde recently on November 16th and we are still in what is called the ‘post retrograde shadow period’.  The developments that have occurred over the last few months regarding Venus themes have set the stage for how things move forward in the coming month.

During the Full Moon, Venus will be in ‘antiscia’ with Mars, which is when two planets are the same distance from the beginning of Cancer or Capricorn. This combined with the fact that Venus is picking up speed after being retrograde could reflect forward developments around Venus matters.

Venus is moving towards a square with the Lunar Nodes and a final opposition to Uranus which peaks from November 27th-December 2nd. At that time, we can expect to see further changes, shifts, or perhaps turning points around Venus ruled areas such as love, social lives, values, pleasures, or money in some cases. This energy can also be disruptive to anything that needs to change or be released and ultimately could finalize something that has already been playing out in recent weeks or months.

Things To Consider

Has anything come up for you recently connected to your beliefs, perspectives, travel, education, or media/marketing? What do you need to revise or change? Keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde until December 6th/7th and we might still lack clarity around these issues until after then.

Do you need to pay more attention to certain facts or details in order to fulfill your aspirations? Are you being called to learn something you have overlooked in the past or put on the ‘back burner’? Has anything major changed around Venus issues over the last 6 weeks? If so, how do you now need to approach that part of your life?

These are just some examples of themes that could come up during this period, however, there may be other variations of this energy playing out as well.  If you wish to do any sort of intentional release connected to what has come up at this Full Moon, it is best to do so anytime over the two weeks following, when it is waning. The exact moment of this Full Moon is on October 23rd at 5:39am Universal Time. You can click here for your time zone.

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