New Moon In Virgo: Breakthroughs & Innovation

We are having a New Moon in Virgo on September 6th in the Americas and on September 7th elsewhere. This is initiating a 29.5 day lunar cycle and new wave of energy for the coming month; however, the astrological configurations mentioned throughout this article will be more prominent over the following two weeks. This Lunar Cycle peaks with a Full Moon in Pisces on September 20th/21st.

We have been in Virgo season since August 22nd/23rd,  however, this New Moon will activate its energies even more so. Virgo is associated with productivity, duties, health, cleanliness, and purity. It is organized, adaptable, conscientious, skillful, orderly, punctual, diligent, efficient, discerning, precise, and practical. It is also associated with pets.

Being an Earth sign that is ruled by Mercury, Virgo is analytical and detail oriented when it comes to handling aspects of the physical world. It is about problem solving, adjusting to changing conditions, and coming up with solutions. There is an emphasis around service and helping others. Negatively, this energy can be cynical, fussy, high strung, and perfectionistic. It can also be too mentally oriented and overly critical.

New Moon In A Tight Trine With Uranus

This New Moon is in a nearly exact trine with Uranus in Taurus.This is very strong in the sixteen hours leading up to the lunation and in the nine to ten hours afterwards, however, it will still have an influence over the following two weeks.

This can be good for changing things up and taking new approaches to things. We may experience positive surprises/shifts, make discoveries, receive beneficial insights, or be creatively inspired. This energy can be exciting, stimulating, liberating, innovative, inventive, revolutionary, and is supportive of originality.

Developments or approaches that involve technology, science, metaphysics, or astrology can also play out. Considering that this is a New Moon in Virgo, this is good for doing any sort of work or efforts that can have a freeing effect such as getting things done that have been weighing us down or obstructing us in some way. This can also be good for re-arranging, organizing, renovating, or getting rid of things to clear space and energy.

Mars Trine Pluto & Quincunx Jupiter, Venus Aligned With Spica & Trine Jupiter

At the time of this New Moon and in the day leading up to it, Mars in Virgo is in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn which are also in wide orb aspects with this lunation. This is great for asserting ourselves in a powerful, determined, and focused way. Our actions now can be empowering, purging, penetrating, or help to facilitate positive changes. This can also be a time of heightened sexual desire.

Also during this same period, Venus is aligned with the star Spica while in a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This can be a fortunate, expansive, optimistic, and/or meaningful time when it comes to friends, our social life, art, aesthetics, or matters of love. In some cases this can also play out as financial or material benefits.

Indulging, having fun, affection, and overall happiness is easier to be had under this influence. This can also play out as learning or sharing perspectives in a friendly and sociable way. This energy can also be good for efforts involving graphic design or marketing/media of nice things.

Venus was also in a square with Pluto in the days leading up to the New Moon which may have also brought some intense feelings/interactions, jealousy, or power struggles. However, this can be mitigated by the Jupiter influence, and is finished by the time this New Moon begins.

During this same period, Mars is also in a quincunx with Jupiter in Aquarius and in aversion with the Venus trine Jupiter aspect. Our assertiveness, drive, and actions may be alienated from, or harder to integrate with, the fun, social, indulging, and affectionate expressions of the Venus-Jupiter configuration.

Mercury Entering Pre-Retrograde Shadow, Aligned With Vindemiatrix & Opposite Chiron

In the hours leading up to this New Moon, Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) will enter its pre-retrograde shadow period for the retrograde that begins on September 26th/27th in Libra. Over the following three weeks, and somewhat since Mercury entered Libra on August 30th, certain things that occur or begin will go through (or contribute to) a process of adjustment, assessment, insights, or shifts from September 27th until late October.

The themes of this upcoming retrograde will involve relationships, social dynamics, diplomacy, partnerships, aesthetics, art, cooperation, creativity, or pertaining to seeking balance, fairness, peace, and harmony. However, other manifestations of this process also depend on how it is configured to your natal chart.

During these weeks leading up to September 27th, Mercury will be gradually slowing down and the complications that Mercury retrograde is known for can become more apparent before it actually begins. I will be putting out more content on this, join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it.

Mercury is aligned with the fixed star Vindemiatrix which is where it will return to when the retrograde ends and transitions forward. Vindemiatrix is a malefic star traditionally known as the ‘Widow Maker’ and is also associated with nervous irritability when combined with Mercury.

According to astrologer Dr. Eric Morse, this star ‘figures strongly and regularly in deaths which are in some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented much more than the usual degree’. In my own observation I have also found that this star is associated with malicious injections and is prominent in the natal astrology chart of William Gates III.

I would imagine that during this upcoming retrograde and potentially in the pre-retrograde shadow period, these themes can play out more so on a collective level and we may see stories pertaining to these things throughout different media outlets, whether it be mainstream or alternative.

Mercury is also opposing Chiron at the time of this New Moon and over the following few days. It will return to this opposition when the retrograde ends and therefore this configuration will be part of its themes. Communications, interactions, or thoughts may trigger wounds, pain, blockages, or be reflective of negative patterns. As a result, misunderstandings may also occur.

Self-doubt and perceived inadequacies may be on our mind and can obstruct our perception. However, what happens at this time can ultimately be a catalyst for healing, but this would be more likely to occur near the end of the retrograde.

New Moon & Sun Opposite Neptune, Trine Pluto

The second aspect that the Sun and Moon (New Moon) make after the trine to Uranus is an opposition to Neptune in Pisces which will be more prominent on September 13th/14th, but will build up from the 8th onward. For this period, we may feel/experience a lack of direction or confidence in how we apply our will, ego, or self-expression. We may have to contend with impracticality, confusion, carelessness, escapism, delusion, deception, or flaky behavior.

The third aspect of this New Moon is a trine to Pluto which will be strong from September 15th-17th by the Sun. This will be more welcoming after the Neptunian influence (mentioned in the above paragraph) as this can help us to be much more productive. We can be more focused, resourceful, strategic, realistic, or calculated to help us achieve what we set out to do.

This energy is good for digging into anything or getting to the bottom of things. It can also be beneficial for any sort of clearing or making positive changes. In some cases this can play out as financial benefits or related developments.

Making Intentions & Things To Consider

What areas of your life or spaces can be refreshed, organized, renovated, purged, or cleared? What new approaches can you take when it comes to your health, lifestyle, work, or for when it comes to managing your life and productivity? In what different ways can you be of service to others? Do you need to be more attentive to details? What resources can you capitalize on to help you achieve your goals? What can you do to feel more free and liberated? Is there anything that you’d like to experiment with?

These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time. However, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. The exact moment it will occur is 12:52am Universal Time on September 7th and the night of September 6th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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Full Moon Reading August 22

A gift to humanity

By Katharina Bless

Something that just “hit” me when I looked at that chart is the position of the sun, beside being on the MC, the degrees: 11°15’55” …. 111 555 and looking into numerology for a moment here, is giving an interesting information that resonates with the chart. The “angel number” 111 represents the divine within, the ability to manifest and spiritual awakening. This number is telling that we manifest now even faster and stronger what we think. We need to be aware and careful now with our thoughts and statements that say “I am…..” because it is the way how we are materializing. If you say for example “I am sick and tired of…” you manifest to be sick and tired. Let that sink in. Every “I am” statement is a order to manifest and make it that you are this. You are what you say that you are! Every statement that you reinforce that “it is so” receives this energy to manifest.

The 555 is a number that announces changes, be on the lookout for a miracle, a answer of prayers! A symbol of grace and kindness and angelic guidance. This is an indication that the changes are happening and signs out there are visible. More and more people start to wake up and change. Change their mind and behavior and at the same time start to connect more and more with their Divine Self. The number 5 is a representing Venus. Reinforced 3 times is very powerful and you can see that Venus is involved in the blue triangle: a great gift.

It includes Saturn and gifts involving Saturn are often not seen as a gift. But think about how many times in life something seeming bade ended it a very good thing? For example loosing a job finally brings the positive changes that one had not the courage to implement because of “it’s complicated….” and other reasons. Mostly that it is very difficult to break out of habit and all around you hold you back. They don’t want “different”! Different is dangerous!!ull Moon Reading 22 Aug 21

The Moon in Aquarius in conjunction with ret Jupiter in Capricorn at IC and the Sun in Leo, huge confrontation the very human being can’t avoid is very clearly visible. The soul was on a journey through the unclothed facts that help us to come closer to the truth. Retrograde Jupiter is not done yet with ripping the camouflage off things so we can see what really is going on.

The Sun in it’s own sign calls for you to understand that you are not a slave and not a plaything for a certain elite. With also Mercury and Mars in Leo, it is a loud call to open your eyes and see. The trine connecting ret Uranus is again a gift that most can’t see as a gift. But will will confront you and if you listen, you will have great insights and if you try to avoid it, the same insights might hit you in form of events.

With the six retrograde planets we have in the moment, it looks like there is even deeper digging and only that will bring results. After Jupiter is turning direct we’ll see more palpable results. But now a lot more people have started to dig and massive movements are building.

Like in Russia the “green passport” was only 3 weeks working. All restaurants had to ask for it, so all the restaurants were empty and the most astonishing thing: the ones with and without Quaxine were standing together! Here an image of a little “story” I received this morning and just translated it:

With the half square from Moon/Jupiter to ret Chiron in opposition to Venus in Virgo, one cusp of the blue triangle in 11th house indicates that the healing has has to do with the energy of Venus, the energy of love, compassion and also change, number 5. The North Node is telling us there is no way to stay where we are.

If I include the aspect to the South Node in this chart, the place of habit, it is quite interesting that humanity seems to be so used to sacrifices and being controlled, that those with not so strong willpower will not be able to out of this position. This is very clear if you look what is happening in the world.

The Triangle with the two sextile we call a “dragon” figure and it’s kind of a “reward” constellation that bring an opportunity of overcoming obstacles more easy. Now it is up to every one which road to go.

The Mars/Mercury opposition to ret Neptune indicates that often the split goes right through families and issues of miscommunications are more frequently. Accept that every one has already chosen the path and don’t need rescue… even if you might think so. But you have not “walked in their shoes”, therefore it not for any other person to decide!

The split is becoming more and more obvious and this forces us to become more tolerant and accept if someone choose another path. But it does not say that we have to go to rescue anybody! Each soul has already decided which way to go and we have to wait out the storm and be prepared.

Become the strong individual and proudly walk as a human being here, aware of the divine connection! Listen to your inspiration and intuition, use kinesiology and every thing you have at your disposal that helps you so see. It does look different for different people. But it all leads to the same goal!

Many blessings,

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For your convenience I list the degrees of the sign and dates when the sun enters the signs:

Aries: 25° / April 18; Taurus: 36° / May 13, Gemini: 28° / June 21; Cancer: 20° / July 20; Leo: 36° / Aug 10; Virgo: 44° / Sept 16; Libra: 23° / Oct 30; Scorpio: 25° / Nov 23; Sagittarius: 33° / Dec 17; Capricorn: 28° / Jan 20; Aquarius: 25° / Feb 16; Pisces: 37° / March 11

The dates of the transition of the sun are based on the guidelines of IAU (International Astronomical Union).

Full Moon In Aquarius: Expansion & Originality

We are having a second consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd. It will appear the brightest on the night of the 21st in the Americas and on the night of the 22nd in the time zones East of the UK. This is the peak of the Lunar cycle that began with a New Moon in Leo on August 8th. The energies of a Full Moon are strongest in the days surrounding it yet its astrological configurations also play a part over the following two weeks. You may start to see its themes slowly build up after the New Moon prior.

This is a period in which we feel a push-pull between two opposing signs, in this case being the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo. It can play out as either a conflict, an integration, or some sort of dynamic between the energies of both signs. The Moon reflects the expression of feeling and emotion while the Sun reflects the expression of ego and conscious self.

We may feel this opposition happening individually within us and/or we can also experience it play out around us; with some people (or circumstances) expressing the Aquarius side and others expressing the Leo side. In some cases, Full Moons can also reflect/trigger some sort of change or release.

This Full Moon happens with the Sun opposing the Moon right at the tail end of Leo and Aquarius, at the 29th degree, less than half a day before we begin Virgo season. The energies of a sign tend to be more heightened at these points. Also, with it being a 2nd consecutive Full Moon in the same sign, it is an ‘Astrological Blue Moon,’ which is something that occurs once every 3 years. This also amplifies the energies of this polarity of signs over an extended period.

Full Moon In Aquarius Opposite Sun In Leo

We have already been in Leo Season for about a month as the Sun will change signs shortly after this Full Moon. Leo is a passionate Fire sign. It is about our individual self-expression, what brings us joy, and inspiration.  It is associated with the heart, love, creativity, performing, fun, children, romance, hobbies, and leadership. Leo is about what makes us great as individuals and can be courageous and generous. Expressed negatively, Leo energy can also be egotistical, pompous, dramatic, and demanding of attention or respect.

Aquarius is an intellectual Air sign. It is associated with friends, groups, social networks, the team, and humanity. It views the unique and authentic qualities of an individual as an important and contributing factor to the collective. Aquarius is progressive, unconventional, innovative, technological, scientific, reforming, idealistic, and even revolutionary. Negatively, it can be aloof, overly objective, unrealistic, dispassionate, impersonal, and overly detached.

Full Moon Conjunct Jupiter & Going Into Pisces, Sun Conjunct Regulus & Going Into Virgo

This Full Moon is separating from a close conjunction with Jupiter. This brings an energy that is expansive, explorative, freedom seeking, and even idealistic when combined with the Aquarian energy. Themes around beliefs, perspectives, opinions, education, or media/marketing may come up. However, with it being a Full Moon (opposing the Sun), it can also be a time of conflicts around those things. Overextending and overestimating ourselves can also be prevalent.

The Sun is aligned with the royal star Regulus which is associated with power, authority, and influence. The opposition of this to the Aquarian Moon (with Jupiter) can play out as ideals of the ‘people/collective/groups vs. leaders/authority’ in some people’s experience of it.

The Moon will be entering Pisces forty minutes after the peak of the Full Moon while it is still full. At that time and in the days following, this can also bring an energy that is spiritual, empathic, compassionate, creative, mystical, imaginative, elusive, dreamy, or divinely inspired.

As mentioned earlier, the Sun will be entering Virgo less than a day after the Full Moon. Usually the shift from Leo to Virgo is one of the more obvious and noticeable transitions of signs as Leo is more fun and playful while Virgo is oriented around getting things done. In this case with it being so close to the Aquarian Full Moon, it will probably take three or more days to really notice the Virgo energy.

Mars Trine Uranus, Venus Trine Saturn

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars in Virgo is in a tight trine with Uranus in Taurus. This is a good energy for trying something new, experimental or asserting ourselves in a way that is unconventional, stimulating, innovative, technological, rebellious, progressive, original, exciting, or independent. This energy can also be inspiring to act on something and some people may feel a burst of energy.

Uranus had also went stationary retrograde in the days leading to this, so this energy in general will be very strong. Throughout the week following this Full Moon (and even in the 1-2 weeks prior) there is an increased possibility of surprises, disruptions, separations, sudden changes,  accidents, or things breaking. Experiences that are unusual, enlightening, or stimulating can also occur and/or we may have interactions with other people that have those qualities.

Venus in Libra is in a trine with Saturn during the Full Moon and over the following day and a half. This can have a stabilizing or committing effect on relationships. It can be constructive, solidifying, or maturing when it comes to our social life, love, financial matters, business relations, possessions, or things that are aesthetic related. In some cases this can play out as important connections and developments with others who are much older or younger than us.

Mercury Opposite Neptune, Venus Opposite Chiron, Mercury Trine Pluto

Mercury in Virgo is moving towards an opposition with Neptune in Pisces since August 20th/21st which will peak on August 24th/25th. In general, Mercury in this sign (from August 11th/12th until August 29th/30th) helps our thinking and communication to be more organized, detailed, practical, technical, efficient, and productive.

However, with it being opposite Neptune during this four day window, we may have to contend with some misunderstandings, confusion, lack of clarity, miscommunications, lack of focus, deception, carelessness, or disheartening developments during this period.  In some cases, issues or complications around vehicles, commuting, phones, or computers may come up and could involve water, oil, inconsistencies, or play out in other ways as well.

Venus will be moving towards an opposition to Chiron from August 23rd/24th until August 26th/27th when it peaks. Wounds, blockages, insecurities, weaknesses, and imbalances can come up strongly in our relations, finances, values, self worth, or physical appearance. If this applies to you, it’s best to look at the situation from a whole-istic perspective to help move beyond the issue. If this doesn’t come up, it can still be a good time for any kind of healing or growth in the areas mentioned above.

Mercury is in a trine with Pluto on August 25th/26th. This is great for mental focus or getting to the bottom of things. Thoughts and/or communications can be deep, powerful, empowering,  insightful, revealing, or psychologically oriented. In some cases this aspect can have beneficial financial implications.

Sun Square Lunar Nodes, Mars Opposite Neptune

The Sun is in a square with the Lunar Nodes on August 28th-30th. This can trigger some of the themes of the previous Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse as we may experience developments connected to them. We may also feel like we are at a crossroads as considerations at this time may involve where we are coming from and where we are heading, or perhaps being stuck between things that can be holding us back and things that can facilitate growth. It can also involve incorporating beneficial aspects of the past and applying them in an evolved or forward moving way.

In the days following this Full Moon, Mars in Virgo will be moving towards its own opposition to Neptune (similarly to Mercury) which peaks from September 1st-4th. At best, this energy can be good for applying ourselves towards activities that are spiritual, creative, compassionate, selfless, or involve water.

However, this can be challenging overall as it may seem that our efforts are met with impracticality, confusion, carelessness, or flaky behavior as a result of others. Some people can also feel lazy, discouraged, or helpless. It’s best to go with the flow and do things that work best with this energy as mentioned in the above paragraph.

Things To Consider

In what ways can you expand? Is there anything that you want to learn? What are your ideals and do they truly align with your heart’s desires? What is coming up regarding your friends/social network? In what ways can you grow in your relations? Or What are the potentials for growth amongst your relations? How can you balance or collaborate your individual needs with the needs of the group? What does freedom mean for you and how can you achieve it? Is there anything that you need to shift, shake up, rebel against, or liberate yourself from? Is there anything new you want to try or experiment with?

These are just some examples of themes that could come up or ways to approach this period; however, there may be other variations of this energy playing out as well.  If you wish to do any sort of intentional release, it is best to do so after it begins to wane following the peak or during the two weeks afterwards when it is waning before the next New Moon. The exact peak time for this Full Moon is at 12:02pm Universal Time on August 22nd. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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Dark Moon Reading 8 August 21

Ready to come out of the closet??

By Katharina Bless

The current Moon/Sun conjunction in Cancer is bringing a lot of emotional drama. According to the real star constellation, the Lion Gate is next month. So first we have still the water topic… follow the water….. and more opportunities for disclosure. It is speeding up now, massively.

Looking at the AC of the world-chart that I made for London (UK) where the east meets the west, or where the east is divided from the west, Libra is asking for balance. Venus in opposition to retrograde Neptune on the first degree of Pisces, shows very clearly that this classification is also just an illusion connected to our program.

In this chart I see very much our “logical mind” to be confronted with things that are just not acceptable. The connection from Neptune that also connects Mercury with a quincunx, opens a door for on one hand a total revision of the programmed mind or/and on the other hand a strong urge to move on and let go of that old paradigm.

This is the preparation for a bigger break through that will happen on the next Full Moon, when the sun have moved into Leo. Now Mercury, Mars and Venus in Leo are fully pushing every body to expand their boundaries. But not “forward” but “backward”. To understand something you need some kind of matrix to put it in and see it in comparison with something else.

This is the great challenge of humanity, brainwashed into judging every thing as good and bad. This is our program because our controllers for the last millenniums have been feeding of our negative energy. If we are programmed to judge every thing, then we have to feel bad every time something is judged as bad and then punished for it. Punishment hurts, so there is fear involved in something that is judged to be bad.

Have you ever realized that the mainstream media and news are 90%+ negative news that create fear? Fear of climate changes (which are not happening), fear of not being good enough, fear of a very wicked and twisted mind program that we are “served” every day on the “Tell a Vision”. And if we at the same time eat real food, the whole food is contaminated with this energy!

The Sun/Moon opposition to retrograde Saturn is either showing you the structure of the brainwash and helps you to let go, even if it is painful to let go of the crutch at we are oh so used to! The other option for those who are not willing or ready yet, will suddenly see the walls crumbling, their belief system fall and that will throw them into an abyss of despair.

It depends on what you chose to focus. If you focus on the retrograde Jupiter instead in Aquarius, and ask for guidance from the Divine, then you might have fantastic revelations and realize that nothing is as it seems to be out there.

If you don’t judge and just look what is in your life present right now, you can immediately see what you have to work on in the context of balancing.

Mostly it is to be confronted with our judgment.

Image from:

A very interesting aspect is the half square from ret Jupiter in Aquarius to ret Chiron in Pisces. Here we see the root of the whole disaster, the fact that people don’t trust themselves and are totally vulnerable to be cheated and used in the most negative ways. It’s all connected to the lack of SELF esteem. The desperate situation makes many to turn to a Divine source again and also realize that the current religions are not to support people, but to enslave them.

Now we have a chance to turn inward and find the Divine Source within, what ever name you use for it, this does not matter. But one thing is clear: as long as someone gives his/her power away, they don’t have it!!! We need to remember the true power and find it within!

It is time for big changes and shifts. We can see them daily in the Schumann Resonance charts! The seed of what is coming was planted already. The energy has shifted in 2012 and a new energy flow has started then. Now the seeds become visible, more and more.

If there are black outs like here, it’s said it is an energy reset – Schumann Resonance

All the old that we want to heal and transform into a higher energy is visible now too and we have to heal not only ourselves, but be part of the healing of the whole world.

As a microcosm in the macrocosm it is important that you take your role and step up into your power. First you have to understand the rising of the feelings! Our feelings today are totally connected to the fear based programming. This is why the Saturn opposition, if you are ready to sacrifice the old program, will be the liberation!

The energies of the certain planets are not just good or bad, they are archetypes and depicted in a certain way to – once again – keep us subdued in the energy of fear. Like: … just wait until Saturn comes around… or until Pluto is in square with your Moon…. !! Every thing that is happening to us is what we have created and need to experience. It is the only way to grow, learn and experience.

When are you ready to come out of your fear closet and take back your power!

Many blessings,



New Moon In Leo: Meaningful Passion

We are having a New Moon in Leo on August 8th throughout the world and in the early hours of August 9th in New Zealand. This is initiating a 29.5 day lunar cycle and new wave of energy for the coming month; however, the astrological configurations mentioned throughout this article will be more prominent over the following two weeks. This Lunar Cycle peaks with a second Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd.

We have been in Leo season since July 22nd/23rd,  however, this New Moon will activate its energies even more so for the remainder of it following the next Full Moon. As a Fire sign, Leo is associated with passion, instinct, inspiration, assertiveness, courage, confidence, and spirit.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is about heart-centeredness, shining authentically, creativity, affection, generosity, and influence. It is the performer, the leader and the creator, as it seeks to find joy in expressing itself in those ways. Leo is a vital sign and also rules children, fun, and romance. Expressed negatively, this energy can also be egotistical, conceited, dramatic, overbearing, and demanding of attention or respect.

New Moon Applying Conjunction to Mercury and Opposition to Jupiter

This New Moon is separating from hard aspects with Uranus and Saturn which were configured into the previous Full Moon and triggered more so from late July until August 7th. We are coming into this Lunar cycle following a period of potential delays, disruptions, surprises, obstacles, separations, instability, limitations, restrictions, changes in plans, or breaking away from something.

As we enter this new Lunar cycle, the energy is generally more forward moving with less complications in comparison to these previous weeks. Since August 1st/2nd, Mercury has gradually begun to move ahead of the Sun which now puts us in a better place mentally and perceptively to see things more clearly to help us make better decisions.

The Moon’s first aspect following the exact New Moon will be a conjunction with Mercury (also in Leo) indicating an upcoming few weeks that are more lively, active, and communicative. For many people this can also reflect a lot of commuting or moving around. Our thoughts and feelings can also be more in sync with each other at this time.

Both the New Moon and Mercury are in an opposition with Jupiter in Aquarius. This can feel expansive and we may want to think big. This energy can be good for making plans, going on trips, or engaging in things that are educational, philosophical, or idealistic.

However, this Jupiterian energy in the mix can also play out as overextending ourselves and excessiveness. Although we are in a period of better clarity (as mentioned above), this aspect can reflect a period in which we can be scattered or overlook details and blindspots more easily. Conflicts around beliefs and opinions are more susceptible under these planetary configurations. This energy will come up strongest in the three days following this New Moon and then again around August 18th-20th when the Sun opposes Jupiter.

Venus Opposite Neptune and Trine Pluto

Venus has been in Virgo over the last few weeks. This is a time in which matters associated with this planet such as friendships, love, pleasure, aesthetics, beauty, art, values, or finances may be expressed or faced with the need to be more discerning, attentive to details, practical, health conscious, organized, clean, efficient, or productive.

During this New Moon, Venus is moving towards an opposition with Neptune in Pisces which has been building up over these recent weeks and will peak on August 9th/10th. We may have to contend with elusiveness, flaky behavior, deceit, unreliability, delusion, escapism, or lack of discrimination in the Venus ruled areas or expressions mentioned in the above paragraph.

Our relations with others at this time can also be more compassionate, spiritual, and selfless. However, we need to be cautious of self-deceit or unwarranted self-sacrifice. Following this aspect, Venus then moves towards a trine with Pluto in Capricorn on August 11th/12th. This energy is much better for Venus areas as developments at this time can be empowering, meaningful, deep, regenerating, or perhaps fortunate in some way.

Mars and Mercury Square Lunar Nodes

Mars has been moving towards a square with the Lunar Nodes since entering Virgo on July 29th/30th and peaks on August 10th-12th. When it comes to how we assert our will, drive, physical energy, anger, competitiveness, or in some cases sexuality, we may be at a crossroads or feel torn between the past and the future. .

At that time, Mercury will be entering Virgo and will be moving towards its own square with the Lunar Nodes which will peak days later on August 15th/16th. This will have similar themes but will pertain to more Mercury related expressions or areas of life such as communications, commuting/vehicles, communication technology, thought process, mental focus, siblings/cousins, close friends, or neighbours.

This can be a time of reflecting on what is holding us back from moving forward, asserting ourselves in new ways, or experiences that can be more fulfilling for our growth. Both of these planets are in Virgo, so therefore discernment, attentiveness, productivity, details, practicality, health, organization, or efficiency may be what is needed at this time.

Mars Quincunx Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Mars, Uranus Going Retrograde

Mars will be in a quincunx with Saturn from August 13th-14th, and may also be felt in the days prior. Although the first few weeks of this lunar cycle should flow better than the previous weeks, during this short window our actions may be faced with hindrances that require adjustments. Any limitations, restrictions, boundaries, or obstacles that we face will need extra effort to adapt to.

Mercury will catch up to Mars as they will be in a conjunction in Virgo on August 18th/19th. Our minds can be very active, productive, and quick at this time. We may feel like we need to move around or walk/drive fast, but we need to be careful to not be too aggressive in our commuting. Our communications with others can be very lively but there is also a higher chance of arguments, verbal attacks, or getting annoyed with others. The Sun’s opposition with Jupiter will also be getting close at that time (as mentioned earlier) which can reflect scatteredness or conflicts around beliefs/opinions in the mix with the energies of the Mercury-Mars conjunction.

Uranus is currently slowing down to go retrograde on August 19th/20th. During the weeks before and after a planet is transitioning from one direction to another, its energies become more noticeable. Uranus is associated with surprises, sudden changes, liberation, rebellion, science, technology, innovation, metaphysics, experimentation, accidents, upheaval, sudden disasters, or things breaking.

As it changes motion on the 19th/20th, it will be in a trine with Mercury. This can play out as stimulating or insightful conversations, information, or thoughts. We can be more inventive, original, or have innovative ideas. In some cases surprising developments can occur which can be beneficial. This can also be good for trying something new or actions that involve technology, science, or metaphysics.

Making Intentions and Things To Consider

What has come up for you over the previous week and what have you gotten more clarity on? What do you think the spiritual reason is for the recent hindrances, obstacles, or disruptions that have occurred? Is there anything that has become more obvious for you in recent days? What can you do to bring more joy and playfulness into your life? What practices, activities, or relations can help you to be more in your heart? Do you have any creative needs yearning to be expressed? What can you do to be more inspired?

These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time. However, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. The exact moment it will occur is 1:51pm Universal Time on August 8th. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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Ascension Connection Call Thursday – Astral Travel

Article by Hostess Melissa:

Have you ever had an out of body experience where your “astral body” separated from your physical body and traveled somewhere?  If not, is this something you’d like to learn more about?


Please join us at the Ascension Connection call this Thursday, August 5th  to discuss astral travel experiences and tips on how to do it.  The call will start promptly at 12pm CDT or 6pm BST London Time (GMT +1), but if you’d like to hop on 15-20 min earlier to have an informal chat to connect further with other like-minded people, please do!

The purpose of the Ascension Connection call is to connect with others and create a cosmic community of like-minded individuals. The calls provide a safe space to share opinions and experiences on higher dimensional topics and are meant to empower people to create a new harmonious society with love, well-being, unity and balance.

If you’d like to join us, please email with your request for the zoom information and it will be sent to you.  Hope to see you there! Also, if you have suggestions on topics for future calls, we’d love to hear them.




In order to maintain a smooth, distraction-free Zoom call, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform. If this is your first time on Zoom, don’t worry. We were all new at one time!


  1. Upon entering the room, please mute your mic. This will help eliminate background noise, feedback, or other distortions that can disrupt the flow of communication. Please keep your mic muted until it is your turn to speak. If able, please have your video on.
  2. If you have a concern, please type it in the chat box and one of our volunteers will assist you. Sometimes emotions might be triggered during a call. If you are experiencing this, please mention it in the chat so we may create a separate room for you and one of our volunteers to have a safe, private place to talk.
  3. Questions/comments pertaining to the topic of discussion need to be verbalized and not placed in the chat. If you would like to contribute to the topic of discussion, please raise your hand physically and/or use the raise hand feature within the app. If you raise your hand using the app feature, please be sure to lower it after your question is answered. You can do this by clicking on the “hand” icon. If your hand has been raised and you still have not been acknowledged, please mention this in the chat so a volunteer may assist.
  4. Please keep your shares around 2 minutes so everybody may have the opportunity to contribute to our discussion.
  5. Please be respectful in your communications.
  6. In our efforts to preserve the privacy and security of all participants, we do not record and share our discussions. We are still living in a 3D matrix; publicizing our participants may adversely affect their livelihood.


Cobra Update: David and Goliath – 4th August 2021

We are now entering the crucial part of the year. Between August 15th and October 18th, Eris and Pluto will be in an almost exact square. This is the most powerful astrological aspect of the year and it signifies a battle between two timelines, the positive Ascension timeline and the negative Coronavirus reset timeline:

This period might appear to be very frightening, as the dark forces will do whatever is within their power to continue with their long term plan to impose vaccine passports and maybe even forced vaccinations:

Martin Armstrong, a well known economist, has developed a computer program named Socrates that makes predictions based on different cycles. Interesting enough, his predictions often match my intel. He is calling the period between August and October a dark period:

However, the Light forces are working behind the scenes to counteract this. On July 24th , Goddess priestesses of the Resistance Movement did a very powerful kundalini activation in the catacombs below Paris:

This has given much needed energy support to the protests that began on that day in many countries worldwide:

Gendarmes, the French paramilitary police, were supporting the protests, in some cases actually leading the crowd, with their helmets off:

There is a very powerful positive faction in the French military working behind the scenes, supporting this.

The protests DO have a positive effect, and Macron was forced to partially back down on vaccine passport mandates:

The Light Forces have communicated that peaceful protests against medical tyranny are supporting the planetary liberation process and can dramatically decrease the level of violence that might happen during the peak of the transition.

In the volatile August to October period, doing the Flower of Life meditation will be also very beneficial:

Right in the middle of this August to October period of Eris Pluto square, certain important operations of the Light Forces will be completed, and around September 18th  the dark forces might finally begin to lose power on the physical plane on the surface of the planet.

A hint:

There are two key countries in this process, France and the United States.

Interesting enough, Martin Armstrong is expecting a turning point on September 23/24th in France:

This inflection point is NOT yet the moment of the Event.

In the United States there are certain things going on behind the scenes, as you can read in this partially reliable report:

The Resistance has communicate that it is not Trump who will return to the White House at the time of the Event. Rather, a provisional interim government will be formed until new elections can be held as soon as logistically possible after the Event.

Intel about fake duplicate White House is correct and has been confirmed by many sources:

More and more people are aware that only two companies, Black Rock and Vanguard, control most of the global financial assets:

Black Rock is the financial force behind the Great Reset plans of the World Economic Forum:

And is buying real estate massively from people so that you will “own nothing and be happy”:

Luckily, the awareness of Black Rock and their nefarious plans has entered mainstream and already generated protests:

The real reason why the dark forces are so much in a hurry to force their Great Reset is because they are afraid of the polar shift:

I will release intel about the coming polar shift and the updated Ascension Plan as soon as I receive clearance to do so.

Victory of the Light!



Full Moon Reading 24 July 21

Journey through the Underworld

By Katharina Bless

Our full moon constellation with Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer will bring some emotional reaction to what is happening. It was very clear since Mercury turned direct again before last full moon that disclosure is starting to happen. It is very significant to see that the force on quaxines have become much stronger and how they hurry up to push it on as many as possible. They know their time is very limited….

The moon is just between Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde along with Jupiter, Neptune and) is “squeezed” literally by the forces of Saturn and Pluto into the journey through the underworld. This journey is crucial to the process of shifting energies because we can’t carry the “heavy” stuff with us. The journey through the underworld is symbolic for letting go the past, including the beliefs and habits.

Mercury is still in Gemini and the connection to Neptune will bring a chance that even the most stubborn mind-program break and leave cracks. Therefore those realizing this and with a natural curiosity will start to question even more and learn about the facts that are very obvious by now.

This lunar month will bring much more changes again, so get ready to have some other mind programs and believes shattered. Information is leaking through of our true origin and will alter the behavior and create new believes. Don’t hold on to them strongly, this is just a transition “bridge” to help us to move on. The truth is something we don’t know yet. Each will experience it shifting according to his/her move forward.

You can bet on that practically every thing that comes through mainstream is a fabrication and mind-manipulation (brainwash) to create a certain reality. And alternative media and all the spiritual groups also give you what they can and depending on their consciousness level it is YOUR truth or not.

Kryon said many times: You don’t know what you don” know” and when I heard that first time it needed some time to sink in what this really means. The messages from Kryon through Lee Caroll are something I value very much! There are several sources on YT. If you are interested, just click on any message that attracts you, it will be the right one!

Lee Caroll, original Channel for Kryon

It does not make sense anymore for those who know the facts about the injections and the illness to watch/read much more about it. The facts are clear.

What we need now is move the cracks wider in that wall of beliefs and let go of every thing step by step. The image of what was is not very nice, but the reason we are here is to bring forward our light to make the shift possible. To hole the light high so people can see it shine.

This is the time to take action and learn about compassion. To move the little ego consciousness out of the microcosm into the Macrocosm to understand the connection of all that is. It is required that we look at our feelings and fears and see the program behind it.

An exercise that helped me a lot (and my students too) is:
Visualize things in life that you were afraid of and then look what happened. In 90+% of all the events the fear was not necessary, the event was smooth.
Now imagine the worst things that happened: did you ever have time to fear them? Think of an accident for example or a spontaneous confrontation etc., they all happened without warning, without time to fear it. And in such moments courage surfaces with the adrenaline that is created that helps us to handle the situation.

We have every thing that we need for such situations and in addition all the invisible helpers if we call on them. Isn’t it for these situation when you face a big challenge that you spontaneously say or thing… OMG…. Help me through this one! Or something similar….

find your inner shaman

This chart calls for confrontation. No more time to delay, no more time to hide things or to fake it.

Those who open the cracks now will in a fast pace be confronted with all the unfinished business. And all you have to do is look at it and then let it go.

How? Simple, just say something like this: I let go and drop this past issue and move on to the New free. And if there is anything involved with emotional attachment with other people, this you have to resolve.

Now is the time that you have to show that you really mean it. Superficial attractions will fade away and a new reality is coming closer and closer. The forward move will involve this journey through the underworld. We can’t bring a 3D consciousness and personality into a higher frequency. If one is attuned to a certain channel, you won’t hear the other ones. If you listen to BBC you won’t hear Freedom News.

Be bold, use your strength and allow all your questions to come up and look at them. Accept the challenges near the final goal. Since stories are telling us the way, we also know that shortly before the final goal the most violent mental or physical attacks/traps are ready to prevent you from reaching the goal!

Many Blessings, Katharina

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And here some links to important information:


Europe (EudraVigilance) up to 3 July, 2021: Deaths: 17,503 Injuries: 1,687, 527

U.K. (MHRA Yellow Card System) up to 1 July, 2021: Deaths: 1,440 Injuries: 1,037,376

U.S. S (CDC/VAERS) up to 9 July, 2021: Deaths: 10,991 Injuries: 551,172

Deaths & Injuries for Europe, U.K. & U.S (Combined totals) up to 9 July, 2021: Deaths: 29,934 Injuries: 3,276,075

Links to sources for the above can be found under the video in Bitchute.

Video in Bitchute, to share outside Telegram:

Vaccination of kids is State Sanctioned Child Abuse

Highly experienced, Cambridge trained pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson calls out a major danger giving C-19 m-RNA vaccine to kids.—Giving-C-19-shots-to-children-is-state-sanctioned-child-abuse—Jun-11-2021:e

Vaccine Recovery RR

Vaccine Clean Out

COVID 19 Proctection

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