Coming soon (8-27-20)… “Camp Disclosure: Awakening Ascension Consciousness”, August 27-31, 2020

I have a sense that many people will be attracted to this conference, which will be at “beautiful Flat Rock, Western North Carolina, near Asheville”.

James Gilliland will be a keynote speaker, and will be joined by many BEings well known in the Light community, like Steve Cefalo, Simon Esler, Ciel Walko, Jennie Byers.

There is a short introductory video some may care to watch (video will be placed below this article).

There is also a YouTube channel for the event, which has short introductions of each the speakers.

In-person tickets have already sold out, but the Live Stream tickets are available. $44 for the entire weekend… not bad!!

I have purchased the live stream ticket, but there is a possibility I could be there, in person. We shall see what Guidance comes up with.

Camp Disclosure: Awakening Ascension Consciousness is a unique opportunity to gather in a more intimate (limited to 122 participants because of Covid-19… originally 250) and interactive way with your ‘Disclosure community” soul tribe. We will be blessed with cutting edge speakers, skills training workshops, CE-5 experience opportunities, inspiring art, uplifting music, delicious food, fun and enlightening activities for children, and a contagious, high vibe aimed at pushing the dialogue, shifting the paradigm, and forging a path to the New Earth where the extraordinary is not only honored but celebrated!

During our time together, we will hear about suppressed healing and energy technology, learn to hone and honor our meta-physical power both individually and as a collective and raise the vibration of the planet by raising our own vibration through mind, body and soul practices.