Austin Steinbart 4-11-20… a Couple of VIDEOs about and links to “analyses of” and “research about” and “links to interviews of…”

Click image to go to Austin’s YouTube page.

First off I’m putting Austin’s name first to perhaps a) wake people up to this blog post and / or b) awaken individual consciousnesses to their inner “I’ve gotta be right / They’ve gotta be wrong” aspects, and possibly c) just to pi$$ people off (even though I know we can only really “PO” ourselves).

So here they are. There is no judgement here about any of these videos, channels or videos, and right now, I’m offering no offerings about Austin. Here’s a link to what’s already been posted on this blog about him.

In the first video (thank you BP), two different views are posted (viewpoint 2 is at 38:45). In the second, it’s by Debbie Dubois and partner, they actually did an interview of him.

Below those are links to channels that are interviewing him and/or talking about him.

All I recommend is keep an open mind and use Higher Inner Discernment.
(viewpoint 1 is at 27:09; viewpoint 2 is at 38:45).

Links to channels discussing / interviewing Austin

What On Earth!? Ask Q.

BabyQ Plus

The Q Signal

The Goldfish Report