Related to the “Releasing the Fire” Missions? Here’s an iPOT 6-10-19 video and “fire events” that happened on 5-29-19 and 6-10-19…

Just posted the HI DEF videos playlist for the 190529-31 Kauai mission (and here and here), which, as I just explained, was about releasing the “Ball of Fire” collected at the 190508 K?lauea Mission and dispersing it to the planet, at Kalalau Valley (this was also connected to the 190514 Mauna Kea “Releasing the Fire” mission).

A few days back, in fact somewhere at the end of the 190529-31 Kauai mission, I spoke with someone who pointed out that on 5-29-19, unknown to me, someone had set themselves on fire at the White House (DuckDuckGo link). Apparently the fire indeed had been released, and perhaps this was a visual manifestation of it. The ceremony for the “Ball of Fire release” was on 5-29 at 11:11 PM (so we had a 11-11-11).

Then in addition, just prior to posting the HI DEF videos playlist, I had watched the iPOT video below, and, if you go beyond the “dog watching iPOT video of dogs on a TV” part (to about 36 seconds), the first thing he brings up is another fire event that just occurred in LA.

So whether these are all connected, who knows. But I do know that many of us have working for the “Illumination” and “Transformation” of the planet for some time, and sometimes a “fire” is useful to bring about the transformation.

Anyway, the connections here seemed quite highly too “synchronous” to be coincidence.