Banker Bunko Warning

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a group calling itself the “United States of North America”. 

Smell the rats yet? 

Same old story, different day.  

Deceptively similar names.  All sorts of claims. 

They, too, are “offering” to give you “loans” of assets that actually belong to you and to saddle you with more debts and more “social” obligations that Our Creator never mandated. 

Yet another group of wannabe despots, same as the old group of wannabe despots, more concerned about seizing and maintaining control than seeing anyone learn to self-govern.   

Just say “No” in the immortal words of Nancy Reagan. 

No, no, no, no, and no, as long and as often and as vehemently as necessary. 

No UN Corp.  No regional government.  No usurping upon our national sovereignty.  No bogus claims against our land and soil.  None of it. 

We are owed our own stuff back, free and clear of all debt and encumbrance. 


That means our land and soil, our water, our homes, our businesses, our Good Names, our gold, our silver, our assets in sum total.  All titles.  All copyrights.  All patents. 

And if anyone wants to fight about it, make any false claims about us or “for” us, try to trick us or delude us, make any false claims whatsoever about who is who and what this circumstance is — yes, we are here to fight about it and kick all the sanctimonious asses that would try to utter two words against what the American States and People are righteously and unarguably owed.  

We are The United States of America.  We don’t recognize any entity calling itself The United States of North America.  


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