iPOT Video 5-2-19… “A Quick Burn – Barr None – IPOT Presents” (aka, “Another episode of Congressional hilarity!)

This is likely all I’ll post regarding the “Barr testimony” about the Mueller report (which, as I understand it, was a voluntary process for him to do this), but it does bring forth this great parody video opportunity about that event, and starts off with a display of Hawaii Senator Hirono (apparently) asking no real questions about the report and calling President DJT “the this and that and this and that in the Oval office” (I think one of those words was “liar”). All in all, this video displays how the deep state is truly in DPM (“deep panic mode”).

And it also contains a wonderful plethora of dancing dogs, cats, birds, and even a sloth! And a Hillary-Biden rocket launch!


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