BC Witnesses

By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting a lot of questions, especially from older readers whose parents have died and who have fewer and fewer direct witnesses to their birth and identity.  It gets harder as you get older to be able to find such witnesses, but if we scratch our heads a bit there are usually plenty of people who have cause to know who we are and where we come from and know our family ties.  Anyone who has known you a significant (7 years or more) period of time and who knows your family and background may serve as a Witness.  

That may include: 
1. Family members; 
2. Friends, including friends from school; 
3. Religious officials; 
4. Co-workers; 
5. Employers; 
6. Public officials — sheriffs, librarians, etc. 

Because today’s world works on photo identifications, you will need a small color or black and white photo of yourself copied onto the paper that your Witnesses will sign.   I am providing a fictitious example of the verbiage for a typical BC Witness Testimony below. 

Remember that living people cannot give Affidavits —- only Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit.   So if you are not acting as a corporation or a corporate officer, never label anything you submit for any court or public record an “Affidavit”.  

Witness Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit

1.  “I, Joanne Felicity Adams, a living woman now living at 345 Howe Street, Lampasas, Texas,  

2.  have first-hand knowledge that  Joseph Allen Bates whose photograph appears hereon and who now lives in Akron, Ohio, 

3.  is the man who was born on July 1, 1949 in Coopertown, Michigan, 

4.  and from without the United States and under the penalties of perjury under the public law of The United States of America, 

5.  I do affirm this to be the truth.  

6.  This Witness Testimony is granted freely, without coercion or payment of any kind, 

7.  and so say I to all facts above this ____ day of  _________ in the year ___________ 

8.  and I have affixed my signature in affirmation of these facts before these Witnesses: 

By: __________________________________ (c) Joanne Felicity Adams, LS 

Witness of Public Notary to Signature

Lampasas County

Today I was visited by Joanne Felicity Adams and she did present appropriate identification and she did provide this Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit freely and without coercion before me and she did also freely sign this Testimony without coercion in my presence this _____ day of __________ in Witness whereof my hand and seal appear:  

By:  _____________________________________Public Notary; my commission expires on: ____________________. 

****Obviously, in the case of women who have married and changed their names you will need to add reference to the birth name—- something to the effect:  

“I have first-hand knowledge that Betty Jo Boop now living in Santa Monica, California, was born Betty Jo Melankamp in Cooperstown, Michigan, on July 1, 1950…..”  *****

Please also note that it is okay for Witnesses to come from other places than where you now live.  An old High School pal may live in West Virginia and you may live in Los Angeles.  The only difficulty is that when you talk to them and ask you to do you this favor, you will need to ask the name of the county where they will get the Notary done so that you can complete the Notary information correctly. 


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