Be Brave! (Part 1) – Is Vaccine Science Really Settled? | Del Bigtree at TTAC Live ’19

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Del Bigtree joins us again on the TTAC Live stage with an update on what he has been up to since the last time he spoke on our stage. Since then, he has been working very closely with Bobby Kennedy on the Vaccine Safety Project. He has been working tirelessly to unify the anti-vaxx and pro-vaxx communities by educating them about health/medical freedom and body autonomy. While mainstream media portrays Del to be someone who spreads misinformation, we’d like to use our platform to highlight how Del actually presents quality, legitimate information in an unedited, uncensored environment. He pulls his information from peer-reviewed published journals and distinguished experts like Dr. Peter Aaby, contrary to what the MSM claims. Is vaccine science really settled? Del walks us through how deceptive the “science” behind vaccines really is. If you would prefer to read along, visit our website for the transcript: Do YOU know what your #1 Health Killer is? Take the quiz to find out now AND receive a helpful eBook according to your responses:

Please comment. We know this is very controversial, but we have living proof that he is right.

Paul Stramer

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