x22Report 4-4-19… “America For Sale, Ukraine & China In The News, News Unlocks”

This one “lit up” several points for myself, especially the Biden-Ukraine “pay for play” connection. This type of corruption is all being exposed, and x22 shows how Q has pointed out this Biden-Ukraine connection in the past.


Published on April 4, 2019
Joe Biden is in the news, and its just not about being creepy, connections are being made to Ukraine and China. News Unlocks. The [DS] is still trying to use the Mueller report as a weapon, the propaganda will not work this time.Venezuela is receiving aid from Russia and China. The [DS] and neocons were baited into pushing regime change in Venezuela, they are exposed.America is no longer for sale, those days are over, change is in the air.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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