Hawaii Free Speech News 12-3-21 VIDEO… “Hawai?i, the Big Island Awake (Preview)”

I was very much inspired (to tears, actually) when I watched this prior to driving back to the house. I watched this to the end, where they showed a nighttime view of Halemaumau, and the magnificent glowing lava cracks in the surface of the lava.


Jamie Rodrigues, Bingo, Nanipua Peterson, and Makaio Villanueva ventured out to the Big Island from Oahu to join with Ohana at Mauna Kea [however, video is of Halemaumau at Kilauea] where Pikachu hosted an event which featured folks from Hawaiian Sovereignty and Anti-mandate groups to stand against government overreach seeking Justice and Unification. The video will Premiere next week.

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