Top Strategic Analysis of Recent False Flags and Critical Warning

Brilliant next level presentation by Ole Dammegard who has been a crucial truth seeker and intelligence reporter that made his reputation on false flag event analysis over the years. His work is found at

This discussion with Sacha Stone of New Earth Project, himself a global ambassador for critical thought and truth seeker, goes into the deep dive behind the current Agenda 21 and Operation Gladio tactics of the recent Covid-19 scheme and sets up the premise that there’s to be another false flag event. The interview took place days before the US police brutality event that lead to the current protests and riots in the US and being copied around the world.

Their conversation allows Dammegard to detail the deep state master plan based on Dammegard’s insider’s reports to him which in turn, due to his reporting, allowed some of the planned events to be stopped. What he details connects the dots to today’s happenings and threads the plan back to Wuhan and the October military games there which were to serve another purpose: spread the virus internationally through the returning military participants.

Dammegard claims that he has a special talent for connecting dots and seeing abnormalities in data and reports prior to events happening. With his acute training, he has become a resource for whistleblowers to provide him the evidence.

Most false flags have telltale signs and always a precursor or training event prior to execution. Dammegard explains the reasons why in this informative interview.


Bilderberg Elites Planned Free Speech Crackdown Prior to Trump Win, Internet ID Next Step

(Daniel Taylor) In June of 2016, prior to the current social media purge, Bilderberg elites discussed implementing an Internet ID in Dresden, Germany. The Bilderberg group has served as a secretive gathering of world elites for decades. Decisions made at the meetings are often implemented by attendees working to establish a world order.

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Men Behind the Throne: The Unsettling History of Clandestine Organizations in America

(Ryan DeLarme) As the current political information/disinformation war continues to heat up, it becomes more and more imperative for individuals to become able to exercise their own discernment. This goes for radical leftists as much as die hard Trump supporters. In the same fashion that many view the Federal Government, the mainstream media has become incompetent, conformist, and corrupt to the core. The purpose of the mass media is not to “tell it like it is” but rather to tell it how the CEO’s, board members, and shareholders want it to be told. Perhaps a look into the clandestine maneuverings of the western world’s financial elite over the last 100 years can shine some light on the lack of journalistic integrity by those who weave the mainstream narrative.

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Bilderberg on Steroids – Meet the Secret CIA-Funded Group Behind the ‘War on Terror’ | Le Cercle

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Think tanks are a central facet of worldly power. Various entrenched clandestine groups gather regularly to solidify their plans for control. In our efforts to arrest the planet away from insidious forces, we should also employ think tanks. This method would require that we set aside our differences so as to meet regularly to brain storm solutions for problems we mutually face. The fact is all people who have taken the time to learn of the problems our world faces are capable of working with others to effect change. Indeed, while we continue to bicker amongst ourselves, the powers that should not be further their agenda. The time has come for us to unite and stand together, to begin the dialogs that are essential for meaningful change. As an example of the power of think tanks and unity, consider how much the forces of darkness have been able to do by working together. 

– Justin

(Rachel BlevinsBilderberg has gained a reputation as the world’s most secretive group of billionaires and political leaders who conspire to impact global events — but reports indicate that they don’t hold a candle to another group that includes a host of war criminals responsible for the “War on Terror.”
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