iPOT 6-21-19 VIDEO… “The WeatherMen”

This is a video that revolves around exposing some of the connections among Bill Ayers (The Weathermen), Barack Obama, and Sidley Austin (mentioned once by Q (Q post #238)), and whose NY offices were affected by a helicopter crashed into by a (link).

The information in the video may or may not be helpful in understanding some of what is going on now. It is pretty long, and winding.

Just a few time points that “struck the innards” (not necessarily the “Higher” ones):
14 min.: Hulton interview by J. Corsi re: conversation with Ayers where the phrase “Barack Obama is a foreign student” was recalled.
20 min.: fmr. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder with one of the greatest Afros I’ve ever seen!
32 min.: Weathermen discuss “re-education centers” for non-compliant people.
49 min.: Sidley-Austin moves out of World Trade Center, just before 9-11.


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