The Banking Food Chain….

There’s still a lot of people who don’t know how the banking system power food chain works….  

Listed below is the hierarchy of banking of “The Power That Were”.  You will see why HSBC has nearly been untouchable despite being the biggest money launderer.  (The BIS and Central banks have sovereign style legal immunity from prosecution from the countries they operate in, by law, when the central banks were formed.)

1. Qing Dynasty Chinese Royals in China and Southesast Asia ( “Dragon Family” of various countries and “color” factions – all a part of the control of this planet) 

2. HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) a member of the BIS and Federal Reserve which serves as the allusion they are under their control. 

3. BIS (Top of the Rothschild Banking complex – western proxy/broker for the Chinese “Dragon Family”) 

4. National Central banks within the Rothschild complex (including the Bank of England and the Federal Rerserve). These banks control the countries they operate in via the creation of “money” and money liquidity.  The ability to create infinite funds means the ability to corrupt any government. 

5. Regional banks (many of which are owned, 51% or more, or have interlocking ownership by other banks who are controlled by HSBC.  Wells Fargo is one example.

All banks in the USA,  are Federal Reserve members now, which also gives their officers immunity from prosecution. This is why bankers never go to jail, although “deferred prosecutions” and minor fines (as a cost of doing business) are issued by the DOJ for public relations purposes. Remember a 10 billion dollar fine is nothing if the crime grossed 100 billion in profit.