Body Language Ghost (Bombard) 12-4-18… “Body Language: The Trumps Of The World” VIDEO

I liked this video which illustrates body language aspects of three of the “Trumps” of this world: Jair Bolsonaro (President-Elect of Brasil), Matteo Salvini (Dep. PM of Italy), and Donald J. Trump. All three are expressive, look the interviewer in the eyes, use their hand expression to “bring people in”.

Bombard’s YouTube channel was taken off by YouTube, so she now publishes on the Body Language Ghost channel.

That Google “right after the 2016 election” leaked video, and a Bombard Body Language interpretation of it

I’m sure many have seen this video, or parts of it, about a Google TGIF company meeting right after the November, 2016, election. Guaranteed the large majority of these people were (are) pro-HRC, and anti-Trump, and it is a quite illuminating look into the inner world of Google.

I’m only visibly posting the Bombard Body Language YouTube video (actually from a partner YouTube channel; I believe she was “YouTube banned”). The full length Bombard video (just a few minutes longer) is posted at In part I’m posting this one because she’s a bit more “objective” and at least not “they’re all liberal lunatics anti-” Google.

What stood out from my view is that many of these people appear to be quite disconnected with what one might call “The real American citizen”. And from some of the cofounders’ statements, it is quite evident that they are more interested in promoting their perceptions about what is “right and wrong” for people to be “allowed” to view on the internet. The attitude is very much, “We will decide what is correct for you to see” (and follow that with a “Hail Google” (YouTube clip; MP3 (this clip says, “Hail Hydra“)). “And we had better correct for those ‘low information voters’ that voted for Trump”.

I will add here that some of the apparent Google company practices I likely would have very much “thrived” in, as a scientist. It’s just that when I was doing science actively, I was not at all interested in “controlling the world” or “controlling other people’s opinions” or “controlling others access to data” as Google seems to want to do.

Here are links to a couple of more pointed and acerbic videos about this: Next News Network; Mark Dice.

Full Google meeting video, YouTube format:
Original posting of Google meeting video is here, in non-YouTube format: LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election
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