Bottom Line Regarding "Opt-In" Bill of Goods

By Anna Von Reitz

This is for all those “persons” trying so desperately to get other people ensnared in the latest foreign government scheme, the so-called “Opt-In” to Phil Hudok’s Settlement Offer. 
I have explained exactly why “natural person” is not the appropriate status for any American to stand in.  I have explained what that legal term means.  Don’t argue with me, argue with your nearest Legal Dictionary.
I have also explained exactly why a “title” is not anything but a “title” to land and no matter what else you try to say it is, it remains just a “title”.
Finally, I have directly informed both the Pope and the Queen that this latest bit of fluff attempting to claim that “remedy” has been provided, when that purported remedy involves having the victims pay for it themselves, and when the same purported remedy does not include return of our public assets, stands as an “offer” that has been rejected and not accepted. 
We have also informed them that there are no “deadlines” to be observed when it comes to making claims related to the Great Fraud and that all Americans are to receive back their private assets whether or not they come forward individually to prosecute claims. 
If you want to do something effective for yourselves and for your country — an actual solution instead of more Flim-Flam benefiting a few at the expense of everyone else, then correct your political status and join your State Assembly and serve. 
As for “how did I get involved in so much dirt”?  How did any of us get involved in this manure pile?  We were forcibly thrown into it by what appeared to be public employees within days after our birth.
The rest is admittedly like fighting with a skunk, but it is a fight that must be fought and won.  Smell and all.  For further insight, I suggest that you all go read the International Notice just published on my Facebook page and via email. 
You are being duped, but not by me.

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