Scott McKay, Patriot Streetfighter 8-2-21… “The Tipping point with Scott McKay and guests CirstenW and Brent Johnson”

Thanks to a “BP” who sent notes from this to me (from Jodi), which are below. I felt the intel was “resonant” with myself, so I’m posting for that reason.

The video is long, and I’m not listening to all of it, but the Cirsten W begins at about 20 minutes (I located it at RMN). Feel free to check out the video, and the notes below. And feel free to take all this in via Higher Discernment.

– White Hats directing the flooding dumbs, vatican, etc – hundreds of thousands of babies bodies are floating up in the water
– justice roberts arrested on 7/7, supreme court going right
– defectors sent here by President XI to help POTUS –

– Melinda gave info about Bill having children at ranch – video of him making little girl high heels – Gates was arrested in myrtle beach house thanks to melinda —
– Fauci seized in DC by Navy Seals
– 3 gorges dam – one nuclear reactor is down – it is attached to 27 nuclear reactors, bitcoin, big pharma, wuhan – one nuke reactor down — all this = big pharma done
– Clintons harvesting adreno from children”

– “The Pretend dept of justice has said forced vaks are legal – DOJ is a member of the exec branch of govt not judicial – it does not adjudicate disputes w law – all it does is administer the law – so whatever the doj says is not law.
– Fowche (*censorship) has been seized by navy seals, bill clint is at the spa for life, hilary is gone – all is happening under military operation.
– The military is in charge. We are not under martial law. Right now the USA is under military control; they have the servers from when they raided the CIA facility in Germany, which shows the original data from the election. It shows that POTUS lost one state; he had 415 electoral votes.
– Bidin and hares will be removed, DJT is still prez – potus coming out of marine one last week – walking forward facing camera, to his left, 2 marines at strict attention saluting – that is what they do in the presence of a president, they don’t do this around bidin.
— putin, xi and potus all together as good guys –
– GCR is active – they should go liquid tomorrow – F& P have started to go out, there are people who have received their notifications