The truth behind money and the city of London

business man looking out a window

Some of you might be aware that the City of London is the financial powerhouse of the world, not Wall Street as some might think. But did you know that the City of London, is completely devolved from the rest of London and the entire country?

The City of London has been devolved from the rest of the country since 1067

It has its own Police, Mayor, Rules and it’s the only Lobbyist that has a seat in Westminster (Parliment) which goes against all lobbyist rules, which state they are not allowed past the lobby.

Further, the British Empire never died out, it simply went incognito in the form of offshore financial services for the world. 14 tax havens around the world in British controlled territories.

Since the 1960’s American Banks have been operating out of the City of London for these tax avoidance schemes.

In 1980 these tax havens were responsible for $500 billion in international loans – made from corrupt money – by 1988 this was $4.8 trillion. By 1997, nearly 90% of all international loans were made through this market!

This documentary goes far in discovery of the offshore havens the world’s elite use and abuse to keep their real wealth a complete secret. It details Trusts and how these entities are the magic behind the hiding of wealth.

I advise everyone to watch this documentary and share it, as it’s a wealth of truth and exposure, such a plethora of hidden secrets that span decades. As someone who is Britsh, I found this information beyond disturbing and utterly disgraceful! Shocked and appalled doesn’t come close to how I feel, I am ashamed at what my REAL countries heritage has done throughout history.