Don’t get angry, get even!

Is and was there a News blackout on the CAFR?
by Walter Burien – CAFR1

OK, let’s establish the fact that there has been a massive and cooperative effort by the Government, the News Media, and Controlled Education in creating and maintaining an almost complete blackout of the mention of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in their efforts to keep the general population clueless as to the financial takeover of the wealth of this country by collective government over the last 70-years.
We all know Google is the most extensive search engine on the planet today. The trillions of open source records maintained by Google is of no equal.
Well, this aspect of Google can be very telling when specific time periods are selected to be searched. For this example here, we will search the “News” feature of Google. Google archives go back over a hundred years.
So was there any mention from the “Syndicated News Media” of the CAFR over the last 60-years?
Keep in mind the CAFR accounting structure started in 1946 by the efforts of GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association) and became the standard by action of GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board) across the land in 1977. The CAFR is local government’s statement of Net Worth, the most informative showing of the actual and massive wealth held and income generated by every local government across the land, or in personal comparison, an individual’s Statement of Net Worth.  
A document every taxpaying individual from across the land should have been going over with a fine-tooth comb to investigate and learn the “true” financial picture of their local governments that were hitting them up for decades crying shortfalls of money for more, more, more in taxes, fines, and fees. Increases perpetually enacted each and every year. The CAFR is local government’s Holy Grail of accounting. So was there a cooperative effort being done to make sure the population did not have a clue?
Let’s see:
The following is a Google News search from October 12th 1955 through January 1st 2009, 54-years:
Gee, a massive 2-hits. Mind boggling. Even one of the two being from the country of Liberia. Not a peep per News articles towards local “Governments” here in the USA and CAFR findings. The other was a simple mention by Forbes.
So here we can deduct one of two things:
1: The thousands of News Reporters or talking heads employed by the syndicated News media over that 54-year time period had a section of their brains lobotomized so that when hearing of local government’s complete accounting record the CAFR, the response was to draw a absolute blank; or,
2: There was a massive cooperative  effort in place to make sure no mention of the CAFR came out to the population due to one fact, and one fact only: Due to the massive wealth building within local governments; those with their hands deeply in the kitty from within government and their outside players; and to create a void in comprehension within public circles as to the “collective” takeover of the wealth by local government upon review of the collective totals shown within the now 180,000 + CAFRs completed by local governments each year.
Would this be considered a conspiracy? NO, DEFINITELY NOT!
What it is by definition would be: A showing of organized crime of no equal. Masterfully wrapped and presented with the logo being: “We are here to help and serve you.” Yes, right, with one small omission:as they systematically and exponentially take control over all that you have, or ever will have. Your life, wealth, children, property, income, or anything else they figure has value to it that they can take.
Would an organized crime syndicate want anyone to see their blueprint and showing of the wealth they are amassing from their victims? Most definitely not. They would go far out of their way to make sure that did not happen.. The organied crime syndicate would want their victims to think they are barely getting by, when in fact the exact opposite is true.
Let’s throw a wrench into the gears of the smoothly unfolding equation commencing as of 1946. A slight problem for its intent starting in the year of 1998. Walter, CAFR1, goes to war with the syndicate for forced disclosure of the CAFR accounting structure bypassing the lock coming from the syndicated media, controlled education, both primary political parties, and most importantly of all, the intentional void maintained in the public’s cognitive thinking . Hundreds of radio shows were done by CAFR1 through the private non-syndicate owned media; hundreds of articles were published through the private non-syndicate owned publications; conferences and action groups were implemented. Millions of individuals from across the USA and world were reached with disclosure. Internet chat that could not be controlled erupted with a fury.
Well, suppression from the syndicate went into high gear. Internet search engine results actively suppressed; government shills blasted to confuse or misdirect; silence was strictly enforced from any party the syndicate had control over. Those the syndicate did not have control over, that had the ability to reach the general population in numbers, and did, were targeted for elimination.
The population needs to get a clue as to the scope and size of the syndicate they are facing. It is the largest organized syndicate the Earth has ever know, collective government. They do not play fair, and their takeover of the wealth is now absolute and locked down in force of no equal.
Now keep in mind that from 1998 to 2005, many privately owned “News Outlets” published feature “News Articles” per the CAFR. WND, Media Bypass, Idaho Observer, The Spotlight, etc, etc. Did “one” of those “News Articles” show in the Google search results? No they did not. Again, it must have been that lobotomized factor for Google so that when seeing circulating “News Articles” of local government’s complete accounting record the CAFR, the response was to draw a absolute blank.
In reality, it was just another showing of the control factor in absolute application. Did you ever hear that old expression of: “If the largest tree in the forest fell, and no-one was there to see it fall, did it actually make a sound?” The syndicate knows this factor all to well per the CAFR, and goes substantially out of their way to “only let the population be there to see what they want them to see.”
The syndicate, with millions now having become aware of the CAFR, due to CAFR1’s effort for disclosure, and those who took the ball and ran with it, had to do some damage control per giving some visibility to what a good percentage of the population knew existed as fact. I note when CAFR1 started with disclosure in 1998, before doing so CAFR1 did a Google search for the report and the yield was 16 (sixteen) hits on a general Google search.
As more and more people became aware of the CAFR, and local governments when confronted by residents per the CAFR, at first the local government officials played the “Deer in the Headlights”response, CAFR, what’s that?” Well, that did not go over to well after the residents tracked down the CAFR for that same local government.
What local governments did then in response was to put the CAFR reports on that local government’s website for the purposes of “plausible deniability” where they could say: “We are not hiding anything, look our CAFR is available on this location of our website.” They would never direct the population to it, they would only mention it when confronted.
So, back to Google and the syndicated News Media and the reality they were now facing of millions of individuals from across the land now knowing about the CAFR. Let’s take a look at January 1st, 2009 to February 8, 2018 per “News Articles” that the population was allowed to see:
Wow, 200+ News Articles. In reality if the massive censorship was not at full play, there should have been thousands. Take a look at the impression those hits try to project. They give the impression of “normalcy” but do you see any comprehensive or any editorial articles from the New York Times; Wall Street Journal, LA TIMES, Chicago Tribune, or any other syndicate owned publication in the Google News hits? No, you do not. 
Don’t get angry, get even!
Share this communication with all that you know and ask them to do the same. I note a very important fact: The censorship that is in place, is very effective. CAFR1 learned a few years back that mail servers were in cooperation with the censorship. Only about 1/3 rd of those on CAFR1 subscribers list will get the CAFR1 posts. They are blocked from the other 2/3 rds getting the posts. Additionally, if a subscriber does get the post and they try to forward to their lists, the majority they send to, do not get the post. They are blocked also. If you forward, check with those on your list and ask them if: they got the forward from you?.. Most will say they did not.
So with that in mind, to be effective, posting the communication on your website will be more effective. Publishing the communication to a chat-board, social media, or a print publication will be effective also.. If you put the communication on your website, from that point forward, spread the link to it far and wide.  
Like I said: “Don’t get angry, get even!”
How does the syndicate get away with doing what they are doing? It is done through a well orchestrated effort on their part to masterfully entertain the population off into distraction of irrelevancy.
A never ending year after year loop, of holidays; sports; celebrity; gossip;  etc., promotions that gives the population the impression everything is fine and dandy in Alice and wonderland known as the USA.
We are mass-marketed to, to see only what the syndicate wants us to see, good or bad, and done so by them so they can keep us like the little chipmunk running on the treadmill wheel, as they tap off 85%, directly or indirectly, the energy that  we on that wheel produce. It also keeps us glued to the revolving door of the News the syndicate spoon feeds us with the exclusion of the most relevant factors, in reality, we face today.
On a personal note, you, I, and all others are faced with the controlling propaganda we face and are spoon fed each and every day. It is designed to make us withdraw in apathy and to not think we can make a difference. Those in apathetic withdraw will stick their heads up once in a while but will usually quickly withdraw to their comfort zone just to watch and be influence in that zone via media designed to masterfully entertain them to be of no consequence to the syndicate.
Let me make it very clear here: We are at war with the syndicate in their efforts to maintain control over the wealth they have taken and intend to take. The open light of disclosure, and disclosure most importantly comprehended is the syndicate’s Achilles heel.
Again, Don’t get angry, get even! The syndicate’s efforts and solid wall of censorship in place today gets broken with simple disclosure comprehended by the masses.
At this time we have maybe 10% of the population who now have a clue as to what is going on. Increase that percentage to 80% who truly comprehend, and then the syndicate is in real trouble per the errors of their ways…
I think a few of us can bypass the syndicate’s blackout per the CAFR and the structure behind it per the takeover of the wealth involved. The message to the masses has to be clear. That message is: The masses need to comprehend this so share with all that you know.
Here are a few example listings of CAFRs, 4600 of them by state and category all can share  –
Keep it simple: Here are our local government CAFRs, and upon review, see what our local governments have turned into, and how they have step by step taken it all from us. Many will not understand and revert to their TV remotes or change the dial on their radio.
Oh, well. What is important, is the fact that most running a small or large business for themselves, the backbone of our country, will understand and see that our governments have evolved over the decades into ruthless, for profit operations, that have and will continued to expand their takeover of it all unless confronted with genuine effective force to change their clear intent to expand and perpetuate the same. So bypassing the syndicate with disclosure is the population’s war objective. To take a trip to a destination requires seeing the road before you.
The goal needed is 80% of the population getting a clue, and even better, 80% having a good comprehension of what they are faced with. Then corrective action will come to play and the syndicate boys will really be looking over their shoulders verses what they have been use to doing over the last few decades which is laughing their butts of all the way to the bank each and every day.
On a last note, don’t say to yourself: “I am but just one, how can I make a difference?” Don’t lie to yourself. You see, you are 1 of over 385,000,000 individuals from this country. Passing on comprehension by one individual to 100, and done well, the 100 on to a thousand, and so on can be done. Done even though the syndicate has what can be said is: absolute power and control. As the syndicate knows: It is simply a numbers game.
So, for US the same applies. The number to reach is 80%. The individual 1 can become 350,000,000 1’s, one at a time and do so very quickly “if” we all realize we are at war.
No game here folks. We are at war and the outcome for our and our children’s lives depend on us being effective. So let us all stop whining to each other and let us be as “effective” as we can to walk, run, or jump over that wall of censorship and masterful entertainment well in place as we all  face today.
The syndicate’s fear?  The people are coming, the people are coming..    80% folks, now make it happen. Each and every one of those 1’s out there until those 1’s become 80%. Time to take back our country.
Do not let the syndicate, or their disinformation agents distract you down a road that has no consequences to them. Stay focused on the “spinal cord”, the syndicate’s take over of it all from US.
Their CAFR is the starting point for the accounting of it all. One CAFR is but one. Collectively, the showing from them all shows and establishes; the clear takeover of the wealth of this country, in absolute form from: We the People. No ifs, and, or buts, we are at War. Winning or loosing that War will determine our futures… This is a matter of life or death folks. I choose life! What about you? In life, when there is a storm, we all can hear the thunder!
For National and International distribution.

God’s speed and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936
Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona
PS: A Google search on the promotion of Government budgets yields: 60,900,000 hits as of 02/08/18