Call For Volunteers

By Anna Von Reitz

We need volunteers to serve as Recording Secretaries in the following States: 
New Jersey 
North Dakota 
Rhode Island 
South Carolina 
West Virginia
This position is unpaid except for support from fees returned and materials.
Volunteers need to be: 
(1) Above the age of 21; 
(2) Living in the State they propose serve;
(3) Adopting their birthright political status as Americans; 
(4) Competent, diligent, and honest record keepers 
We expect these positions to return a modest income over time, but should initially not be viewed as jobs in the normal sense.
State Recording Secretaries will receive technical assistance and online instruction enabling them to properly record and affirm Americans reclaiming their birthright political status in their respective States. 
This is a very important position and task that must be undertaken to preserve the rights and freedoms many Americans have died for, and especially to preserve the integrity and political viability of these States of the Union.  
So if you care about your State and your Country and your countrymen, and you answer the description above, please text me at (907) 250-5087 or email with “Recording Secretary” as the subject.
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