Here’s How Easy It Is to Save Net Neutrality

by Conscious Optimist

Folks, the internet needs your help.

As you probably already know, Net Neutrality is under attack.  The Chairman of the FCC has proposed repealing it, and it’s fate will be decided by Congress on the 14th of this month.  The rationnale provided by those who wish to repeal Net Neutrality is that, by holding Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and networks to a common standard of service – ie. cannot selectively boost or limit traffic to certain websites nor create special “internet service” packages – competition is thereby prohibited.  The problem, however, is that ISP marketplace is already dominated by only a couple corporations – such as Comcast and Verizon.

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YouTube Decides to Censor ANYTHING it Likes — A Call for Unity | Grand Jury Started, Truth on Trump Calls Leak, Youtube Purge Oncoming

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) According to Luke Rudkowski, Youtube has decided to censor any content it deems controversial, which those who've long been in the truth movement will know, translates to anything that doesn't conform to the Deep State's agenda. This is likely because alternative media producers have completely dominated of late, insofar as traditional ratings measurements. That is, major news outlets can barely keep up with viewers, and they have lost younger generations to online media. The "official news" is being replaced by grassroots reporters who feature their content online. This is a major problem as propaganda can't make it to the masses so as to influence them. If you care about the truth, freedom of speech and the press, start thinking about what this means. 
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