A Couple of 9-30-19 VIDEOS about Ukraine and the Bidens and Trump (and how the Ukraine / Trump situation is “a pre-planned attack on the President”)

I placed the “fun” one first (from Campus Reform) and the more detailed and in depth one second (from Dan Bongino). The Bongino video goes into several details about the “Ukraine attempted take down of DJT” and pulls several articles that point to it being “a pre-planned attack on the President”.

What a show… The only caveat I’ll place here is that both these videos (like many others) put emphasis on the “liberal = bad, conservative = good” paradigm, in which I do not take part. But the information I found very unveiling.


Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret recently asked college students in Miami if it was corrupt for a politician’s son to profit on the board of a foreign business. They all agreed… before finding out that politician was Joe Biden. Watch the full video to see their responses.


In this episode, I address the exploding impeachment garbage brewing on Capitol Hill, in conjunction with the liberal media. I expose the troubling secrets their hiding in what’s obviously a pre-planned attack on the President.

Show notes and links:

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A Couple of “Border related” and “Possibly people waking up” VIDEOS

The first one is about people (students) being waked up to the fact that the (horrible, racist, mysogynist, blahblahblah-ist) statements made about the border wall “by Trump” are really from Obama, Schumer, and Hillary. Fun to watch, and to see these people laughing at their mistake (and possibly waking up?).

The second is a short David Harris, Jr., and illustrates that even CNN may be “waking up” in their own way.

Anyway, have fun with these. There’s also a CampusReform article that goes along with the first video.




Campus Reform 10-20-17… “Students love Trump’s tax plan…when told it’s Bernie’s” VIDEO

Found this one quite hilarious… and exposing of many who just seem to jump to the idea that “anything Trump does is ‘terrible’”. Here’s the related article.


President Donald Trump’s proposal for comprehensive tax reform was almost immediately dismissed as heartless and impractical by his political opponents… we headed to George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. Without much explanation, the students immediately made clear their distaste for the plan.

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