Can’t Anyone In This Country Read?

By Anna Von Reitz

For the last three weeks I have been reading endless hysterical reports about gun grabbing in Virginia and I even shared my correspondence to the Pope about it and still there are people so clueless that they haven’t noticed what the “Governor” in Virginia is “Governor” of? 

The Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Is that Virginia, the State? 


Is that even the State of Virginia? 


Is it even the STATE OF VIRGINIA? 


Wake up! 

This man “acting” as “a” Governor in Virginia has no authority to issue any orders affecting any actual Virginian.  

Nor does he have any authority over any U.S. Territorial State of Virginia or its U.S. Citizen, either. 

If you are not a Pauper in the public dole seeking welfare benefits as a ward of the Commonwealth of Virginia, he can’t say or do spit with you or your guns. 

The only people he can order around are members of the Commonwealth— Paupers and welfare dependents receiving actual Federal Welfare Benefits. 

So stop calling this idiot by names and titles he does not possess! 

He is not The Governor of Virginia, nor is he the Governor of the State of Virginia.  He’s the Pope’s locale Nabob and the Queen is derelict in her duty to shut him down and observe his limits and so is the Pope. 

Don’t bother talking to him. Go straight to his Bosses and get in their faces.  They know the limits of his role and “powers” so make them responsible for controlling their own employee. 


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