Some VIDEOs of Interest that I have viewed recently (as of 9-1-21)…

These were three I viewed today (8-31-21). The Tarot by Janine was fascinating (if you enjoy “God” and/or “rods”), but the Joseph P. Anthony (and Twin Soul girls) video looks into the energies of September and October, which will likely be of interest to many. They cover upcoming situations in both the USA and particularly, in Australia.

And then there’s a Project Veritas exposure video that I found fascinating.

MAJOR CHANGES AHEAD !! Sept & October 2021! Joseph P Anthony joins Soul twins Carly & Julia


Tarot by Janine… does a reading looking into the situation with the DS shadow players and the technology they are using against each other and the people all over the world! What are the Rods of God? Which side is in control of such tech? What does it spell out for the human race?


Carly & Julia SoulTwins 8-11-21 VIDEO… “Time to be Bold! Carly & Julia speak with the Incomparable Sacha Stone”

Listened to this earlier today, and it carried a deep impression for me. I was feeling quite “energized” by this now moment Sacha message (and I suggest looking beyond the occasional CAB (coarse and blunt) language Sacha sometimes uses). The message is direct and clear, and I feel is necessary for this moment in time.

“In this… video we chat to ‘International Leader of Consciousness in Action’ Sacha Stone direct from Mexico just days after completing his gruelling 3 month tour of America as a key member of the Arise Freedom Tour USA, along with other influential truthers including Leigh Dundas & Scott McK@y. Sacha gives us an insightful and honest account of his experience in America and his key takeaways from the tour. We then dive deep on both the history and current dr@conian behaviours of the Australian G0vernment and Sacha shares his views of the situation in Bali and why he is unable to return home at present.

“Sacha weighs in on the sh0t and calls-out key members of the ‘dark’ group responsible for this global shamozzal and provides his views on how humanity will progress from here. We also discuss the huge energy shifts affecting humanity as we speak, and the opportunities for quantum upgrades on offer to those of us with open minds and hearts, with the ultimate prize of sovereignty. To quote Sacha himself, “Boldness is the only thing that’s going to matter in the days ahead. Boldness will win the day!”

“Sacha’s ability to expand people’s consciousness with his knowledge, passion and commitment to the truth is genuinely inspiring and we encourage you to take the time to watch this interview, digest it’s contents and learn from this unparalleled visionary.

“We hope you enjoy this video and please remember to like, share and subscribe. Love, C & J”