Wild dreams lately

The last 5 days have been a wild one for dreams. 

I dreamed I was in a kind of grand celebration.   There was a kind of T shaped stage, and 4 or 5 women came on stage from both directions at the top of the T.   There were all dressed in flowing gowns of white and gold, in the fashion of Carmen Miranda.   They had headpieces like Carmen was known to wear in the 1940s films (my ex was a big 1940s film fan), but instead of fruit, they were white calle lilies.

The dream was surreal as the lilies were playing a New Orleans Dixie land tune and sounded like brass instruments, the women doing incongruous Latin moves of Carmen Miranda.  What made the dream awesome and hilarious (and it was meant to be fun) was the lilies would exert themselves cartoon like a trumpet player!  The women did these Carmen Miranda dance moves in synchrony.   The dance was impressive by all eyes were on the talented lilies belting out the tunes! 

I know death is sometimes symbolized by white lilies, but this didn’t feel metaphorical. It felt like I was in a strange place watching a very joyous celebration!  The mood was laughter and joy!

When I awoke I thought, “who needs drugs with dreams like that!” 

My dreams have always been very vivid.  I don’t know how other peoples dreams are, but when I have spoken about my dreams I’ve received some pretty strange looks sometimes! 

When I was little I used to fly around my Scottsdale neighborhood in my dreams. I knew how everything looked from the air.

I often go places in my dreams, once I park my body for its nightly rejuvenation cycle.  I have walked on ET ships and gone to strange lands and realms. 

After I began working Dani and Heather we’d all see each other or remember the same scene in some Galactic Council meetings.  We’d talk about these group dreams the next day.   Most of the time I don’t remember my dreams, but sometimes I do remember in great detail.  It honestly feels like the earthly side of me is out of the loop on whatever it is the rest of me does when I sleep.

In another recent dream I was in Eastern Russia, with several people I met in Morocco.  In particular Brian Kelly.  I remember being surprised at how modern Russia really was.  And in the dream my ATM bank card got lost or stolen and I was trying to figure out how to get funds from my US account!  LOL.    Its not the first time I have dreamed of taking some journey to Russia, in 2011 I dreamed I won two meter long barb-b-que brushes and a trip to Russia for roasted boar (I really don’t like pork very much).  But perhaps that probability of going to Russia someday is still percolating if it came up again?