“More Information (than you may want) about lots of the ‘Holy Crap’ that’s going on around the planet”… as of 10-2-17

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These are mostly videos, and a couple links. I’m not evaluating any of them, but the Las Vegas one looks like a false flag, the Puerto Rico business like a mixture of things, Catalonia… well, just like Hawai’i (namely, those who support the Kingdom of Hawai’i), many want their independence… again.

Just posting all these out of a “strong sense” to do so.

[Jordan Sather FB]
“Tell me again how one man was able to get over 10 fully automatic machine guns up to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort?… Catalonia voted for independence from Spain with a resounding 90% Yes vote. The Spain federal government then sent their armor clad guards in and assaulted over 700 people… the Puerto Rico ridiculousness is getting exposed. The local government there is completely corrupt and inept, disallowing almost 10,000 containers from being moved across the island, and using this as a political move against the current American administration. The San Juan mayor was never even attending the FEMA meetings…”


10.2 – Dissecting Vegas Shooting | Puerto Rico Truth | Catalonia | Another Dead Dr.


The GoldFish Report No. 138 Week 37 POTUS Report w/ Dr. James Fetzer

A few more videos I’ve watched:

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