Dr. Jerome Corsi (and @CBTS_Stream group) 4-4-18… “Apr 4 Dr Jerome Corsi Decodes Latest QANON Posts #1008 thru #1021 MULTIPLE POSTS”

The Jerome Corsi (@CBTS_Stream) group does a great discussion about the recent Q posts. I fount it fun to listen to this, because many of the later Q drops actually “drop” during the discussion.


Published April 4, 2018


Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Washington Correspondent for InforWars.com where he works as an investigative reporter. My new book is KILLING THE DEEP STATE: THE PLAN TO SAVE DONALD TRUMP. The book? is in the bookstores and you can also order the book now on Amazon.com using this link: http://amzn.to/2ESZTU7