GaiaPortal 12-7-20… “Fellows of the Land inspire the artisans of Light”

This message just came out, and I kind of view it as the “Fellows of the Land” (or, “Spirits of the Land / Planet”) assisting in the unification of the (ascension) timelines, as we listen.

Artisan: “A person skilled in making a product by hand”; artisanal: “Made by hand or by traditional means and using high-quality ingredients”.


Fellows of the Land inspire the artisans of Light

Fellows of the Land inspire the artisans of Light.

Realities merge onto the single line.

Streaming visions set the paths.

Humanity thrives.

Flatten the Curve 12-3-20… Utsava, “2020 Election, Biden, Arrests, Elvis,Dec.21, CXures, BTC, Silver, Gold and more chit chat”

This one from Utsava had several fascinating points, for example, that Elvis, JFK Jr., Michael Jackson, et al., are regularly appearing. Watch the White House lawn.

Also I recall her saying that corrupt governors, mayors, will be removed in January (month may be not correct, but I’ll change that if I hear differently).

Utsava’s new YouTube channel: Flatten the Curve

GaiaPortal 11-22-20… “Gratitude is expressed and accepted by the Hue-beings”

This message has one line that very much stood out to me, “Flights of confidence are taken”. As we express the gratitude for this journey, and for this moment in which we find ourselves, our flights into the New World are taken confidently.


Gratitude is expressed and accepted by the Hue-beings

Gratitude is expressed and accepted by the Hue-beings.

Nova Surroundings elevate the masses.

Flights of confidence are taken.

GaiaPortal 11-16-20… “Stations of the cutting edge establish”

A “ferrule” is something “generally used for fastening, joining, sealing, or reinforcement”. I’m sensing that “Ferrules of complicity” refers to “connections with the dark” (cabal, deep state). See how this resonates.

I feel that the message infers a “sword like” vibration, meaning old paradigms are being “cut through”, so that “Cosmic Energies [may be] received in full”.


Stations of the cutting edge establish

Stations of the cutting edge establish.

Ferrules of complicity are broken.

Carriers of the Higher Message are recognized and followed.

Cosmic Energies are received in full.

GaiaPortal 11-11-20… “Highest Missions are embraced”

Very much align with each and every line of this GP. Not going to “analyze” each part, but there is much depth in this one.

“Oceans of Harmonics bathe the planet” and “Light BEings awaken to their roles” are particular ones that struck me. And I like to recall that these “roles” might involve multi-dimensions, and multiple-roles-all-at-once.


Freemen arise

Oceans of Harmonics bathe the planet.

Light BEings awaken to their roles.

Far-seers complete their visions.

“Causes” are dropped.

Highest Missions are embraced.

GaiaPortal 11-7-20… “Freemen Arise”

Kind of interesting this comes out just after the election, followed by “what the h— is going on with the election” periods.

I would say that the phrases, “The Purity of Hue-man Spirit is seen. True Illumination begins”, ring inside of myself.

Each should be able to find their own connections with this one.


Freemen arise

Freemen arise.

Artists celebrate.

The Purity of Hue-man Spirit is seen.

True Illumination begins.

The Cosmos celebrates!

GaiaPortal 10-22-20… “Cosmic Delineations are made apparent”

The piece that stood out from this one was “Alignments with Higher Beings accelerates”, implying that individuals are learning more about aligning with Higher Self.


Cosmic Delineations are made apparent

Cosmic Delineations are made apparent.

Alignments with Higher Beings accelerates.

Sparseness is released.

Abundance in all forms is recognized.

Humanity wins.

GaiaPortal 7-6-20… “Hula of the Stars is telling the stories”

I’m sure many can receive some “Inner messages” from this GaiaPortal. I know there were some recent “planetary alignments” (parade of planets?) and a lunar eclipse. I’m not sure what the “stars” were up to, but surely this can relate.


Hula of the Stars is telling the stories

Hula of the Stars is telling the stories.

Spirals of Ascension are embraced.

Uplifts come.

Partners are revealed.

Stratospheres collect their pilots.