John Paul Rice, independent Hollywood film producer of "A Childs Voice" movie on human and child trafficking speaks out with text transcription

This is quite a good video on child trafficking.   Thanks to Lisa Shannon for pointing it out.

John Paul Rice, independent Hollywood film producer of “A Childs Voice” movie on human and child trafficking speaks out. #SaveOurChildren #PizzaGate #Hollywood #ChildTrafficking #ChildsVoice

Suzy sent me this transcription she did of the above video:

Transcript of video made by John Paul Rice, producer of the film 
“A Child’s Voice”  
Aug 4,2020  
(transcribed by Suzanne Wasilik)               

I just wanted to talk to a couple of you—ah my name is John Paul Rice for the people that are watching that may not know who I am—my friends know me.  I’m an independent film producer. I’ve been in Hollywood for about 20 years. I started my film career in “Remember the Titans.” I worked at Senator International, later Mandate pictures under the producers who did Juno, The Grudge, Harold and Kumar, Stranger than Fiction and eventually the Hunter Games when they were back at the Lion’s Gate.  
The reason I wanted to talk to everybody here today is because over the course of the last week or two, we have found out—without notification—that for which we have six of our movies on there—Our film “A Child’s Voice,” which has been on there for over a year and a half, the UK and the United States and now 70 other countries, was suddenly without notification removed entirely from their platform.  They unpublished it, and they made it not search-able in most of the sites.  We’ve only tested a few outside of the United States.  But the one in the U.S.–if you put in “A Child’s Voice” you can’t find on the 1100 pages they’re giving you in their searches.
The only way you can get it is through the direct link, and we discovered this because the director’s daughter had sent the links out to several of her friends when the Wayfair scandal broke, as well as the Maxwell files being released in the last 48 hours.  And amazon came back to us—they gave us a very standard corporate non-committal response that said we make a lot of changes, we do this and that and the other, and we judge things based on performance.  But they couldn’t give us a very specific answer. And we all know what the answer is!
What our movie did before Epstein was known about in the public, and before Maxwell was known in the public, is we found a network of pedophiles among a global network of people who were selling kids, back and forth to each other—trading them like candy.  It goes right in through Hollywood.  If you look at the Daily Beast article, you’ll see that Epstein had a pipeline right into Hollywood through Harvey Weinstien—that was last year.  I’ve done a lot of deep dives and research into this and there’s a very satanic element to it—for which we incorporated it into our movie.
Our movie is a feature film.  It deals with two teens, one who is a homeless heroine addicted teen, and he hears the voice of a child who’d been killed at the beginning of the movie, calls out for his help, and he goes on a mission to rescue a girl from these human traffickers.  They come together, and then they stand up to this network in the spirit of love and courage for all of these children.  It’s a very beautiful film; it’s been well received, critically acclaimed by the people that have reviewed it, and also many users by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, by the millions all over the world [who] have seen this.  So when we had all of this come up, we went viral with it on twitter the other day and it exploded!  Because we still have one platform left here in the United States and it’s on demand.
What I would like everybody to do is—it’s more important than—I don’t need to get back on amazon, I already know what they’re going to do, they’ve got a stack of lawyers… But we’re looking for alternative platforms where we can release this movie and get it out to as many people as possible.   Our movie is not a documentary—it’s a feature film. and we did this based on all the evidence and the facts that we have learned—and we incorporated it into a story and you get involved in the characters’ journey.  Their road to redemption is through Love.  And this issue of human trafficking which any people are waking up to today—for a variety of reasons is the issue that defines all of us in our time!  The media corporations, the most powerful six corporations in the land—in the world for that matter, are all implicated in human trafficking of kids, and I would point you to—to anybody who wants to know more about that—to look at Project Veritas and the leaked disclosure of-off air footage of Amy Roboch from ABC news when she found out and was discussing in 2016 that they had everything from Virginia Giuffre. All of it. Everybody that was involved in it, all the evidence—their own lawyer said when all is said and done, Jeffery Epstein will go down as one of the most prolific pedophiles in all of history and they buried that story to have access to the royal family—for which we now know Prince Andrew was implicated.  They did not have any remorse for the victims in that video! This is a bigger problem because most people know in that world that I come from in Hollywood that it is a hidden layer that everybody knows is there.  When the “me too” movement started in 2017, I reached out to several of my female actress friends who were prominent in LA. You know them by name—many of them you would know just by their look, cause you go, “Oh that was her in that movie or that movie.”  And I said , “Well what about the children?  What about the children?”  And they said, “We, know, we know.” But they were silent on it.
And it destroyed me, because it destroyed my illusion of what human rights were, children’s rights were. This is a child abuse system that we have been living in, and for a very long time, it’s been allowed to go on. And I will not be silent about this! ‘Cause it affects every single one of us. The people on television who smile at you, who tell you stories, who give you news, are the ones that hid all of this from us!  They are not talking about the real issues—they are just distracting you with division issues.  This is a unification issue! When the Maxwell files came out forty eight hours ago, I went on MSNBC, I went on and I looked at every single one of their headlines and there was no mention of it whatsoever! They were talking about John Lewis’s funeral. They were talking about Obama verses Trump, all of the bullshit that you and I hear every single day. 
And it doesn’t matter what side of the political equation you’re on in this. This is a child issue!  This is a human issue!  This is not a political issue. It has nothing to do with left verses right, democrat verses republican, liberal verses conservative or anything you are or you identify with as in between. We are faced with a crisis of consciousness among the leadership of our banking institutions, of our media corporations, of the Hollywood entertainment industry, of the music industry. This is not about a bunch of young women who were having sex with older men and make it about a bunch of perverts. They raped and tortured these girls—against their own free will! No matter whether they paid them or not.  If you read the articles and you listen to what Ghislaine Maxwell said about the girls that she picked up in the West Palm Beach’s trailer parks.  She was asked, “What about the young girls? What are you gonna do to them? What’s going to happen to them?”  She said, “They are trash, they are nothing.”  That’s a direct quote from the New Yorker.
When I went and looked at, which you can find out, was a multi billionaire club of people, that was financed by Jeffery Epstein—you can go to and look up under people and go to G. You’ll see Bill Gates on there as a contributing member of that organization. And you’d have to back into the ‘way back machine’ and internet archives to find all of the other people.   Jefferey Epstein was on there. Marina Abramovic was on there. Paul Allen was on there. All of the heads of major industries were on there. And if you start reading some of the articles, one of which I have a direct link to that I will share with anyone who DMs me. There is a direct quote on there that said, “Indeed human beings are, in our youngest years are among the most useless creatures in all of the animal kingdom.” This is how they view children. They’re science.  This is their expression. 
These people have no ground to tell you what to think, what to do. SO when the get up there and start espousing their views on social justice or whatever the hell it is—know that you’re hearing a controlled and scripted dialogue that is going through a filter by people who are very powerful, who hold a lot of money, and they are controlling and conditioning all of these people through pedophilia.  And there’s another layer of it but it’s too unbelievable to believe…that they would also sacrifice kids—and I’ll give you one statistic that you can look up and verify for yourself:  If you go to UNICEF, and you look up child sex trafficking, or human trafficking, you’ll find a statistic—globally, world wide, according to the United Nations, that 40 million people a year are trafficked around this world!  40 million! It’s a one hundred and fifty billion dollar/yr industry! For which has very dark and ugly ties. And it goes all the way up into Wall Street and beyond.  But I will say this: 5.5 million children every year trafficked around the world. 5.5 million. Most of whom don’t live past age 7 or 8. Which means they have to replenish that supply chain. They harvest organs of children on a black market. In China right now there are concentration camps for young Muslims to the tune of one million people. Nobody’s talking about this. This is modern day slavery.  They are beating these people; they are  re-indoctrinating them and they’re raping their wives. to start a new bloodline. That’s happening right now in China. You can find that on the Washington Post or the NY Times. Nobody else is saying anything about it in our politics, in the main stream news, nobody’s saying about it, in our politics, or in our main stream news, nobody’s talking about it.
Slavery of human beings is going on today. And it must stop. And it is a child abuse issue. All of these kids that were preyed upon, many of them came from bad homes. That’s not their fault. But these predators, they come after our children because they can offer them things. They can offer them alcohol, they can offer them money, they can offer them drugs. To lure them in, then suddenly, as you will find out if you read the Maxwell testimony.. You’ll find that—what they were doing is, they were saying– they asked Ghislaine Maxwell, “Did you ever talk to her about money she could earn—about giving a hand job, or sexual favors to Jeffery Epstein?”  And she went thru this long explanation, “Well we discussed career advice, and I advised her and possibly told her where she could advance her career.” That’s as far as she would go, and then her lawyer cut her off.                           
These people don’t give a shit about anybody and they get up there and they smile in front of you and they are infiltrated through all the institutions, that’s including the government,  they own the politicians. Right and Left.  What we’re going to find out very soon is there aren’t democrats or republicans in the United States government. There’s a unified cabal of controlled people who serve these powers and they keep the theater going for you and I to run back and forth and vote every four years.
I have watched horror story after horror story and I promise you this is true.  Go on youtube and find Anneke Lucas, who was a child sex slave at 6 years old for the elite.  And she will describe to you—she also gave us the heads up on this, but this was in 2016.  She talked about the block of wood that she saw with the stains of blood of the children on it.  The predators are not just raping and having sex, torturing and beating these kids. They’re murdering them for pleasure! This is not a pedophile! These are psychopaths! And they have no remorse whatsoever for what they’re doing! 
What we need to do in the world is unify together to protect all life on this planed and the SACREDNESS of children—because if we’re going to make it through this time, with all of the upheavals that are going to come– socioeconomic, racial, however you want to measure it.  This is the unifying issue that the establishment will not give you a movement for!  You’re going to have to do it on your own!  They will give you the “me too” movement because they can make it about hatred of men, and weaponize it and make it political.  They give you the Black Lives Matter movement, because they can weaponize it and make it political.  They can have Colin Kaepernick take a knee , divide the country and he walks away with a check from Nike at a multi 10s of millions of dollars at a NFL star level deal, while Nike has concentration camps, slave labor camps workers working in China at their factories, all so our kids can have their Air Jordans.  And Colin Kawpernick says nothing about that.  Where are our Martin Luther King Jrs, and our Malcom X’s?  They’re in celebrity culture.  All of the people who get up and say that we live in an oppressive system, are taking checks from white men, who are paying them.  And why I’m saying this and I’m so angry because it all ties into this abuse of human rights!  We have to stop fighting each other and unite for this country and this world for our children.  I don’t care that amazon took my movie down, in fact it tells me that we’re doing better than ever before and that this issue is spreading all over.  80 million impressions last month alone on the tick tock for pizzagate for which is—if anybody who looks at it, I tell them–go look at the New York Times coverage in 2016 and look at how they covered it and then go look at James Alefantis Istagram.  images. They completely omitted them.  This is the family restaurant owner who is posting pictures of children in compromising positions, and all of the “friends” that James Alefantis has were talking about how delicious those kids looked!
Would you send your child and walk into a restaurant for which the owner is publicly doing those kinds of things on social media in a public forum? Look at Pedogate 2020. Watch “Out of Shadows” to get an idea of how disgusting these people are!  And they have the gall to call you a right winger or a conspiracy theorist or a white supremacist or a neo-nazi. They’ll do it to everybody—doesn’t matter whether you’re democrat or republican. They’ll do it to everybody!  I’ve been called every name in the book. And I’m telling you this: I woke up because I listened to what other people were saying, and I waited, and I sought the truth out for myself. I didn’t wait for the main stream media to tell me. Every single time there is a disclosure in Hollywood, all of these kids—I worked there for twenty years—I saw shit that nobody should see. I didn’t partake in things, it was just right in front of me—out in the open.
These kids—when you see Brittany Spears, when you see Amanda Bynes, when you see any of these young pop stars have meltdowns-  That’s not because they’re famous, that’s not because of the pressures of stardom and the money getting to them. It’s because they are sexually abused and handed around like candy. You go on Crazy Days and Crazy Nights, you can go to Tracey Beanz channel
 that video she did at the end 2019. It will blow your mind. 
They have a pipeline of kids going from Haiti all the way to the Vatican on boats.  And there are people in Hollywood who facilitate all this.  Stars who will go and date rich men.  The stories are in the press—they’re hidden like-they’re traveling and they’re going over here, they’re hanging out with billionaire men in the Middle East. Has nothing to do with the fact that they’re Muslim—it’s not even that they’re Muslim.  These are Kings and Princes, these are all heads of state, dignitaries, billionaire moguls, all hanging around Kahn(?).  And it’s legitimate. It’s completely legitimate. They call it “Yahting”(?) And that’s just the dating part of it, having sex for money, which they throw hundreds of thousands of dollars to some of these girls and depending on how long they stay with them, and accompany them to dinners and have sex with them. They do whatever they want, their orgies and whatever sexual perversions they have.
This has been going on for decades. Forever.  Hollywood is just the most publicly visible because it’s out in our faces, on our TV all the time, it’s in our music industry.  You would not believe the level of satanic crap that is in there!  And if you had told me this three years ago, I would have said, “You’re crazy!  Ah-you know—that’s too far, no no no no.”  The satanic shit that is going on in our music industry and in Hollywood too, but mostly in the music industry, is so out there once you look at it and you see the occult symbolism.  They use it in everything—baphomet is everywhere, pentagram is all over the place and the sew it into the consciousness of these young kids, through witchcraft and all sorts of fun stuff. They make it fun, they make it sound fun! And it’s sexy.  But I’ll give you this—just on the practical level—you look at every pop star over the last twenty years and especially in the last ten—Aariana Grande, Miley Cyrus –where did they start?  Innocence.  Miley Cyrus was Hanna Montana.  Innocence.  She came out with a music video last year—for what?  Where she had claws and teeth on her vagina.  
They promote diversity, tolerance—all of this to confuse people and they don’t even see it.  Ariana Grande–unfortunately—I felt very bad for these kids because they’re children, and they have to do horrific things.  Kaya Jones, who I know personally, was a former member of the pussycat dolls—and she gave her testimony in 2017, right after the Las Vegas shooting—cause she was there—and she started talking—as far as she could go—about what these kids go through.  And her moment of clarity was—she saw what everybody else around her in the group was starting to do—sex was nothing—but then—taking advantage of people and having no remorse for it?  She say another level to it.  And it was at the moment she was at the MGM Grand, standing up there singing and these young girls looking up and idolizing these women:  “You’re the pussy cat dolls, I want to be like you!” She couldn’t do it any more and she walked away.
We can have truthful art in this world.  We don’t need propaganda.  Truthful art begins with a diversity of ideas—and truthful information being disclosed.  We can have beautiful films.  We can have honest expressions that come from within us.  The journey of art is to discover what is within you—that is the unknown—which you follow a belief to find—but in that discovery there is the transcendent—which is  “what did I struggle with and come to confront within myself that I needed to release and share?” and let you decide what is real, what is true for you, in that honest expression.  But the other stuff which is “I’m going to tell you what you should think–these are the bad people and these are the good people and this is what you need to think and this is what you need to do”–and everybody just gets all excited about that.  That is the stuff we’ve been doing for so very long.  And Hollywood, I will tell you this—If you look back on all those reboots, remakes, prequels and sequels…. I’ve discussed this with many of my writer friends in Hollywood who are deeply embedded, trying to get the truth out for the disclosure in their movies.  
They all told me what the gate keepers all know at the very very top—not the executives, not  the agents, not the managers.  It’s like a banking institution.  The person at the teller, working with the customer—does not have privy to the knowledge of the CEO and the chairman of the board and what they discussed the day before.  They’re just doing their job, right?  So everybody does their job according to what they know. So Hollywood gets the word out through the studios—this is the kind of content we’re looking for.  But the gate keepers at the very top are managers—to make sure that we don’t wake up!  They control everything that we see and it is very important for them to do that because they don’t need you and I starting to have new ideas about things, that go outside of the orthodoxy of what they want us to know.
So the reboots, remakes, prequels and sequels is like a holding pattern so that we keep re treading through the same ideas even though as humans—our minds are to expand, to grow, to stretch, to reach out.  And we’re in a time where we’re trapped between everything we’re supposed to do—there’s so much cognitive dissonance—it’s reflection of this whole system which preys on children.  That is the number one Achilles heel of this entire time! These people don’t want you to know that. They want you to think that we’re the problem, instead of the one tenth of the one percent who control everything and have the gall to turn around and …. a message to all of us, and tell us that we’re the problem, that the white people are the problem, or the black people are the problem, or the brown people are the problem.
I live here, out away form the city now, and I’m in a town that is 50/50 black and white, roughly.  We had a black lives matter protest about a month and a half ago—good sized crowd. We had white and black cops there, standing while we protested peacefully, serving food to everyone, including the cops, next to a confederate statue.  Nobody was pulling it down.  Nobody was yelling, nobody was arguing.  Everybody was getting along.  Across the street, we had restaurants filled to the brim with people having fun, children and parents outside eating ice cream together, no masks.  And everybody was fine.
This division that they’re stirring up, I’m telling you this because you need to understand..  They’re going to do everything they can to tear this country apart at the seams!  And they’re going to throw everything they have at it—to keep this truth from coming out.  You all have to do your own work, as you want to. Support the things that mean the most to you.  If this human trafficking issue moves you and stirs you in such a way that you wish to do something about it—get involved locally.  Your Sheriff  in your local town—that is the #1 place to start, because that’s the person that enforces the law locally.  Your local representatives and officials need to not only become aware of it, but make it a priority that it doesn’t come into your neighborhood. 
And ultimately what we need to do—is go within. Because as I said earlier, it’s not a political issue, it’s not a corporate issue, it’s a human issue, it’s a heart light movement of Love.  That’s what gives us the courage to stand up in the face such horrors.  I know that from my own experience because I went through my own discovery of my abuse and I had to come to terms with it. But more importantly to heal from it. It was the healing within and it gave me the power and the strength to forgive my father and mother. Not falsely and move on from it, but love them.  Because I saw that my suffering was their suffering and their suffering was my suffering.  And I could care for them unconditionally in spite of all that I had endured because I realized that what comes about evil in the world—is through darkness which is unconsciousness. Unaware of what they were doing with their best intentions.
But let me say the opposite of this: The flip side of that equation is that every single child born in this world—is born with love in their heart.  Every single one of them. You may want to pick off one or two percent, fine.  I’m going to give that to you.  Ninety nine to ninety eight percent of all children.  7.5 – 7.8 billion of us in this planet are born hardwired to love those two people that are supposed to be good to us.  And what happens when you damage a child, when you hurt that child, when you humiliate that child, when you put that child second to your own needs, when you beat that child, when you spank that child, put fear that child’s heart and mind. That child will still love you no matter what, because he can’t conceive of the two people that were supposed to love him ever doing something that would hurt them.  And they will blame themselves and they will grow up with that all their life.  The frequency and the consistency of that can make it worse, and if there’s no adult around that they can trust, they can grow up to become a pedophile if they were sexually abused.  That’s what happens.  There’s some that are sexually abused and don’t get that, but they have an outlet somewhere.  Someone cared for them enough along the way, that loved them enough to rescue them and save them and give them Love and Care.  
These are the kind of conversations that we need to start having in our own homes, in our own hearts, because if we’re ever to change this time to never return to a time that our leaders that we elect—people who get appointed to boards and the heads of industries do this shit to children. This is our consciousness doing this!  Unaware.  These people prey upon abused children because they can offer them something that they don’t have at home.  It’s the same thing with gangs. They don’t have a family that loves them and so they go and make their own family somewhere else—among a group that is just like them—that’s their identification.  All of us are seeking love, with a veil over us—if we were damaged as kids.  And we find it in different ways.  We find it with our partners, we find it around the people that abuse us.  We want to be loved. 
Every child is born with that love inside of them.  It gives them the power to carry on and not kill themselves.  But when you damage it to such a point and destroy it, you’re going to get terrible outcomes. You’re going to get people who beat each other—you’re going to get people who bloody each other—you’re going to get people who murder each other.  Because they’re so angry.  And I don’t think for a moment—that we are prepared to deal with that on a mass scale.  This child sex trafficking issue is something that we’re going to learn many many things about over the next several months and years from now, and it’s going to horrify a lot of people.  It’s going to traumatize a lot of people because there’s unconscious traumas that are going on inside of each and every one of us and at different  times and at different levels.  This is not a judgment about you or any body else, cause you know you better than anybody else.
But I’m going to tell you, there’s a couple of things that need to go out there, and need to be known: 
1) Learn about Alice Miller and her work– “The Drama of the Gifted Child,” “For Your Own Good,” and “The Body Never Lies.” Those three books are paramount in understanding the lingering effects of harmful parenting.  And we’re not just talking about Mom saying a bad word to us—I’m talking about systemic abuse that is in the home. That is carried within us for a very long time and we tell ourselves the story that my Mom and Dad did the best they could.  Half of that is true, because if they had known what they were doing to you at the time—they would have stopped. I hope.
The second thing is to learn EFT—Emotion Freedom Technique.  I was developed by Karl Dawson and it has now been integrated into the Matrix Reimprinting  You go on youtube and look at the videos. This is something you can do yourself. There is also a technique called Havening by Paul McKenna. These are all on youtube.  “EFT and Matrix Reimprinting” by Karl Dawson and there’s many, many practitioners out there now and what this thing is—I’ve done it myself—it takes the emotions of the past and the thought associated with them, the anger, the rage, the depression, the sadness which we all can bury or get busy doing something else, and it breaks the connection permanently.  This is a technique that has cured people with PTSD for over 20 years—manic depression, in 60 seconds has been proved permanently where people have been on every single drug.  There’s endless testimonies to this.  And there’s practices of live demonstrations of this being done on people.  It is a beautiful thing.  And it is the thing that we need to begin to change our brains, to the way we think and to open our minds to a loving heart, that each and every one of us is born with –because we have a battle ahead!
We are going to have a lot of human carnage that we don’t see yet having manifested. Because of the horrors that have been sown into society and our children who are being summoned by this energy. This negative energy, this anger. And they are going to be pulled away from themselves even further.  And given a “righteousness” to act in the name of violence against their fellow human beings.
I cannot tell you the depths of how far this goes. I can only point you in one direction If you look up Ronald Bernard and his testimony in the International Tribunal of Justice 2018—it’s about a thirty three minute video.  It will tell you the entire time that we’re living through now.  It is very important that there is a message of Love and Hope in there that he gives you. I have met this man through the internet.  I have been talking with him over the years and he is writing a tell-all book that he’s going to be out with in about six months from now and he is as courageous as anybody that I’ve ever known, and he went through his own suffering and he went all the way up, through the power structur, through the banks, at the very top, tippy top, and saw what was going on behind the scenes and he was horrified and it broke him to pieces.
So just know this—your love and your care for yourself, and the people that love you back—most importantly—every single child you come across, every single one of them, even not your own, that you give an act of love to is like a deposit of gold in the bank for their future!  You don’t know what trajectories you are turning them away from, by giving them that little smile that little beauty, that little extra affection.  It is magical to watch a kid pop up, the moment you give him attention.  Very rarely as adults to we do that because we’ve got so many focuses.  But children are open, they’re very very open, and they’re extremely programmable.  The first seven years of their lives, they’re 100% programmable in delta and theta brain wave state and that means everything that you speak to them, they take it in.  They absorb it into their subconscious mind. The energy, the frequency, and the vibration—so if you put negative energy out there, they’re going to absorb that in, and it becomes part of their personality and their habits that they will develop over time.
We have to start learning!  We cannot be caught in this division any more. The people that are doing the division know very well how to make you angry and you have to say, “That’s about enough.” And when you do, and when this world comes together against these monsters, they will have no more power because the only weapon that they have is fear.  That’s how they get to these kids—they give them fear, they put fear into them, and they keep them controlled through fear, and they do exactly that with you!  Through television, through the media, through you politicians,  though all the institutions that cause you despair and anger, negativity, where you argue amongst each other.
I worked in the banking industry for fourteen years and the bank of the Sars… the 1/10 of the 1 %–that catered to all of them, and I can tell you very clearly, these people have gotten away with next to murder!
So that’s all I wanted to say.  Amazon banned our film.  I don’t care.  I want you to know that it’s on on demand.  You can go to our website– no restrictions entertainment.  You can find the movie there. Rent it, and here’s the thing:  if you see this movie and it moves you—send it to everyone you know.  And I don’t even mind at all if you share your account with other people so that they don’t have to pay for it.  I’m that adamant about this issue.  I have studied it so intensely, and I don’t recommend people doing that unless you have the strength to endure it.  Because you’ll have many sleepless nights.  But I’m going to tell you this:  Our love for our kids is greater than all the horrors that these people have ever done in the history of the world, and they know that, and they know what we are.  They know that we come from a Creator of Heaven and Earth.  That is not a religious belief.   That is why they do what they do to kids, because it’s the closest thing to God that we have on the face of this Earth, and our Love for our kids is unbelievably powerful.  Unbelievable the energy that sends out into the world; and our love and care for each other is unbelievably powerful, more than their fear. They have to get you to consent and believe in them to make the whole thing work.  
So, with that said, thank you all for listening and tuning in.  Please share this video everywhere. I love you all. “A Child’s Voice” on Vimeo.  No Restrictions Entertainment. Save the children. End human trafficking and Love will win!
Transcribers note:  I wrote all this down from the video that John Paul Rice aired on August 4th, 2020.  To tune in to it yourself go to YouTube and type in John Paul Rice.  This video’s only title is “August 4, 2020.’  I think this message is so important! Important enough to get this film producer’s  words on paper. S. W.